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Elftown Couples Contest

3628) Who gets your vote in the Elftown Couples Contest? (Administrator: [kittykittykitty])

Number of voters: 7
* a) [Lord Dog] <img100*0:img/drawing/20023_1094859373.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* b) [Leara] <img100*0:img/photo/2706_1073605132.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* c) [Little_Angel] <img100*0:img/drawing/82283_1099222683.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* d) [Misty Lady] <img100*0:img/photo/62627_1102113592.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* e) [Thistlewood] <img100*0:img/photo/71483_1104618339.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* f) [moira hawthorne] <img100*0:img/photo/49339_1104713885.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* g) [moira hawthorne] <img100*0:img/photo/49339_1104720513.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* h) [Orouriel] <img100*0:img/photo/59752_1106233882.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* i) [Orouriel] <img100*0:img/drawing/59752_1107276782.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* j) [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* k) [suducing rayne] <img100*0:img/drawing/41720_1109029523.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* l) [Sotalean] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 4 (57%) Voters: [kittykittykitty], [shotokan_gal], [Mimaginethat], [Cillamoon]

* m) [DawnUnicorn] <img100*0:img/drawing/17929_1109723066.jpg>
Number of votes: 2 (29%) Voters: [spiritee], [Kiddalee]

* n) [patty3636] <img100*0:img/drawing/115158_1123459675.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* o) [wolf_demon_yuki] <img100*0:>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* p) [Jitter] <img100*0:stuff/lifnana.jpg>
Number of votes: 1 (14%) Voters: [Schilder]

* q) [evil penguin] <img100*0:img/drawing/96325_1115264984.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* r) [Rin] <img100*0:img/drawing/19720_1119887184.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

* s) [Rin] <img100*0:stuff/wars.jpg>
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

This is a contest for People to draw there favorite Elftown couples!

1.Atleast one person in the couple drawing have to be on Elftown
2.You have to include the usernames of the people along with your own.
3.It has to be your own work!No stealing. It can be photo manipulations and drawings and paintings etc.
4. You may have two entrys each
5. You may do you and your sweetheart
6. The couple has to actualy be a couple! It can Not be some one you wish you were dating etc.
7. There can be some nudity but I do not want porn please! may reserve a spot if you wish
9.have fun!

Starting date: October 21 2004
End date:July 25th 2005

The winner of this contest will be able to request a poem for them written by me any kind they wish themed or such. ryhming or non etc. The winner will be decided by poll and judges. 2nd and 3rd will recive badges along with everyone will get a participation badge and first place will also get a badge!

Host:[Ego Diligo Tu]

Particpation badge | Third Place Badge | Second place Badge | First place Badge

{1} [Lord Dog]
Originally made for Moira's Birthday,BUT it is an elftown Couple and I do have permission from them to put it up.

{2} [Leara]
A few people might recgonize the character Leara, and [Anathoth]'s character by the same name, they've been a couple for about a year and a half real time now, and are engaged in the roleplays. O.O And that boy hasn't been online in a long while. This was his christmas present last year, so it's old. I had promised a couple pic. :P

{3} [Little_Angel]
This is me [Little_Angel] and my boyfriend [Tha Rude Boy] he the best and look so cute. We bin going 6 month this monday >_<(1 st Nov)

{4} [Misty Lady]
Me and My hubby.....we love each other so much.....and do you know feels GREAT.

{5} [Thistlewood]
[Thistlewood] and hubby, [SATAN229].

{6} [moira hawthorne]
'[Misty Lady] and her Hubby Steven! Such Love!' photoshop by [moira hawthorne]

{7} [moira hawthorne]
'[moira hawthorne] & [geirrekr]! Merry Yule! Couple!' photoshop by [moira hawthorne] from 3 different photos.

{8a} [Orouriel]
It's me and my boyfriend [Tjibbe], one of the two existing pictures in which we are cute.

