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Page two of Call of the Covenant

Marcus accepted his glass, "You should know me better." He drank a smaller sip, "Mmm, a fine year. Ok to business, the human gangs must die. And any of our kind must either join us or die. We are to convert and or kill."

"You make us sound like necromongers.... Then what's next?"

"Well that's about it for now." He shrugged. "That's the mission."

"Interesting, and you need my help because?" She looked at him piercingly

"Because we have to get as many as we can, and we need the fear of numbers on our side."

"You mean you need the fear of me draining their useless bodies of bold...Right?" Nyx moved closer to Marcus.."You seem to be intensifying my appetites..."

"Well, the more painful deaths we can threaten them with the more fun delivering them will be..."He raised his glass in a toast, "To fun."

James stood up and left the restaurant, "Like hell I'm just going to stay here." He muttered, "If he really cares to, he can come find me later. I feel like amusing myself for a while longer..."

Nyx, got up. 'I must be crazy, getting that clost to you. Hah. They would have loved that. So now what?" She walked to the oppsit wall and fced him

Marcus sighed,"Now,"He finished his drink."We hunt."

"Good I'm getting hungary." Nyx followed Marcus out the door and on the hunt.

"Ga I knew it, he's gone, well fuck him. Nyx you lead the way, it's been some time since I watched you work."

A sly smile crossed her face, "What group are we going after first?"

"It's your show, remind me why I chose you for this job."

"Good, try to keep up." Nyx quickly made her way to a bar, and focused in on the group in the back. "These are the nomads, the gang that roams the bad lands...What do you think?"

"They'll do fine, it's all you Nyx, entertain me." He once more lounged against a wall and smiled.

Nyx sauntered up to the guy in the middle of the booth. They began to exchange words, after a while one of them shut the door to the booth area. There had been five of them when she started, when the doors opened again, they all looked passed out. Nyx returned to where Marcus stood. "That was fun..A little bit of sexual air and they go nuts..Its actually sickening sometimes. That was clean and smooth. What do you think?"

"Surgical killing, just like I said. Have you lost your touch for brutal violence?"

"NO, but why draw more attention to myself thatn I already get? Trust me I'd have loved to drench myself in their lood, especially for where they just touched me...No one touches me. But I know the rules, kill clean, be meticulous, and always leae a hidden note for the rest of the gang. I'm no fool Marcus, I have been around for a long time." Nyx looked around and noticed at least eight men/boys eyeing her. "So now where? I'm full actually."

"Well I myself have not had my fill of violence at all." He walked over and calmly slit the throat of a man at the bar. Then he shot the bartender. Panic ensued and he picked up a pool cue and slaughtered five more. "Well?" He asked, breaking the pool cue and the skull of a drunk simultaneously.

"I do believe it is yor turn to entertain me." Nyx hopped up and sat on the bar, watching as Marcus created the delicious chaos she loved so much.

"Suit yourself." He called, slamming the splintered stick up through the chin of a woman. He proceeded to kill every person in the bar, in a few inventive ways to keep Nyx interested.

She sat there smiling as the light left the eyes of the man on his knees in front of her. "Marcus...are you trying to out do me??" Nyx continued to smile.

He smiled and broke the neck of the last one. "Sorry Nyx but it's you that has to try to out do me," He winked. "Alright, you up for more?"

Nyx gave a little laugh as she jumped off of the bar. "You know it. Where to? I doubt I'll drink much, but I can still kill."

"There's an all night church a few blocks away that should be having a service for the crack whores. You brave enough to kill in the lords house?"

"Ha, its just another building. As for the is my color... Crack whores....good drugs?"

"No idea," He said, leading the way this time." I don't partake in there services. As for the nuns, a wimple will not be flattering for you Nyx, stick to leather."

"Leather is good, what do you think about silk?" Gives sly look at him "If the whores have drugs on them we could use that to infiltrate some of the gangs..." Nyx willing liy followed Marcus to the church.

