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Owner: [Phoenix Tears]
Please tell me if there are any problems, and feel free to comment on additions I could make or parts I could improve. Thanks! Enjoy!


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<poll:32227> Who is your favorite character on Cowboy Bebop?
<poll:32320> Does Spike have black hair or green hair?

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[trodahawk]: hello

[Phoenix Tears]: ha hiya friend! I have a wiki! yay! I only wish I could have the theme song play whenever someone is here! that would be the shiznite!

[trodahawk]: yea that would be cool

[Phoenix Tears]: any suggestions about what else i could put on here?

[trodahawk]: hmm hold on 1 sec

[trodahawk]: u can put any pics on this page

[trodahawk]: like any any cowboy bebop pictures

[Phoenix Tears]: i already have a section for pics (which will grow with time)

[trodahawk]: ok

[trodahawk]: tell your other friends about this wikki

[Phoenix Tears]: i told a couple but yeah i'll tell them all!! i'll tell the world!!!!!!

[trodahawk]: lol your funny

[trodahawk]: like what u did to your wikki

[Phoenix Tears]: ;D thanks

[Fingolfin]: WOO! Looking good! *thumbs up* I'd be even more excited if I knew anything about Cowboy Bebop!

[Phoenix Tears]: Thank ya! Cowboy Bebop is on Adult Swim (on Cartoon Network) every Saturday I believe.

[Fingolfin]: OH is it? Well, if I get a chance I'll check it out.

[trodahawk]: Its on after Inuyasha

[trodahawk]: on 12:30a.m.

[Phoenix Tears]: dang i wish it was on every day

[paradox twin]: hey hey... ther we go iv joined.. lol but dont expect me to put to much input into this... im to lazy lol

[Phoenix Tears]: issss good just as long as my buddies are in my wiki it's all good

[Chel.]: i really didnt like the end of the was so sad!! i cried all through the 8 minuete credits

[Phoenix Tears]: i know! that was crap! *sniff*

[Chel.]: the movie was good though!! i like that one episode (fotgot name) where their is an 'actual' blonde cowboy iin white with a horse...that episode was hilarious!!

[Cliché]: Woot Woot, Cowboy Bebop! I have a cowboy bebop wiki, Ed and Ein Fans!!!

[trodahawk]: i think ed is cool

[Phoenix Tears]: man i wish Faye and Spike would get together :D

[trodahawk]: really but doesnt he die

[Phoenix Tears]: is the movie set AFTER the series or some random point in time

[trodahawk]: my friends say it was the last episode

[Phoenix Tears]: ooooooh yeah man i really need to see the movie

[Chel.]: seriously?? i thought spike died in the last episode...and the movie was made in like the middle of the series...sometime

[Phoenix Tears]: *shrugs* i wouldn't know

[Chel.]: he didnt really die in the movie...but he did in the do the math!! XD

[Phoenix Tears]: oh ok well crap that sucks .... he will live on forever! in my heart! heh and in this wiki!!

[Chel.]: spike was in need of SOOO many hugs in the series!! *hugs him*

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe yeah i know whatcha mean

[Chel.]: ohoh!! BIG ARGUEMENT::: Does spike have black hair or green hair???

[Phoenix Tears]: haha i'd say um black with a shade of green ohoh i'll make a poll on that heh

[Chel.]: XD i had like a 2hour arguement with a friend of mine over this...we came to conclude that it depends on the lighting...or somthing...i still think its like black though

[Phoenix Tears]: yeah it does depend on the lighting *new poll made* yay!!

[Chel.]: i voted!! ^^

[trodahawk]: he has green hair

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe be sure to vote

[Wirey]: heeeeeeeeeeeeey now this is wut i'm talkin about! this is an awsome wiki!

[Phoenix Tears]: hehe thank yas! i spend a good deal of time of it!

[Wirey]: i can tel! *looks around takin it all in*

[Wirey]: hey Bebop Pictures dosen't seem to show any pictures...

[Phoenix Tears]: u sure? it does on mine

[Wirey]: hmm..... it keeps givin me those little boxes with x's in hte corner...*runs off to try again*

[Phoenix Tears]: hm it appears fine on mine *shrugs*

[Phoenix Tears]: oh i see now it is not working on mine either grrrrrrr *runs to fix it* this might take a little while

[Phoenix Tears]: yay! done

[Phoenix Tears]: hm would someone like to make a banner? i'm working on one right now should be done soon

[Phoenix Tears]: or could someone color it when I'm done? i don't want to color it myself, but I'd love if someone else would

[Chel.]: what does it look like?