{8b} [Orouriel]
"Happiness". It's the drawing I made fot [Tjibbe] for our one-year existance. And yes it's supposed to be us, but looking more sexy then in real life :-P but hey, that's what drawing is for :-P not inspired by the picture above, by the way

{9} [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
"Essentiality" Myself and my darling Deidre [Raziel Ahnara]. The photo was taken on my last visit to her house and then manipulated back at my place.

{10} [suducing rayne]
a character i made for myself and a character i made as someone else here on elftown.. if needed to know then you can message me and ask i rather not say >_<..

{11} [Sotalean]
shoot.. I forgot to add how they are! *sweat drops* They're two OCs of [Forgotten Shadows] and myself.

{12} [DawnUnicorn]
This is me [DawnUnicorn] and my soulmate [Soaring Crow] (i hope my entry is ok..)

{13} [patty3636]
my sister [x.LoveFashion.x] and her bf

{14} [wolf_demon_yuki]
a. This is me [wolf_demon_yuki] and my boyfriend.

{15} [Jitter]
Couple: [Jitter] and [Rochala]

{16} [evil penguin]
This is [Mattrix87] and I, [evil penguin], before school one day when we were dating. He is still one of my best friends and I wouldn't trade the two years we had for anything.

{17} [Rin]
This piccy is me,[Rin] and [Fork and Knife]! ^^ The Ankh is there becasue it means Life and Eternity. And I will love him for life and eternity.

{18} [Rin]
[Rin] and [Fork and Knife]

Username (or number or email):


2004-10-22 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I had a feeling no one would want sign up..

2004-10-22 [Misty Lady]: Hi PT...I've put you on the bulletin board if thats okay...the tavern will be a bit bogged down come Halloween and your link will show better there.

2004-10-22 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Oh of course its ok with me i dont know if anyone would like the contest its an idea of a friend of mine who isnt on elftown

2004-10-22 [Misty Lady]: Its a good idea PT. I know of a few couples who are both on Elftown...lets hope they find out about the comp. You could maybe advertise it in the ad wiki too. I'll certainly mention it on my travels.

2004-10-22 [Ego Diligo Tu]: There is an add wiki??? I never knew of this...Hmm Yes I know of a few couples to not to metion people who would like to draw a diffrent couple.

2004-10-24 [jonathansgrl17]: i think its a really good idea!but i dont think theirs alot of couples on elftown!

2004-10-24 [moira hawthorne]: some couples are only on ET....

2004-10-24 [Ego Diligo Tu]: actualy there are a lot of couples on et lacy I know quite a few

2004-10-25 [moira hawthorne]: wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

2004-10-26 [Ego Diligo Tu]: moira! haha arent you special the first peice of art on the page!

2004-10-26 [moira hawthorne]: me want to do one too! of MY BILLY & ME!!!!

2004-10-26 [Ego Diligo Tu]: well then do so!

2004-10-27 [Solitiaum]: is it ok if i enter and add a picture of a couple from the old chat that arent together anymore?

2004-10-27 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i think it would be ok since they were once together if it dosent upset them.

2004-10-28 [Leara]: Are rpg couples allowed? Like for example, me and one of my best friends on ET both roleplay, and our characters are engaged, would this contest permit a couple pic of our characters? If it helps, a lot of people on ET think we(the players, myself and my friend) are actually a couple. O.O

2004-10-28 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Hmm sure why not go ahead.

2004-10-28 [Leara]: Yay! Thankies! And the pic is almost a year old. >.>

2004-10-30 [Little_Angel]: I going to enter, just started my drawing today. How long have i got?

2004-10-30 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I havent decided yet. may i ask who its of?

2004-10-30 [Misty Lady]: Going good in here.....*zooms off to find more couples*

2004-10-31 [Little_Angel]: Me and my bf [Tha Rude Boy], is that ok?

2004-10-31 [Misty Lady]: Awww nice drawing Little Angel.

2004-10-31 [Little_Angel]: Thank you

2004-10-31 [Joy_Bells]: Beautiful Drawing Little Angel

2004-10-31 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Awesome darwing little angel!

2004-11-01 [Little_Angel]: Thanks, 6 Months today, Thats what i have draw him for him.