"A smart plan, which gives me an idea I'll have to mention to the council. Silk eh?" He raised his eyebrow at her.

"Ok, here we are" The church was a dilapidated building from the fifty's,

Nyx just loked at the building. "Yes silk. worn along wiht leather of course. This wasn't always a church. But It still makes me twitch. Shall we enter?" She began to move toward the door.

"Sure." Marcus drew a short sword and gave it an affectionate polish with his sleeve. "Dibs on the preacher."

Nyx gave another silvery laugh and unbuttoned her long black coat to reviel a snug fitting black corsett with red lace, and almost painted on jeans. "You can have the preaher, they tend to taste funny."

Marcus blinked for a second looking at her. "Ha...good"

"What are you looking at? My devilishly good figure? ha ha." Nyx entered the church.

Marcus followed her,"Just how many sins are you planning on committing eh Nyx?" He stepped past her and opened the second doors.

"Too many for a mortal to count. I've already reahced an unlisted number. A few more won't hurt." Gives him an innocent look, "It's not easy keeping this figure ya know..... I have to eat alot of people....ha ha..."

"Well we wouldn't want to ruin it, lets get to work. You can have first pick." He used his mind to seal the doors and windows against escape.

"I think I'll start from the back and meet you in the middle. Sound Fair?" She flashe him a look

"Sure." He made himself invisible,"You start the panic if you wish, I'll surprise them at the other end." He laughed and moved into position.

"Panic, no, I'll do it silently. Watch." Nyx walked to the first pew inside teh door and sat down beside the one woman ther. Innocently she begins to talk to her. "Are you here to purge your sins?" The oman answere in the afirmative. Nyx then leans over nd whispers something in her ear. The woman nodded and nyx crawled onto her lap. Flashing a sexual look toward Marcus ahd seduces the woman,and puncures her neck letting her bleed out, covering the womans mouth to ward against any sound. Nyx smiled as the woman's body gave one last shudder, Nyx likced at teh blood pouring everywhere. She nodded ehr head and giving Marcus one last look dhe moved on to her next unsuspecting victem.

Marcus watched Nyx intently for a bit then slipped over and slid his blade silently into the preachers back. He masked it all in shadows of the mind so that it went unseen. Next he reached out and touched the minds of those here, he replayed their worst memories.

"She knew..."

"What would they say if they knew the price it cost..."

"That's it, that's how Daddy likes it..."

On and on until they were silently sobbing in the pews, one man was so consumed he slit his own wrists right there with a pen knife. He slowly bled to death as Marcus watched Nyx again.

Upon moving to her eighth victem, nyx realized what he ahd done. The next one was a young man of about 18. She slid silently into the pew beside him. She felt Marcus watching intently. Nyx gently laid her hand on the boys leg, he looked at her and was instantly in her trap. Her eyes glittered with the intent of draining him dry. After all, the young one taste better. he leaned forward and kissed her, she reacted, moving slowly down to his neck, pleasuring her prey. Upon commng back up she sank her fangs into his neck to the hilt. he let out a soft moan and leaned into her arms. In a matter of second the light faded and her was gone. Nyx leaned him gently back on the pew,and cleaned her self up. A small bead of blood ran down into teh hallow of her neck and she let it be. Giving Marus a look that said that was all for you as she moved on to yet another victem.

Marcus laughed softly, then gave a small cruel smile. A woman threw herself on the floor and lamented her son's suicide. He knelt beside her and whispered,"I can reunite you, for a price." The suffering woman readily agreed. Marcus consumed her and cast her soul into hell, Look around, he's there. He stood up and stretched his muscles, and grinned. You're not the only one that likes to feed

"All the same, mine was more creative. Just aabout finnished are you?" Nyx had just desposed of her last victem. "I'm getting tired. and the sun's comming up, I need some rest, if just for a few hours, then we can move in teh lihgt, what do you think?" Nyx walked to him licking the blood from her fingers as she spoke.