[Phoenix Tears]: well lesse it's not done yet but it's gonna be a pic of the main characters in chibi form! Oh, you should color it! You're fab at that!!

[Chel.]: i could give it a shot! ^^

[Phoenix Tears]: yay! I should have it done in a couple of days probably :D

[Chel.]: cool!

[MACCANATOR]: i think spike has green hair

[Wirey]: i'd say its more of a teal myself....

[Phoenix Tears]: teal?!?! yikes no way heh

[Chel.]: uhh...since i've been watching this page for a long time...can i join?? lol

[Phoenix Tears]: oh cha of course!! just add your name to the members page!!

[Chel.]: lol, got it! ;)

[Silver Fire of the Dark]: I love that damn show so much...

[Chel.]: ending was to sad.... :'( it wasnt happy!!

[lenardo]: this show is awsome

[KuraiSenshi]: i love them

[Wirey]: though y is Ed so weird? he acts like he got dropped on his head as a child or sumthin....

[trodahawk]: Ed is a she

[Chel.]: Afro/Mohawk Contest (also includes 'crazy' hair cuts)

[lenardo]: yes she does

[KuraiSenshi]: eds a chick, and a kiddo, shes suppozed to be like that gives the crew pazaz

[crows the raven ricky]: yeah, shes the computer genius, lol (probably a stupid and obvious comment, but oh well, lol.)

[KuraiSenshi]: yep! totally i saw the episode when they first got her, and its funny cause they all didnt know who it was and they thought it was like some fellon or old man!

[crows the raven ricky]: because of they way/stuff she did with all of her computers. and she had their ship posted all over her walls and stuff...wasnt she like marking symbols somewhere with a laser???

[KuraiSenshi]: ah no i think that was someone else, thats who they were trying ot capture or something, yea cause i think it was a old computer who was doing it *its all coming back now*

[crows the raven ricky]: oh yeah! Becuase couldnt she "talk" to the computer...wait, I think it was a satalite, herself???

[KuraiSenshi]: wha did u just implie that ed is a satalite?

[crows the raven ricky]: no. lol, That she could talk to the satalite herself! lol....n/m...I actually did get to catch last nights episode!!!! n.n lol...wild horses anybody???

[KuraiSenshi]: damn it i didnt see it last night shit!

[crows the raven ricky]: You want to know what happened???

[KuraiSenshi]: hell yea, probably have seen it but up date me please!

[crows the raven ricky]: ok, the group is hunting space pirates, and they catch up with them. However the pirates send a virius into all ships but the Swordfish. It crashed on earth I THINK. not sure, anyways, while the swordfish is getting fixed the crew tries to fix the virius. So the swordfish gets fixed and Spike rejoins the group and finds the space pirates agian. They blow the ship up, but spikes ship gets caught too much into I THINK jupiters Gravity force. So the only way to save him, is for Jet s plan, but it will take to long. But the guy who fixes ships, cant remember thename, catches spike and saves him.....basically thats it. lol

[KuraiSenshi]: wow, gotta see it

[lenardo]: yeah

[crows the raven ricky]: Did anybody watch last night's episode?!??! Im so mad!x-( I missed it! lol.

[Phoenix Tears]: cha it was the creepy psycho fat clown assassin person :S I hate that guy CREEPS me out :O

[KuraiSenshi]: yea it was awesome, but trippy so weird it was like sycadellic.

[Fizban]: the one that can fly and deflect bullets, i loved that one, mad hat pierro it just shows what happens when people meddle...

[Phoenix Tears]: ick he totally freaks me out! the first time I saw that one, I got all paranoid and had nightmares! :S lol

[Fizban]: lol hahahahaha thats funny lol, hmm best guy spike, best girl edward wong hau pepelu trivusky the 4th

[KuraiSenshi]: i got the cowboy bebop pic taken out of my house!

[Fizban]: why?? wich one?? was it moving??

[Phoenix Tears]: oh, that's because it's not a pic made by me; it is against the uploading art rules bc it's a pic I got off the net; we need a banner that ppl can put up in their houses.... I would make one, but I don't have the time o_O

[Fizban]: lol:( that sucks and i cant have any violations at my house...

[KuraiSenshi]: THEY took that out and many others that wikis had already made as bannors. idiots

[Phoenix Tears]: yeh I know, they took out some of my wiki banners :'( WHY?!

[KuraiSenshi]: *flexes butt muscles in bordom*

[Phoenix Tears]: *stares strangely at [KuraiSenshi]* please no butt flexing in my wiki LOL XD

[KuraiSenshi]: hehe but im la bored!