2004-11-04 [moira hawthorne]: [Thistlewood] you drew yourself again!!! =D

2004-11-04 [Thistlewood]: Terrible isn't it! I just can't seem to draw myself or Family accurate.

2004-11-04 [Misty Lady]: Aww no its beaut Thistle...I like it. There's some really good stuff appearing in this contest.

2004-11-04 [Lord Dog]: Hey Mystic, think we should reveal the "Truth " about us and enter the contest? (Old joke started in Toadstool Tavern

2004-11-04 [moira hawthorne]: *crys* and I thought you were my knight!

2004-11-04 [Misty Lady]: Oh yeh....well for PT I think we should go ahead Sir H.

2004-11-04 [Lord Dog]: I am your knight, Moira...

2004-11-04 [moira hawthorne]: oh gooodie! *hugs*

2004-11-04 [Misty Lady]: ...and I am your being silly....cos guess what I got a ring from hubby for our anniversary...and I love it and I love him....ain't life good.

2004-11-04 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehehehe wonderful *hugs* to you too ML!

2004-11-11 [Little_Angel]: How long you bin togever? My and my boyfriend bin going out about 6 months and 1 week, i draw that pic for ower 6 months anniversary.

2004-12-09 [Broken_Musician]: i love [joey_joe77777]

2004-12-09 [Little_Angel]: I love [Tha Rude Boy]

2004-12-10 [Ego Diligo Tu]: aww mystic! so cute!

2004-12-10 [Misty Lady]: Oh well I had to put us up there...we just wanna broadcast our love thats

2004-12-11 [moira hawthorne]: the first photo of you 2! =D

2004-12-11 [firemist]: i have 2 put my pic up here, my my scanner no work..;_;

2004-12-11 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Aww well maybe it will work soon i havent quite decided when its going to be closed.

2004-12-11 [Ego Diligo Tu]: maybe after april so i can enter i will close it..hmmm in june some time prolly

2004-12-13 [firemist]: yeah, leave the comp open for a while. lol. more ppel can take part. :D, who judging btw?

2004-12-13 [Little_Angel]: More poeple are joining now, more poeple know about it more poeple will join

2004-12-13 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I think I am going to do a poll and i may ask my friend amber to judge it since she hasnt entered

2004-12-15 [Little_Angel]: I do thinbk that will be fair because poeple will just vote, i think it will be a good thing if your firend judge it

2004-12-15 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i know i will get someone to judge and we will ahve a judges pick a judges favorite and a 1st winner a combination of the judge adn poll

2004-12-16 [firemist]: i think you should have more than 1 judge. that way its more fair. 3-5 maybe?

2004-12-16 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Sure i ahve to find people who wont be biased though so give em time. the contest dosent end for a while yet though so no worries...

2004-12-16 [Ego Diligo Tu]: ok amber[Bunny451] will judge working on others

2004-12-16 [Bunny451]: I'm a judge! yay!

2004-12-16 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes your a judge hehe well im off to school toodles!

2004-12-16 [Bunny451]: hehehe...I can still sit around and be fat and lazy! well...not really...I suppose I have to finish getting ready...and think about your xmas pressie...

2004-12-16 [Ego Diligo Tu]: OOOOO xmas pressie....*thinks about it and then is easly distracted by dt*

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Thistle thats awesome!

2005-01-02 [Misty Lady]: I agree.

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: It looks much better than the other one.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Yes But the other one was great also

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: My hubby said he looked like a werewolf.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i dont think he does

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: in the old picture, not this newer one.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I dont think he looked like one there either

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: He thought so, since his opinion counts with me, I changed it.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: True enough i wish i could draw but if i enter i shall do a photo manip they are what i am begining to get half way decentish at

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: I'm not any good with anything computer generatered. I just can't get paint programs to come out the way i want.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Its dificult but practice makes perfect or perfecter lol

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: i know, but it bothers my hand too. Using a mouse is not comfortable for me any more.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I see well you have no worries you are a wonderful artist by hand you do not need a computer

2005-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: Ive been working on colour one of my drawings in PS with a mouse! I want a tablet!

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: Yeah, but it seems like the ones everyone likes are done in photoshop, or paint.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Oh The colouring takes patince and a steady hand more then anything

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: moira, you want a tablet to use with the computer.

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I like yours fine

2005-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: YES! I dont like the mouse!

2005-01-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: im sure its mutal hatred moira

2005-01-02 [Thistlewood]: My hubby has a small one, pressing down on it with the pen is a pain.

2005-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: we did some research and the one I want cost $400! I had rich tastes!

2005-01-02 [Misty Lady]: Well I only put our photograph up to support LDH. Nothing artistic about that lol....just one press of a button. Not a good one of Steve though just couldn't take anymore cos the darn camera is only taking blurred pics now. We took loads over christmas and they are all good ones but blurred. Will have to invest in a better camera me thinks.

2005-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: ML can I play with the photo? will stilll be blurry.... which does bother me.. since it is such a goodmood shot but I want to artsey up the background!

2005-01-02 [Misty Lady]: Sure why not.

2005-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: hehehe ok!

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: *comes back all lovey happy* i have to wait till april 5th to get a photo of me and Dt for a manip but i will by all means...and ..i want sum how to incorpriate what i just put in my house that he drew...cuz im such a sap..

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: I've just seen it Liz and its so cute.

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i know..he sent me an email with two pictures of him smiling besides the one i have up..its hard to get him to smile..and it was under it all n i was just...ya...been a bad day a friend of mine hates me now cuz they found out my dad was gay...

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: Well not much of a friend then in my books. No credit for coming clean then??? Not that you had too.

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Well I dont care about my dad I dont even think about it they found out cuz i mentioned his husband in a conversation...i wasnt even thinking...They have now banished me as satans spawn and i ahve no right to live..

2005-01-03 [moira hawthorne]: sounds like a dumb reason to hate you! as if had a choice in your Dad sexual orintation!

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Yes I know but it is hwo they have been raised..i completley forgot...but Oh well not the first friend ive lost because of it

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: Hahaha Satan's Spawn....blimey what planet are they on. It was natural for you to tell the truth and all credit to you for that. You're a great lass Liz....its their loss not yours.

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Thanks mystic I actualy am used to being called satans spawn..but for my mother not my father he is a great man he helps a great number of people

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: Yeh well there you go then. You be proud of him hun and don't give up on yer mam.

2005-01-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: My mom can do her own thing...

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: Thank you Moira.....what an improvement...its just great.

2005-01-03 [moira hawthorne]: Im glad you like it ML! nothing wrong with your kitchen but it wasnt the right setting for that hug and those smiles!

2005-01-03 [Misty Lady]: I know hehehe. Thanks hun.

2005-01-03 [Thistlewood]: You're very good with the photoshop moira! I'm jealous!!

2005-01-04 [moira hawthorne]: ooooh thx U! Im trying!

2005-01-04 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes very good moira very nice background for the picture

2005-01-04 [Misty Lady]: Its pretty easy to use Thistle. Trouble is I only have an older version so I'm restricted in what I can do.

2005-01-04 [Ego Diligo Tu]: i dont even have photo shop which isnt fair..

2005-01-08 [firemist]: i love photoshop..^_^ some of the new versions are amazing..but so expensive..:(

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I love it to but i dont have it...

2005-01-08 [firemist]: poor you. aren;t there demo's u can download from the net?

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Not that i could find and if there are ill have to download them when i get home because im at my dads

2005-01-08 [firemist]: pity. i think the program usually costs around £2000...:S

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Ya well...i could prolly get it for about half or less here in the US I have friends with good

2005-01-08 [firemist]: lol!....couldnt; possibly get me a good deal either?..^_~ j/k

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: lol well if i see if they have any contacts over there in europe then maybe*gets on phone* lol

2005-01-08 [firemist]: yay..:D

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: what country exactly are you? i think maybe if i call lisa n she calls gary then hell call jimmy and ya

2005-01-08 [firemist]: lol! um....England....zee ol britain..^^;;

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: oooo ok hehehehehehehehehehe i shalll call the conections!!!!!!

2005-01-08 [firemist]: *waits in suspense*

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Gah beth is on vaction!!!!!!! She wont be back till a few weeks...but o well..o firemist are you plannign on entering the contest?

2005-01-08 [firemist]: yes...^___^ i have my pic ready and everything, but my scanners dead..;_;

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Oh darn i need to find another judge...

2005-01-08 [firemist]: i know sum1 who would love to judge.^^

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Who?

2005-01-08 [firemist]: [Lannanos] or maybe [Spica]

2005-01-08 [firemist]: oooooh no wait! i have the perfect person..[Fire fae]

2005-01-08 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I will ask them and say you suggested them how many do you suggest i have? i already have one

2005-01-10 [firemist]: 3. i think. thats not 2 many, but enough to make a good judge.

2005-01-10 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Fire fae said she wil haha

2005-01-11 [Dark Adherent]: That is because I, Joe Maos, have decided to enter the competition! *sinister snicker* No really though, I'm entering...Hey, calm down! I mean it!!! >>

2005-01-11 [firemist]: lol. blah..i envy you, i still need my scanner 2 work!!!! or a memory card...

2005-01-11 [firemist]: i'm glad she said yes..^_^ she's a very talented artist and a fair judge.

2005-01-11 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes i know adn yay another participant! wee!

2005-01-21 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Gotta get in on this...

2005-01-22 [Ego Diligo Tu]: woohoo! another contestent maybe but woohoo!!!!!!!!1

2005-01-23 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Yep, I've been working on the entry... gonna put it up now! ^_^

2005-01-23 [Ego Diligo Tu]: weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! im all happy now entrys!!! bwehehehehehee!!! im still leaving it open till prolly close to the end of summer hmmmm hahaha so well see how many other people enter!

2005-01-23 [moira hawthorne]: OOOOOOOO NEW ART NICE!

2005-02-01 [Orouriel]: can I enter a second entry? where should I put that, with my name or just under the list?

2005-02-01 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes you can enter a second and under your name is fine

2005-02-01 [Orouriel]: then should I call it a and b right?

2005-02-01 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yup

2005-02-01 [Orouriel]: ok thanks

2005-02-02 [Little_Angel]: So many good pic, i do not think i win. 9 moths 1 feb 2005

2005-02-02 [Orouriel]: on 1 feb I was dating my boyfriend for a year ^-^ So we share the same date :-P But I think your drawing looks great, very realistic. :-)

2005-02-02 [Ego Diligo Tu]: a year for me on...i think feb 8 or around there...i think not to sure

2005-02-20 [Little_Angel]: I be dating my boyfriend a year on the 1 of may, >_<

2005-02-23 [Little_Angel]: Some relly good drawing being put up.

2005-02-23 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes i belive i wotn close the contest til about july 20th or so cuz iw ant to enter witha photo manip of me and dt and cant get a photot tillt hen

2005-02-25 [Little_Angel]: _<

2005-02-25 [Ego Diligo Tu]: whats wrong little angel?

2005-03-01 [Little_Angel]: What do you mean?

2005-03-01 [Little_Angel]: What do you mean? I'am ok i think???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2005-03-01 [Ego Diligo Tu]: nothign just the face you put its ok dont get worked up about it calm down

2005-03-01 [Orouriel]: [Sotalean] I like your entry ^-^ it's cute and funny :-D

2005-03-01 [Sotalean]: Thanks. ^^ It's one of my favorite valentine's sketches I finished

2005-03-05 [Little_Angel]: Sorry was not gwetting work up, =.> smiling face better

2005-03-09 [Little_Angel]: [DawnUnicorn] wow your drawing is great, 1 of the best

2005-03-09 [Orouriel]: Lovely entry, [DawnUnicorn]! ^-^ Wish I could draw like that, too

2005-03-09 [Little_Angel]: I know,it is good i think she will win. her is better then mine

2005-03-09 [DawnUnicorn]: awww thank you all.. im flattered *blush* tis great to see a page full of lovers.. hope giving ^_^

2005-03-09 [Orouriel]: I used to be proud of my drawing, but now I think I'd better withdraw :-P

2005-03-10 [Ego Diligo Tu]: withdraw i hurt*threatens*plus the contest isnt closing till late july early august.

