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2005-10-17 20:57:51
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Do you love Cotton Candy? Do you love the way it dissolves on your tongue? the way it comes in different colors, and flavors? Then you so should join this awsome wiki. We need some more people that love COTTONCANDY as much as i do. Come on you know you want to.....

If you want to be a member just put your name on the

CCL's member page


made by [Coffee is my weed]

ya i made this real fast if you got a better one then put it up here.

Made by [Mythical Angel]



Made by [fobizzle]


Username (or number or email):


2004-09-14 [Intrigued Lover From Hell]: i have a comment but i forgot what it was

2004-09-14 [normal69]: how do i be come a member

2004-09-30 [PixieStickChick]: *does happy cotton candy dance*

2004-10-17 [the blond]: SAME AS MUSICAL MAN I'M CONFUSED

2004-10-17 [Intrigued Lover From Hell]: just edit the page and add your name

2004-11-28 [BELSEA!]: yay i lurve cotton candy ima join yo

2004-12-10 [left_bye.]: i though u meant the other cotton candy

2004-12-21 [Mythical Angel]: if you want to be a member scroll up and you'll see huge writing click on it and you should see the member page

2004-12-31 [peace4all_monkey]: mmm.....cotton candy^_^

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