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2005-09-09 12:59:06
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Owner: [Phoenix Tears]
Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<poll:32320> Does Spike have black hair or green hair?

<img:>..Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Under Construction

<img:>..Bebop Pictures [New and Improved!!]

<img:>..Bebop Characters

<img:>..Bebop Quotes

<img:>..Bebop Sites

<img:>..Bebop Movies

<img:>..Bebop Game [New!]

<img:>..Bebop Bannners .... Feel Free To Add Your Own Bebop Banner Here!

<img:>..The Few, The Proud, The Members


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[trodahawk]: like any any cowboy bebop pictures

[Phoenix Tears]: i already have a section for pics (which will grow with time)

[trodahawk]: ok

[trodahawk]: tell your other friends about this wikki

[Phoenix Tears]: i told a couple but yeah i'll tell them all!! i'll tell the world!!!!!!

[trodahawk]: lol your funny

[trodahawk]: like what u did to your wikki

[Phoenix Tears]: ;D thanks

[Fingolfin]: WOO! Looking good! *thumbs up* I'd be even more excited if I knew anything about Cowboy Bebop!

[Phoenix Tears]: Thank ya! Cowboy Bebop is on Adult Swim (on Cartoon Network) every Saturday I believe.

[Fingolfin]: OH is it? Well, if I get a chance I'll check it out.

[trodahawk]: Its on after Inuyasha

[trodahawk]: on 12:30a.m.

[Phoenix Tears]: dang i wish it was on every day

[paradox twin]: hey hey... ther we go iv joined.. lol but dont expect me to put to much input into this... im to lazy lol

[Phoenix Tears]: issss good just as long as my buddies are in my wiki it's all good

[Chel.]: i really didnt like the end of the was so sad!! i cried all through the 8 minuete credits

[Phoenix Tears]: i know! that was crap! *sniff*

[Chel.]: the movie was good though!! i like that one episode (fotgot name) where their is an 'actual' blonde cowboy iin white with a horse...that episode was hilarious!!

[Cliché]: Woot Woot, Cowboy Bebop! I have a cowboy bebop wiki, Ed and Ein Fans!!!

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