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Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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[Phoenix Tears]: oh cha of course!! just add your name to the members page!!

[Chel.]: lol, got it! ;)

[Silver Fire of the Dark]: I love that damn show so much...

[Chel.]: ending was to sad.... :'( it wasnt happy!!

[lenardo]: this show is awsome

[KuraiSenshi]: i love them

[Wirey]: though y is Ed so weird? he acts like he got dropped on his head as a child or sumthin....

[trodahawk]: Ed is a she

[Chel.]: Afro/Mohawk Contest (also includes 'crazy' hair cuts)

[lenardo]: yes she does

[KuraiSenshi]: eds a chick, and a kiddo, shes suppozed to be like that gives the crew pazaz

[crows the raven ricky]: yeah, shes the computer genius, lol (probably a stupid and obvious comment, but oh well, lol.)

[KuraiSenshi]: yep! totally i saw the episode when they first got her, and its funny cause they all didnt know who it was and they thought it was like some fellon or old man!

[crows the raven ricky]: because of they way/stuff she did with all of her computers. and she had their ship posted all over her walls and stuff...wasnt she like marking symbols somewhere with a laser???

[KuraiSenshi]: ah no i think that was someone else, thats who they were trying ot capture or something, yea cause i think it was a old computer who was doing it *its all coming back now*

[crows the raven ricky]: oh yeah! Becuase couldnt she "talk" to the computer...wait, I think it was a satalite, herself???

[KuraiSenshi]: wha did u just implie that ed is a satalite?

[crows the raven ricky]: no. lol, That she could talk to the satalite herself! lol....n/m...I actually did get to catch last nights episode!!!! n.n lol...wild horses anybody???

[KuraiSenshi]: damn it i didnt see it last night shit!

[crows the raven ricky]: You want to know what happened???

[KuraiSenshi]: hell yea, probably have seen it but up date me please!

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