"Mmm but blood can not compare to a suffering soul, and you dont have to be creative to get these animals to sell themselves." He moved close,"Go, get your rest..."

"You mean you're not comming with me...Amazng." She laughed and smiled and then turned and wlaked away, her coat flowing behind her.

"Slaughter at the bar!"

"Crazy vampire lady and that man-"

"Sounds like Marcus and Nyx..." James muttered, walking in step with several nervous looking people, "Must not have been very discreet... leaving me to clean up after them..." He muttered, picking up his pace, "Something the matter, folks?" He asked, drawing his beretta unnoticed.

"We're going to the police station." A young man said, "There's been an attack nearby..."

"I see. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't let you go to the police." He lifted the beretta and shot them all multiple times before drawing a knife, and slitting the throats of each. "Ah, I do so fully love the feel of life-blood pouring over my hands..."

Nyx arrived at her loft, and went through the rutiene of going to bed. She showered, brushed and braided her hair, and lay down in her room. This was a special room, completely void of light. She slept.

"Hmm... dawn. Perhaps some breakfast and a nap will do me some good." Shade gazed at the sun as it began to rise on the horizon, and turned down the street. Since last night, his skin had returned to it's normal pale, throwing his tattoo's into stark contrast. He pulled his hood over his head and began in the direction of a small diner he'd passed earlier. Once inside, he found an empty booth and seated himself.

"Comfy... This is a pretty nice place." He looked around. It wasn't very crowded, but then again, it was only the early hours of morning. A tired-looking waitress came over to his table. She looked very pretty except for the toll her long hours of work took on her.

"What can I get for you, thismorning?" She asked, trying to smile past her obvious tiredness.

"Oh, I think I'll just have some pancakes today, thank you," He returned a smile, "And a glass of milk please." He added as she turned an walked to the kitchen. When his food came he thanked the waitress and ate in peace, drained his glass, paid his tab, and walked away. He traveled back to where the fight happened, and looked around. He'd only studied the alley last night to gain an advantage, but now he could scout the area thoroughly. What he had thought might have been an appartment complex, turned out to be an old warehouse. "This looks like as good a place as any to set up camp. And here I am without a tent to pitch!" He laughed at his own joke, as he went through the door into the builing. "Bum, druggy, druggy, bum, dead guy, bum, druggy, 'nuther dead guy... Damn, where am I? It's like a cast reunion for Deliverance. I swear I'll die laughing if I run into Ned Batey." He chuckled again at his own dry humor. It took about an hour, a rolled up newspaper and a piece of copper pipe, but atleast there were no more druggies, bums and bodies laying around. Infact, it turned out to be quite comfortable. Shade moved an old chair close to a boarded-up window, and situated himself so that the sliver of sunlight showing through would wake him at around noon. And quickly fell asleep.

After the sun rose she frequented the backroads and alleys- anybody in their right mind would be terrified of a girl with a sharp weapon strapped to her back, she'd dealt with the fear before. She yawned widely, blinking the sleep from her eyes as she moved.

Enne's stomach growled and she patted it half-heartedly, "Maybe I'll be able to snag something to eat later..."

As Nyx slept she thought of the mission the Covenant had laid at her feet. Killing was the easy part. Working with Marcus was interesting, but she had sensed something else. Something she couldn't find. Her Dreams were plagued with memories of her child hood and growing up in Ireland. Her turning and being cast from her home, only to move from place to place looking for a place that felt right. Someting was happening and ti wasn't going to be good at the end. She woke to a sound, someone was at ehr door.

Marcus pounded on the door again, louder then before. "Damnit Nyx wake up, you sleep like the living dead!"

Nyx opened the door and lunged at the person on the other side. "For your information I am the living dead. What do you want!" Nyx released Marcus' throat and jumped back into the door way. "Oh its you. I'm sorry. Come in." She stood in her silk tank top and shorts with the black lace robe hanging off of her pale shoulders.

