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2005-10-17 20:57:51
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Do you love Cotton Candy? Do you love the way it dissolves on your tongue? the way it comes in different colors, and flavors? Then you so should join this awsome wiki. We need some more people that love COTTONCANDY as much as i do. Come on you know you want to.....

If you want to be a member just put your name on the

CCL's member page


made by [Coffee is my weed]

ya i made this real fast if you got a better one then put it up here.

Made by [Mythical Angel]



Made by [fobizzle]


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2004-12-31 [peace4all_monkey]: mmm.....cotton candy^_^

2005-02-07 [peachesnpears]: hello!

2005-02-14 [raven1777]: you guys arre kinda.... slow... if you dont see the giant green writing that says members

2005-02-15 [Intrigued Lover From Hell]: you guys ask how to be members and then none of us even talk isn't the whole point is to become a member and then talk about how much you like what ever the wiki just so happens to be about or something related

2005-02-22 [Coffee is my weed]: well we arnt that bug yet so i just guessing that we dont have alot to talk about i mean only 4 ppl watch this site so ummm.....HELLO 4 PPL....wait 3 im one of those ppl

2005-02-23 [Intrigued Lover From Hell]: well we should tell more people to come to the site and talk to make this site bigger

2005-02-24 [raven1777]: put it in your mood and people will see it and they will be curious.... or friend did that and he got like 20 new people to join.... *whew* that was alot

2005-04-12 [demented99]: Im a love the cotton candy!!! yay!!

2005-06-27 [MintlyNsane]: damned rabbit!! Trix are 4 kids!!!

2005-06-27 [MintlyNsane]: wow...did I die?

2005-06-27 [Coffee is my weed]: WHAAAA?

2005-06-27 [MintlyNsane]: yes...impressive....isnt ice cream can end up in candy land when I can't wven play the damned game!!!! >.< RAAAAAR!!!<===*frustration*

2005-06-27 [Sister Insomnia]: i agree...i think

2005-06-27 [MintlyNsane]: least somone does...i dont even agree with myself....Im so Im not, I am....*punches self in face....* now whos that thats over with....*kicks self...* oh you want to go at it do you? *swings at self and misses* *is hit by self and falls to ground with bloody nose*

2005-06-28 [Sister Insomnia]: *hands you a hankee* heh hankee!!

2005-06-29 [MintlyNsane]: *takes hankee and shoves down shirt*....I have stolen that which is not mine....*stands and stares blankly for a few moments*...VICTORY!!!!!...*left eye twitches repeatedly*

2005-07-22 [Coffee is my weed]: the massive army of hyped up sugar ppl is growing...................moo who ha ha

2005-07-22 [nokaredes]: ...*will quit procrastinating soon*

2005-08-15 [fobizzle]: love cotton candy

2005-08-16 [Coffee is my weed]: Nice Job on the banner!!!! weeeeee go [fobizzle]

2005-08-19 [MintlyNsane]: And I have five fingers on one is sweet...

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