[Fizban]: then go somewhere else lol and what is with that new thing next to watching the wiki page thing and stuff?? under wiki chagnes??

[Phoenix Tears]: hrm I have no idea o_O

[trodahawk]: i noticed it also

[Phoenix Tears]: maybe if you don't make any changes but for some reason want it to pop up in the side column under 'wiki-changes' then you do that? O_o I dunno....

[Fizban]: lol hmmmm its wierd lol

[Princess Carwash]: <img:> ... do you like it? inside the <>'s is this text  YAY!!!

[Phoenix Tears]: awww so cute ^_^

[Princess Carwash]: thanx!


[morphyguy]: i thought it was the third...

[Fizban]: so did i, but i have seen it both ways, i mean i thought it was the third but i have seen other people who have said it was the fourth, so i will need to re-watch the ep and find out lols

[Andris the Magic Swordsman]: Dude!! I love Cowboy Bebop!

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: hello~~? how do i .. join?

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: oops.. nvm! ^_^ thx anyways

[morphyguy]: what was that about?

[Sweet_lil_kitty]: i dunno..

[GoneLikeTheWind]: who else here thinks Ed is the most fantastical being on Cowboybebop

[GoneLikeTheWind]: who else here thinks Ed is the most fantastical being on Cowboybebop?

[Ktcm]: I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve Ed!

[InuzukaKiba]: no, Faye is fantastical with her huge......

[Ktcm]: :-P Even being into women myself, I think Ed was the kewlest

[trodahawk]: no Ein is the coolist!

[Ktcm]: haha, I love Ed all bendy and wooooooooo!

[InuzukaKiba]: i like Faye, i've seen a poster with her in a bikini

[Ktcm]: ~nods and gently shrugs~ I dunno, mrew ~hugs Ed~

[Wirey]: Ed: I think I know... I think I think I know... I don't think I think I know... I don't think I think. O.o

[Ktcm]: :-D

[menchii 2]: ed rocks pure and simple

[Ktcm]: totaly

[morphyguy]: spike is who i sometimes am referred to... maybe it's because i smoke...?

[Ktcm]: O.o;

[morphyguy]: what?

[InuzukaKiba]: that's not cool, man

[morphyguy]: smoking? i know, it's an addiction. but i'm not really looking forward to quitting.

[Ktcm]: ~was never a heavy smoker~ don't smoke nomore though... which is good, want my tongue ring to have as little chance of infections af possible

[InuzukaKiba]: i want a tonge ring

[Ktcm]: I'm glad I finally got one

[morphyguy]: why would you put a ring in your tongue? i see i lot of people doing it and i don't get the concept.

[Ktcm]: for me, I've always wanted on... I dunno... since I was young I wanted one... xD but... now? I'm sure it will have some uses if I ever decide to become sexually active... ~shrugs~ I just like the way it looks.. .though the idiots pierced mine crooked

[InuzukaKiba]: i think it looks cool, nothing more than that

[Ktcm]: ~nods~ lol... well I mean I got it for how it looks, but truelly... if it's going to have other uses so be it

[InuzukaKiba]: ah, that makes sense

[Ktcm]: chances are me being attracted to women... well ~shrugs~ whatever lol

[morphyguy]: it looks okay i think, but when it's really long and hangs off your tongue that just looks weird... not the good kind of weird either.

[Ktcm]: ~nods~ the ring I have in is long... to permit the swelling, but the swelling's gone and I gotta wait to change it

[morphyguy]: oh... makes sense. but i used to know this girl who had one that, if it didn't swivel around so much, would have not been able to fit in her mouth when it was shut

[offspring1014]: can i join?

[Ktcm]: yeh I have a big ass mouth lol

[InuzukaKiba]: that's pretty gross what morphy said

[morphyguy]: it's true! i couldn't stand looking in her direction for fear of the dreaded tongue piece!

[Ktcm]: lmao

[InuzukaKiba]: heh

[Ktcm]: well I happen to think tongue piercings are sexy, and on myelfpack pole they're in the lead over others

[InuzukaKiba]: they are sexy to me

[Ktcm]: lol

[morphyguy]: they are when they're in context, but... I've already gone through this.

[Phoenix Tears]: please tell me if you like the newest version of this page, I added some small pictures in front of each link .... if you guys don't like it, then I'll change it back to how it was before

[Vader]: <img:>

[trodahawk]: I really like the pictures so keep it on ok? and I like your drawing Vader it funny!

[Vader]: Sure ^_^

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