Marcus rolled his neck, "You knew it was me didn't you?" He stepped in past her. "Nice robe, you always answer the door like that?"

"I didn't know it was you, and yes I do if i find myself dressed like this. You did get me out of bed you know. Do you want anything? Before I get dressed ?" Nyx leaned against the door frame

Marcus laughed softly and narrowed his eyes at her. "If we had time maybe....but we don't so go get dressed."

Nyx raise her eyebrow and went into the bed room. "Leather Or Silk"

"Suit yourself Nyx.Oh, and I could use a drink, a strong one."

"I was asking you...Oh well. Drinks are in the old wodden cupboard in the hall." Nyx, took her time getting dressed.

Marcus went to cupboard and took out a bottle of whiskey and took a swig. He called to Nyx, "Are you convinced you were a succubus in a past life or something?" He took another swig then carried the bottle with him after her."

"I'm convinced of no such thing, killing my lovers has become a habit, not a purpose." Nyx stopped him at the door. Her out fit was very revealing. Her low slung leather pants showed the tatoo on her lower back and her deep purple silk halter showed almost everything else.

"Well I'm still here aren't I?" He offered her her own whiskey, "Drink up, we've got work to do."

"What no comments about my outfit? What work???" Nyx drank her whisky in one drink.

"If you've seen one of your outfits you've seen them all. What do you mean what work? We're going to spend today killing as usual, we need to spill the blood of a few hundred before we can start converting."

"Fine. I've spent centuries killing, spilling, and converting. You're impatient. Come on then." Nyx turned and walked to the door.

"Impatient? No...I just remember that damn bar, we'll never get any work done." He followed her.

"What bar? Lead the way..."

"Well I suppose it was more of a pub actually...Either way, the one where we met. You lead the way, you've got the nose for victims."

"Do tell me what you remember. Follow me." Nyxled the way..

"You got in my way, killed my bitch, then tried to kill me. Naturally you failed miserably, but we did have one hell of a fight." He laughed.

"I failed not, if I had wanted to kill you I would have. I remember other things than fighting... perhaps your thoughts are dirty?" They stopped at a door in the alley.

"I'm a demon, of course my thoughts are dirty, and if you hadn't distracted me with a good fuck you would have been dead." He motioned to the door, "Here?"

She reached into her pocket, pulling the few coin she'd managed to scrounge up from a back-alley gang, "Just enough for a decent breakfast..." She said, lifting her scythe from her back and setting it into the center of her shadow, she released it and it disappeared into the ground almost immediately before she made her way into a small 24-hour diner.

Enne was led to a seat and given a menu, in which she quickly ordered hot cereal and a class of sweet tea. She settled herself to waiting to be served, distracting herself by drumming her fingers on the table thoughtfully.

Lyden was more than satisfied with his three grand take from the currency exchange, although he was slightly disappointed with the ease of it. Normally a recluse he always got a bit more out going when he had a pocket full of burning cash.

And he always had an appetite after a heist, so he stopped at a dinner for breakfast. He ordered two of their biggest breakfast, it was a big appetite.

As he munched on delicious sausage and eggs, he didn't see the plate, but lines of computer code were scrolling across his eyes. It was the code, his ultimate code, the one for the virus that would let him infiltrate anything and everything.
With it he could do anything he ever wanted.

He was trying to calculate a complex algorithm, when he kept messing up because of some idiot drumming on a nearby table.

Finally he couldn't take it any more, "Excuse me, miss? Could you please stop tapping? It's very distracting."

She blinked out of her deep thoughts, her fingers stopping almost immediately, "Oh... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you..." She said softly, setting them in her lap silently.

"Yes here. Where is she?" Nyx pounded again on the alley door and pushed up her dark sunglasses. She waited.

"Comming! Aww, poor thing lost his palor." There was a thud inside. "Dead weight! Comming! Hello" A blonde answered the door wearing a small, very small, red and black gothic lolita dress. Her lips were a deep cherry red.

