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Owner: [Phoenix Tears]
Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<poll:32153> What do you think of Cowboy Bebop?
<poll:32227> Who is your favorite character on Cowboy Bebop?
<poll:32320> Does Spike have black hair or green hair?

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[Cliché]: Woot Woot, Cowboy Bebop! I have a cowboy bebop wiki, Ed and Ein Fans!!!

[trodahawk]: i think ed is cool

[Phoenix Tears]: man i wish Faye and Spike would get together :D

[trodahawk]: really but doesnt he die

[Phoenix Tears]: is the movie set AFTER the series or some random point in time

[trodahawk]: my friends say it was the last episode

[Phoenix Tears]: ooooooh yeah man i really need to see the movie

[Chel.]: seriously?? i thought spike died in the last episode...and the movie was made in like the middle of the series...sometime

[Phoenix Tears]: *shrugs* i wouldn't know

[Chel.]: he didnt really die in the movie...but he did in the do the math!! XD

[Phoenix Tears]: oh ok well crap that sucks .... he will live on forever! in my heart! heh and in this wiki!!

[Chel.]: spike was in need of SOOO many hugs in the series!! *hugs him*

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe yeah i know whatcha mean

[Chel.]: ohoh!! BIG ARGUEMENT::: Does spike have black hair or green hair???

[Phoenix Tears]: haha i'd say um black with a shade of green ohoh i'll make a poll on that heh

[Chel.]: XD i had like a 2hour arguement with a friend of mine over this...we came to conclude that it depends on the lighting...or somthing...i still think its like black though

[Phoenix Tears]: yeah it does depend on the lighting *new poll made* yay!!

[Chel.]: i voted!! ^^

[trodahawk]: he has green hair

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe be sure to vote

[Wirey]: heeeeeeeeeeeeey now this is wut i'm talkin about! this is an awsome wiki!

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