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Brought to you by the Council and Assembly
Contest concept presented by [Elandain]


Winners: Costume Contest August 2005

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By [Duredhel]

Photo & Crew Favourite:

By [Seyra]

Crew Favourite (drawing):

By [Fire fae]

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Costume contest Drawings II
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Thank you to all that contributed!


Welcome to the Elftown costume design contest. This is not a Halloween contest, but a chance to show your skills at costume design, and/or construction. So, shall we begin?


Game costumes! What we want to see: Costumes adapted from, or designed for your favorite game, be it, a video game, or any other sort of game. Take a photo of, or draw yourself dressed as a Dungeons and Dragons character, or draw a costume for the next Final Fantasy game, or a Gothic horror roleplaying game. It's up to you. Be creative, and have fun!

1: As usual, all work must be your own. No matter how much you love someone's costume, or drawing, you may not enter it for them. Anyone entering copied or stolen work will have their entry deleted.

2: Photos only, in the photo section, and drawings only in the drawing section. The competitions are separate, so please post entries in the right section. 

3: No photomanips. We only want drawings or photos of costumes you design.

4: Any photo of a costume, must have you (the elftowner) in the costume, so we know it is your work. There should also be an additional image of either the half made costume, or a reference photo of yourself, so we can verify the work is your own. (I know this can be a pain, but photos are too easy to steal, and difficult to verify) No photo will be accepted without the additional photo. No exceptions, sorry.

5: 2 entries per member maximum.


Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Your image should be no wider than 300 pixels and the height should be no more than 500. Be creative but please keep that in mind!



June 30th 2005


How to post it here:

Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]

Two Images will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented. One winner will be chosen from each category (photos, and drawings).


46. [da soul sistaz]

47. [da soul sistaz]

48. Mid-Elven Charity [xX.//Standing Up From Underneath//.Xx]
This is my friend from camp, Charity Grace Luce. I've drawn her in a simple, yet colorful version of fantasy medieval times, where wise elves rule the forest regions and kind princesses rule peacefully over the land.

49. Lady Butterfly [Lamorien]
one of my characters from my friend's RP wiki, RP Pallon..she's a fairy, you just can't see her wings...

50. Princess Zelda [Acceber]
I love the 'Zelda' games series, so i thought it would be great to draw her.

51. Lady of Sorrow [morannon]
I draw this one because id thought that i try out 2 draw a woman in a dress i think its okey..=)

52. Altaride Elf costume [Yncke]
The elves from Myth of Altaride are a fine cloth and ribbon loving people.

53. The Butterfly [Shiorysm]
she's helena, the queen of the Misterious Woods, i'm going to make a rp off this. (i know, isn't the most original, but the most important is the drawing, not the theme)

54. ... yeah, that - [dizzi]
Its just an odd little costume I drew...

55. Aurulia~ [Ghanima]
A Character I played in a Riddle of Steel game.

56. [Mom]A character named Mara and costume I designed for my daughters Ragnorok online game.She is a theif with ninja skills.

57. Final Fantasy Me[Jitter]
I guess this would be me if I was in Final Fantasy :p. In this small version the details aren't showing. you can see the details here:

Accursed Photobucket is down. Darn...

58. Princess Zelda [Quellealcar]
I redesigned Zelda's Ocarina of Time costume for this contest. I think it came out pretty well.

59. Forest Spirit [AshPaw]
<img200*0:> <img200*0:>
A random costume design for a spirit in an rpg thing I started up with my friends.

60. a. [Leara] Elf Lady - Costume done with my Deviant Prophets character, Leara, in mind, though the character it's on isn't her, it's for costumes right? So the character it's on shouldn't matter. :P
Larger version:

61. b. [Leara]- Costume design for a Quaelhoirhim Elf from Santharian Dream -color not complete. >.>

Larger version:

62. The High Pass Guardian [silverflagon] She is just a possible RPG character, but if thats not good enough I don't mind her being removed.

63. a. [Artemis Riddle] pirate i drew for a rpg I'm in!

64. Science Show ~ [Mitsune]
Okay so she's Denarthanas, my Dragonlance RPG character. I'll stick a colored version up whenever I can!
Click on the drawing to see a larger and better version.

65. a. [Paz] Pirate Wench
This was a person I drew when I was much bored last night. Coloured with coloured pencils. I like how it came out, a westernish pirate me thinks ^-^

66. b. [Paz] Fish Net Person
This was a person I acyually drew for this contest, amazing. Having no illustrator I decided to colour it in the traditional coloured pencil. Unlike most of my art I never outlined this one. I love how it came out. The hair is so uber cool! Took me two full nights to complete @_@.

67. [Phantom's mistress] well, bored, so made a pic...just a dress actually...

68. [Acmeboy]The Kings King of the warriors

69. "Yuffie Revamped" - [spiritee] Costume design for Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII.

70. "Princess Katris Dular" - [Ereshkigal] costume for the Dark Princess of Alaria.

71. Nyki Clothing Finalization -- [Nyki]
Super disproportionate, but it's just meant as a clothing reference.

72. Tetra's Back with a BANG! - [Grey Eyes]
Let's just say I got bored. My scanner kind of messed up the shading and tinted it green...but oh well o-o

73. Andriana Thomas-Lee - [Pinkdonkey]
A future char for a Sci-Fi RPG I'm designing. Started as a simple sketch and finished as a complexe char with a long story behind her ...of course the scanner ruined the colouring but then most scanners are *evil* ...

74. Spider Web Dress. - [Balthezar Arith]
Though this outfit was not originaly designed for a game, it could be used in a rpg. Mary Jane going to a ball with spiderman, perhaps?...

75. