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Greetings, and welcome to Elftown's official Council Portrait Gallery!


Click the name of the Council member to view the portrait

[#All_most PUNK]


Illustrious [Hedda]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bHedda%5d.jpg> [Hedda]
By [Janouk]

Illustrious [All_Most PUNK]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bAll_Most_PUNK%5d.jpg> [All_Most PUNK]
By [Amrhi]

Illustrious [Yuriona]

<img200*0:stuff/YurionaDeath.jpg> [Yuriona]
By [Caelicorn]

Illustrious [iippo]

<img200*0:stuff/%5biippo%5d.jpg> [iippo]
By [Artemis Riddle]

Illustrious [Linderel]

<img200*0:stuff/aj/61513/1232651671.jpg> [Linderel]
By [Jitter]

Illustrious [Lothuriel]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bLothuriel%5d.jpg> [Lothuriel]
By [Elegy - gone]

Illustrious [SilverFire]

<img200*0:/stuff/%5bSilverFire%5d.jpg> [SilverFire]
By [Triola]

Illustrious [Nehirwen]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bNehirwen%5d.jpg> [Nehirwen]
By [Triola]

Illustrious [Chimes]

<img200*0:stuff/5555chimesdoll.jpg> [Chimes]
By [SilverFire]

Illustrious [hanhepi]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bhanhepi%5d.jpg> [hanhepi]
By [Elegy - gone]

Illustrious [Nioniel]

<img200*0:stuff/z/10855/portrait%2520crap/i1313714677_3.png> [Nioniel]
by [Thrice]

Illustrious [Flisky]

by [Triola]

Illustrious [Chel.]


Illustrious [Akayume]

By [Linderel]

Illustrious [Teufelsweib]

<img200*0:stuff/%5bTeufelsweib%5d.jpg> [Teufelsweib]
By [Jitter]


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2006-08-29 [nathie]: you mean i can pic one that has put a photo reference on the other wiki? sorry for asking, but i didn´t figured out how it works, i just loved that idea. :D

2006-08-29 [Linderel]: Yup, you can choose anyone you want that has a photo reference. :)

2006-08-29 [nathie]: ah, good, thanks. i´ll take a look. hehe. *rubs hands*

2006-09-15 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: [Ittai]only has still one portrait... I'm starting mine now

2006-09-21 [Sunrose]: Retired Councilmembers have been moved to Retired Council Portrait Gallery :)

2006-10-13 [Lothuriel]: Oh wow! My name is up there now! I never even thought about me being up there with everyone else, lol!

2006-11-07 [Lothuriel]: You made my look pretty [Elegy - gone] thank you!

2006-11-07 [Elegy - gone]: You're welcome ^_^ your spot looked so empty, I just had to fill it =P

2006-11-27 [Avatar15]: There all so pretty. ^-^ There well done.

2007-08-30 [Melocrie]: That portrait of [True, plain and simple] is just awesome 0_o

2007-08-30 [Jitter]: Franzi's art is slobberage in general ^^

2008-07-23 [Lady of Lore]: Squeee! I'm up here! Yays!

2009-01-12 [Lady of Lore]: But I has no picture....*pouts playfully*

2009-02-25 [Lady of Lore]: ^___^ *snuggles computer screen* I love my pictures....yay! ^_^

2009-03-25 [Alexi Ice]: I wonder how long before I get a portrate? ^^

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: However long it takes someone to draw/want to draw you, I suppose. :]

2009-03-25 [Nehirwen]: Only after you have a fully colored badge. ;) (I think..I could be wrong about that)

2009-03-25 [Alexi Ice]: Awesome!

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: I would help you out on the remembering... but I honestly can't remember when mine was done. XD

2009-03-25 [Nehirwen]: Me neither. :p *edit, I got added after I got a fully badge*

2009-03-25 [Alexi Ice]: Lol how long does it generally take to get a fully colored badge?

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