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Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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[InuzukaKiba]: no, Faye is fantastical with her huge......

[Ktcm]: :-P Even being into women myself, I think Ed was the kewlest

[trodahawk]: no Ein is the coolist!

[Ktcm]: haha, I love Ed all bendy and wooooooooo!

[InuzukaKiba]: i like Faye, i've seen a poster with her in a bikini

[Ktcm]: ~nods and gently shrugs~ I dunno, mrew ~hugs Ed~

[Wirey]: Ed: I think I know... I think I think I know... I don't think I think I know... I don't think I think. O.o

[Ktcm]: :-D

[menchii 2]: ed rocks pure and simple

[Ktcm]: totaly

[morphyguy]: spike is who i sometimes am referred to... maybe it's because i smoke...?

[Ktcm]: O.o;

[morphyguy]: what?

[InuzukaKiba]: that's not cool, man

[morphyguy]: smoking? i know, it's an addiction. but i'm not really looking forward to quitting.

[Ktcm]: ~was never a heavy smoker~ don't smoke nomore though... which is good, want my tongue ring to have as little chance of infections af possible

[InuzukaKiba]: i want a tonge ring

[Ktcm]: I'm glad I finally got one

[morphyguy]: why would you put a ring in your tongue? i see i lot of people doing it and i don't get the concept.

[Ktcm]: for me, I've always wanted on... I dunno... since I was young I wanted one... xD but... now? I'm sure it will have some uses if I ever decide to become sexually active... ~shrugs~ I just like the way it looks.. .though the idiots pierced mine crooked

[InuzukaKiba]: i think it looks cool, nothing more than that

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