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Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<img:>..Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Under Construction

<img:>..Bebop Pictures [New and Improved!!]

<img:>..Bebop Characters

<img:>..Bebop Quotes

<img:>..Bebop Sites

<img:>..Bebop Movies

<img:>..Bebop Game [New!]

<img:>..Bebop Bannners .... Feel Free To Add Your Own Bebop Banner Here!

<img:>..The Few, The Proud, The Members


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[Fizban]: then go somewhere else lol and what is with that new thing next to watching the wiki page thing and stuff?? under wiki chagnes??

[Phoenix Tears]: hrm I have no idea o_O

[trodahawk]: i noticed it also

[Phoenix Tears]: maybe if you don't make any changes but for some reason want it to pop up in the side column under 'wiki-changes' then you do that? O_o I dunno....

[Fizban]: lol hmmmm its wierd lol

[Princess Carwash]: <img:> ... do you like it? inside the <>'s is this text  YAY!!!

[Phoenix Tears]: awww so cute ^_^

[Princess Carwash]: thanx!


[morphyguy]: i thought it was the third...

[Fizban]: so did i, but i have seen it both ways, i mean i thought it was the third but i have seen other people who have said it was the fourth, so i will need to re-watch the ep and find out lols

[Andris the Magic Swordsman]: Dude!! I love Cowboy Bebop!

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: hello~~? how do i .. join?

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: oops.. nvm! ^_^ thx anyways

[morphyguy]: what was that about?

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: i dunno..

[GoneLikeTheWind]: who else here thinks Ed is the most fantastical being on Cowboybebop

[GoneLikeTheWind]: who else here thinks Ed is the most fantastical being on Cowboybebop?

[Ktcm]: I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Ed!

[InuzukaKiba]: no, Faye is fantastical with her huge......

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