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2009-12-27 01:32:50
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2009-12-26 in Ljusdal.
At the cinema to see Göta Kanal 3. Crap-movie, but I laughed pretty much.

Cousins Ulrika, Peter and Jörgen.
And Oskar.
Peter, Ulrika and Oskar in a car in the snow. The snow was very fluffy but it looked like a lot.
Jörgen and Eva
Douglas, Ulrika, Bernt, Britt, Alve
Red wine from South Africa.

"arduous" means "difficult", "hard". What you can learn from drinking wine!
Alve sucking a tiny roaster...
OK, that was fun. Let's do it for real!
That's a cock sucking kid!
We're playing Chicago. Bernt and Peter.

/ [Hedda]

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