"Sister!" They said in unison hugging eash other.

Nyx pulled back and examined her sister. "Not hungary are you?" a smile crossed her lips. She moved toward the door. "Let me in. I'm tanning."

"Tanning? Oh, its all in your head! You never tan. Don't mind the donor. He didn't tell me what I wanted to know so I drained him. A pitty too, he was sweet." She frouned. Then she noticed the man behind her sister. "Speaking of sweet, who is this delicious man behind you?"

Nyx's mood changed. "That is Marcus. He is mine . Touch him and no parties will you attend. We've come for information, and possably your help in our indevors. Give me a drink." Nyx sat on a chair.

"Aw, don't say that." She pouted again. "Sorry but the young man there is dry. A merlot perhaps?" She looked pointeally at the man. "You're my sisters? Ah, oh well. Just move the body near the open door in the floor, dear. The little demons will get him." She turned back to Nyx. "How about that Merlot?"

Nyx grinned and nodded. "Marcus do not strain your self." She let out a silvery laugh. "We need to know where Nickoli and his gang are hiding."

"Nickoli?! That handsome man? He's in the underground as usual. Aren't you more worried about Sali?"

"Sali is in town? Oh, lets go there first. Bring Marcus a drink too dear. Is Sali in the ruins?" Nyx turned to Marcus. "If we kill Sali, we can convert Nickoli."

"No! No. You've got it all wrong. Sali is already converted, but he's wondering around angry looking for a man named Mark....or was it Marcus? He's killing like a mad man. Has anyone ever herad of damage control? Nickoli wants in, but we have to go to him. Sali is in the underground." She yelled from the kitchen.

"Humm, sounds kinky. If we can seduce them into our folds. Shall we go then?" Nyx looked to the kitchen.

"Well... where are we headed? You looking for Sali or Nickloi? Here's your drink." She handed them their drinks.

"Which would be more practical? Thank you." Nyx took her drink and downed it.

Marcus watched the two with amusement, "You never told me you had a sister Nyx." He looked at his Merlot, then set it down untouched. "If Sali is indeed one of us then he'll shut up and do as he is commanded, more importantly, if Nickoli joins us, how many will follow?"

She ignored Marcus' question and continued. "Damn the sun! I hate tanning. Look at this." Nyx moved her shirt slightly to reveal not only her arms and back tanned but also the skin under the top was tanning as well.

"Well if we're going to take care of Sali we might need Nickoli's help. So lets go see him. I need a new donor by the way. That one is wasted." Inara sighed. "To bad." You could hear the screams of joy from the little deamons under the floor boards.

Nyx laughed. "So Nickoli it is. Are you going out like that?"

"Well, if we leave at night I'll change my dress..." She fingered her ruffeled skirt.

"We're leaving now. We haven't the time to wait." Nyx looked out the window. "Just to make you feel better...." Nyx pulled out a black satin bag.

"Yay! You have clothes for me!" She grabbed the bag and started to open it. "Is it leather? Is it lace? Is it velvet?"

"It varies. Leather, lace, satin, velvet...meah.... Just put it on and lets go." Before she completly handed the bag ocver she grabbed a pair of mesh, lace gloves.

"Ah! let me...." Inara pouted.

"Let you what? These are mine." Nyx slpiied the gloves on and looked at her sister. "Hurry up. We're on an shedual."

"Oh alright I'll be ready. I'll have to do my hair..."

Nyx was getting annoyed. "Hurry Up!"

"Alright. I'll be down." She was upstairs for ten minutes before they heared, "I love you! You got me velvet boots!" Soon she was walking down the cherry wood stairs. She was wearing on all black outfit. She had on a super short mini skirt with thigh high, velvet, three inch heeled boots. Her top was barely there, what was there was mostly mesh and lace. The only part that was solid was the velvet strip across her brests, showing her tatoos and piercing. It didn't leave much for the imagination. "I love it."

Nyx smiled. "I thought you would. Shall we? You lead the way." She looked at Marcus and smiled following her sister.