2005-03-14 [Little_Angel]: Do not withdraw. they are so many good pic.

2005-03-14 [Sotalean]: It's no fun if people start to duck out..

2005-03-20 [Little_Angel]: good luck to E1

2005-03-20 [Ego Diligo Tu]: yes well im going to litter my house with the link so more people will join i cant put my entry in for a few months like the end of july or so so ill prolly close the contest late july or early august hmmm either way though must get more people!!

2005-04-03 [Sotalean]: Jeez.. This contest has been going on almost too long. *sighs*

2005-04-03 [Ego Diligo Tu]: well its going to keep going! cuz 13 entrys isnt wnough adn cuz i am going to enter i just have to wiat and plus im going to really start adverstiing it again in a lil while it will close some time in sorry...

2005-04-13 [Ego Diligo Tu]: I MADE BADGES! *jumps up and down* Liz made badges...well participation badge but its a badge put one in your house and ill love you forever!

2005-04-14 [Solitiaum]: o_o;; righteo then...

2005-04-14 [Ego Diligo Tu]: or ill just be happy.

2005-04-14 [Bunny451]: Lizzy, does the other person have to be on elftown? I'd owe you for ever and evers...and I'll remember to bring that disc back...

2005-04-16 [Ego Diligo Tu]: well hmmm i may change that ya actualy naw they have to be but atle4ast one does

2005-05-03 [evil penguin]: can it be we used to be dating and are just great friends now?

2005-05-04 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Sure!

2005-05-05 [evil penguin]: yay! thanks muchas!

2005-06-27 [Rin]: eep! I have to draw one of me and my boy friend [Fork and Knife]! ^^ *jumps to sketch book to get started*

2005-06-27 [Ego Diligo Tu]: hehe photo manips are alowed if you woudl like that better. I think i need to clean up this wiki page a bit adn i now have a deadline the dead line will be july 25th i dont know why it just is going to be i have to go find my judges and tell them this

2005-07-25 [Little_Angel]: Its the 25th of july who has won?????????????????/

2005-07-25 [Ego Diligo Tu]: Crud...must push back date becasue Im not home im os sorry! ill ahve to push it back to...uhh the 1st of august im so sorry!

2005-07-26 [Little_Angel]: Thats ok, you are the boss thank you for tell me and bye for now

2005-08-08 [Sotalean]: So... Now who'se won?

2005-08-21 [Little_Angel]: ??????????? what is going on can i ask?????????

2005-08-26 [Estantia]: damn, I only just found a page i have a good pic for...

2005-09-19 [Little_Angel]: Who as won???????????????????????????

2005-09-19 [Sotalean]: *shrugs* I have no idea.. seems like this place has been forgotten.

2005-10-05 [Little_Angel]: I know what you mean. I do not come on here much because of that

2005-10-15 [Little_Angel]: Helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. Iam in the lane of forgotten wiki's, HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. All alone just me. Plz help me find out what has happen to this wiki. Me sad, Like to know who has won.

2005-10-15 [Sotalean]: I'd like to know too. *sighs*

2005-10-23 [DawnUnicorn]: me too... maybe one of use could make a poll?

2005-10-25 [Little_Angel]: Go for it!!!!!!!!!! Lost in a wiki

2005-11-18 [Alfirin Lindlea]: *confused* Which page do I put my entry on? It goes to 15 here... then the next page it starts at 14... and is it even still going???

2006-01-13 [Misty Lady]: There are such a lot of lovely pics....isn't it about time you chose the winners??? Come on....get your finger out....LOL.

2007-03-20 [kittykittykitty]: Still need to choose a winner! D:

2010-09-07 [kittykittykitty]: This contest has gone on long enough, and will be closed by the Art Contest Crew. Voting is up!:)

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