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Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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[KuraiSenshi]: hell yea, probably have seen it but up date me please!

[crows the raven ricky]: ok, the group is hunting space pirates, and they catch up with them. However the pirates send a virius into all ships but the Swordfish. It crashed on earth I THINK. not sure, anyways, while the swordfish is getting fixed the crew tries to fix the virius. So the swordfish gets fixed and Spike rejoins the group and finds the space pirates agian. They blow the ship up, but spikes ship gets caught too much into I THINK jupiters Gravity force. So the only way to save him, is for Jet s plan, but it will take to long. But the guy who fixes ships, cant remember thename, catches spike and saves him.....basically thats it. lol

[KuraiSenshi]: wow, gotta see it

[lenardo]: yeah

[crows the raven ricky]: Did anybody watch last night's episode?!??! Im so mad!x-( I missed it! lol.

[Phoenix Tears]: cha it was the creepy psycho fat clown assassin person :S I hate that guy CREEPS me out :O

[KuraiSenshi]: yea it was awesome, but trippy so weird it was like sycadellic.

[Fizban]: the one that can fly and deflect bullets, i loved that one, mad hat pierro it just shows what happens when people meddle...

[Phoenix Tears]: ick he totally freaks me out! the first time I saw that one, I got all paranoid and had nightmares! :S lol

[Fizban]: lol hahahahaha thats funny lol, hmm best guy spike, best girl edward wong hau pepelu trivusky the 4th

[KuraiSenshi]: i got the cowboy bebop pic taken out of my house!

[Fizban]: why?? wich one?? was it moving??

[Phoenix Tears]: oh, that's because it's not a pic made by me; it is against the uploading art rules bc it's a pic I got off the net; we need a banner that ppl can put up in their houses.... I would make one, but I don't have the time o_O

[Fizban]: lol:( that sucks and i cant have any violations at my house...

[KuraiSenshi]: THEY took that out and many others that wikis had already made as bannors. idiots

[Phoenix Tears]: yeh I know, they took out some of my wiki banners :'( WHY?!

[KuraiSenshi]: *flexes butt muscles in bordom*

[Phoenix Tears]: *stares strangely at [KuraiSenshi]* please no butt flexing in my wiki LOL XD

[KuraiSenshi]: hehe but im la bored!

[Fizban]: then go somewhere else lol and what is with that new thing next to watching the wiki page thing and stuff?? under wiki chagnes??

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