Lyden sighed, she wasn't going to be a bitch about it good. "Thank you." He turned back to his thoughts but they wouldn't come back.

She perked up as her meal arrived, thanking the waitress as she set it down. "May I ask what I was distracting you from?"

He muched absent mindedly on a peice of toast,"Just a little project of mine.." He smiled at her, he loved to show off his work.

"Oh, I see," She said, "Sounds interesting." She sipped at her tea lightly, she wanted to make it last, no doubt she'd be missing lunch and or dinner...

Lyden perked up at the magic word, "Oh it is, it'll make millions of dollars easy."

"Definately interesting." She said with a smile, "Hope it works out for you. Though I've no doubt about it, you've got an... intelligent air about you."

"Why thank you...I'm sorry I didn't catch your name miss?"

"The name's Searienne, though I'm fine with simply 'Enne.'" She responded, "I have... other nicknames, but those are best left in the dark."

"Hmm, intreging. Enne, I am Lyden."

“Pleased to meet you, Lyden.” Enne said.

"And you as well," He raised his drink to her.

She raised her own glass before settling to her hot cereal, savoring the flavor.

Lyden finished his sausages and begain to polish off his eggs. No matter how hard he thought the code would not return to his mind Damn women, always a distraction.

She finished her meal and tea after a few minutes and called for the check with a dissatisfied sigh.

Lyden watched Enne out of the corner of his eye. He sighed, I hate being nice. "You look like your still hungry."

"I've been to hell, they should include this in the program. I must remember to write a memo. Now, what the hell is going on Nyx?"

Nyx let out another silvery laugh. "This is my sister, she has an extensive knowledge of the Underground. That is where My Nickoli hovers. If we convert him, his whole gang will follow..." Nyx continued to follow Inara.

"And who's this Sali? I want to kill him." Marcus tagged along behind the two, this was not how is days usually went..

"Sali is an evil far worst than you...Get over it. Foucs on Nickoli's conversion." Nyx flashed him a look and kept up with Inara.

"Far worse...fuck that he dies, tell me where he is."

"Try going and finding him if you wish. We'll pick up your mangled body in about three years after he's finnished with you.."

"You seriously don't know who I am do you? Who I've become? Fine, we'll do your thing first, but I'll have his head soon."

"As you wish, isn't that what I'm supposed to say? Or would you rather kill me now? I'm acually sorry for distracting you witha good fuck. So shall we finish what we satarted centuries ago? Because you are teh one who has no Idea who the fuck you are dealing with. I bacame a Vampire by choice, no by accident. I know exactly how to use my powers. Get over your self. Now shall we go?" Nyx had stopped and turned to face him. Her rage radiated off of her in Seductive waves.her place skin becoming ever more tan as she stood in the days sun.

Marcus laughed, "Yes I know who you are Nyx, that's exactly why I chose you to be my second on this. There's no one better."

"I've no time for this." Nyx pushed ahead of them and entered teh door to the Underground. It had been a while since she'd been down here. Remembering where to go was easy...

Marcus hesitated before stepping in after her, he rolled his eyes. Women...

Nyx charged through people, whispers came from every where. Nyx was back in the Underground. She stopped in front of teh familiar black painted door, before bursting in. Nickoli sat behind a large desk with a few higher ups around. Nyx burts in rounded the desk, and landed in his lap. He had no time to utter even a sound before she had biten down on his neck and began to drink. His reaction was instant. His hands searched the familiar, yet unknown territory of Nyx's body.

Marcus was a few steps behind her, he leaned against the wall an watched Nyx. Next time Marcus, shut up

Nyx and Nickoli continued, she allowed his blood to flow a little way before stoping it. She pulled back just before the end. "Nickoli, I ..We need your help, will you help me?" She forced him to look at her. His breath was labored, but his voice was steady. "I'll do anything."

Marcus opened his mouth to speak, but he was cut of by his own voice, Shut up..

