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Owner: [Phoenix Tears]
Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<poll:32227> Who is your favorite character on Cowboy Bebop?
<poll:32320> Does Spike have black hair or green hair?

<img:>..Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Under Construction

<img:>..Bebop Pictures [New and Improved!!]

<img:>..Bebop Characters

<img:>..Bebop Quotes

<img:>..Bebop Sites

<img:>..Bebop Movies

<img:>..Bebop Game [New!]

<img:>..Bebop Bannners .... Feel Free To Add Your Own Bebop Banner Here!

<img:>..The Few, The Proud, The Members


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[Wirey]: heeeeeeeeeeeeey now this is wut i'm talkin about! this is an awsome wiki!

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe thank yas! i spend a good deal of time of it!

[Wirey]: i can tel! *looks around takin it all in*

[Wirey]: hey Bebop Pictures dosen't seem to show any pictures...

[Phoenix Tears]: u sure? it does on mine

[Wirey]: hmm..... it keeps givin me those little boxes with x's in hte corner...*runs off to try again*

[Phoenix Tears]: hm it appears fine on mine *shrugs*

[Phoenix Tears]: oh i see now it is not working on mine either grrrrrrr *runs to fix it* this might take a little while

[Phoenix Tears]: yay! done

[Phoenix Tears]: hm would someone like to make a banner? i'm working on one right now should be done soon

[Phoenix Tears]: or could someone color it when I'm done? i don't want to color it myself, but I'd love if someone else would

[Chel.]: what does it look like?

[Phoenix Tears]: well lesse it's not done yet but it's gonna be a pic of the main characters in chibi form! Oh, you should color it! You're fab at that!!

[Chel.]: i could give it a shot! ^^

[Phoenix Tears]: yay! I should have it done in a couple of days probably :D

[Chel.]: cool!

[MACCANATOR]: i think spike has green hair

[Wirey]: i'd say its more of a teal myself....

[Phoenix Tears]: teal?!?! yikes no way heh

[Chel.]: uhh...since i've been watching this page for a long time...can i join?? lol

[Phoenix Tears]: oh cha of course!! just add your name to the members page!!

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