Nyx smiled but didn't move. "Marcus, would you care to fill the boy in? I dare not move, he might explode." She let a silver laugh out.

Marcus gave her a glare, then he spoke to Nickoli. "You know of the Covenant?"

"Yes, being a Vampire. Why?" Nickoli grimaced as Nyx moved slightly.

"All things on this world belong to them, you will pledge yourself and those that follow you to them."

"You must be the Messenger. I'll make the pledge." Nickoli answered, his voice more calm than his actions.

Marcus blinked, "Wow, that was smarter than I expected." He looked at Nyx, "You are good."

She smiled. "You've no idea. Nickoli and I go way back."

"Mmm, how lovely."

"That was actually quite gritty. Nickoli, are my clothes still here?" Nyx bean to go toward the closet...

To Nickoli, "How many follow you?"

Nyx found her bag of backup clothes. "I'm going to change. Be back in a bit."

"Yes, well. I'm rather used to it." Enne replied honestly.

"Well that's not right, tell you what, I just got paid, let me treat you." Lyden smiled.

"And just why would you do that?" She asked.

"Well two reasons mostly, one, I'm a nice guy. And two, I have more money than I need so why not put it to good use?"

"See, now if only some of the street gangs would have that kind of attitude..." She laughed to herself, "Well... I suppose that I really cannot turn down an offer..."

Lyden laughed, "Glad to hear it." He signaled the waitress. "Order anything you like," He said, switching over and sitting at her table.

"Hmm... well... what you've got seems pretty good to me... I could do with some of that." She said simply.

"Miss, two more of mine for the lady please." He called. He seemed to be cheering up by the second.

"Tell me, if you've got so much money- why be in such a shady part of the city? It's pretty dangerous- especially if some unwanted person learned that you've got some cash."

He leaned back in his chair, "Well I can handle myself. And I didn't always have money, I grew up in places like this one, this is my home."

"Haha, I see. Well, how about this. Despite the fact that you can handle yourself- I'll escort you home to pay for my meal."

"NYX!" Inara made it to the room. "How dare you?! Nickoli is mine! And you have Marcus anyway." She turned to him. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He Nickoli said to Inara and kissed her. "Nice outfit. It looks like one of Nyx's."

"It is. Are you converting?"

"Yes. You brought them here. The whole gang by the way MArcuse. You have at least 65 memberes now out of the Underground. Now just in case you don't know the Underground is literly the underground. These tunneled reach through out the city. They were built by my ancestors. You have my eliet, which know the Underground as well as I do, at your disposial. The word will be spreading soon. East side tunneles, the ones you're in now, is Vampire Party. This is know as a 'Night Club' for humans. Vampires feed here. West side is Cave. This is where most refugee Vampires hide or stay. North side is Fight Haven. You can imagine what happenes there." He looked at Inara. "You're really upset aren't you darlin'?"

"Of course." She pouted again. "Are you going to find me another donor to play with? You do have the best taste."

"Sure." Nickoli's attention went back to Marcus. "Now are you the guy Sali is looking for?"

"It would seem I am. But that doesn't really matter to me right now, are there any in this "Underground" that would deny my masters?"

"Not that I know of. You are fighting for our cause. A battle royal was bound to happen." He said pouring blood out of a bottle on a stand nearby.

"You are tasty. Good thing I read boundries or I'd ask you to be my donor." Inara inched closer to Marcus.

"Inara you wouldn't like his blood. Its demonic, it would taste funny to your refined tongue." Nickoli said and gave her a glass of the blood.

"My blood would also poison the weak."

" Are you calling me weak?" She glared at him with her amethyst eyes. "I am not!" The lights began to flicker.

"Now calm yourslef. Apparenly he hasn't seen you fight. I due time. Inara here is one of my Eliet. Treat her well thank you. She's one of my favorites. He sister is too, but she dosen't often come to the Underground. Everytime she does she cause a disterbing wave of gossip. She dosen't last long without being annoyed."

"I have a job to do, that is my priority, everything else is immaterial."

Lyden looked at her for a moment, "No thank you, I'm far from ready to head home, where ever that is."

"Whatever you say." She shrugged as her meal arrived and she began to eat.

Lyden looked at his watch, "Would you happen to know where there is a bank nearby?"

"There's one a few blocks away." She said simply as she finished eating.

"Thank you, as soon as I get your check I must be off."

"Of course, as must I..." Enne replied, standing up as the waitress came over.

Lyden paid the waitress and tipped her an extra twenty.

"Perhaps I'll see you again sometime, Lyden. Thanks for the meal."

"You are welcome Enne."

"Goodbye." She smiled as she slipped out the door, and almost immediately she called her scythe up out of the shadows, she always felt uncomfortable without it either in her hand or strapped to her back.

Lyden stepped out after her in a hurry to find this bank she'd mentioned. He witnessed her drawing up her scythe, "What the hell!?"

She turned when she heard his voice, "What's the matter?"

"Where the hell did that come from?"

"This?" She twirled it lightly in her grasp, "I've had it with me the whole time."

Lyden gave a small nervious laugh, "Funny, you'd have thought I'd have noticed it..."

"Naturally you did not. I had it hidden." She laughed, "It would have been quite silly to hide it in plain sight..."

"Umm, yeah good point....what the heck do you use that for?" Lyden asked, Way to go dumbass, tell the chick with a scythe you're rich, now you know why she wanted to walk you home...

"What do I use it for? To kick the assess of those foolish street gangs. I don't really kill very much with it, and no- I don't want to rob you or anything." She said, sliding it into the sheath across her back.

Lyden sighed inside, "Well that's good...umm...forgive my rudeness but who the heck are you really?"

"I've already given you my name. I'm guessing this means you haven't heard the nickname that I've been dubbed with in the streets." She replied simply.

"'Fraid not."

"Perhaps, then, you're lucky." She said, "Head off to your bank, do whatever it is you came here to do."

"Actually I've already done what I came here to do, now I'm just looking for some amusement..."

"Oh, I see." She said simply, "Good luck with that."

"Yeah thanks..." He looked thoughtfully up at the sky, "You want to rob a bank?" He asked suddenly.

"Sounds fun." She said, "I've never done it before either..."

"It's fun, oddly relaxing, the pay is good to." He winked at her.

"Well, I suppose that it'll be worth giving it a shot, now won't it?"

"Glad to hear it, now which way was that bank?" He grinned.

"That way," She said simply, pointing towards the left.

Lyden followed where she pointed and came to the bank. "This is it? This'll be cake..." He examined the door, then pulled out a small black device. He pressed a button, "If you've got any electronic devices you might want to stand back."

She quirked an eyebrow, "Course I don't have any electronic devices..." She snorted.

"Just checking." He pressed another button, and the thing beeped once. Then he took a small tool kit out of his pocket and went to work on the lock. "Handy little thing, they say they can't be built but...they weren't taking about me. No alarm on the door now."

"Haha, nice." She said with a grin, "You've got some handy looking gadgets."

He laughed, "You have no idea..." The lock on the door popped open. "This bank is to low class to have a laser grid, and the cameras wont be a problem. Shall we go shopping?"

"Indeed, lead the way." She said simply.

He walked accross the room to the vault, "Damnit! No keycard...and I don't have the Ticker with me..damn. Don't suppose that scythe of yours can cut through three feet of solid steel?"

"No need, we'll have our entrance easily enough." She replied smoothly, "What say we enter the vault without opening the door? Baffle 'em a bit?"

"Hey that would be great but even I'm not good enough to make a transporter...without a phase pulse converter anyway...."

"Are you afraid of the dark?" She asked quietly.

"Never. Why?"

"Good." Her hand twitched and darkness shrouded them before they reappeared on the other side of the vault, she leaned against the door, panting slightly.

cotc chapter 3

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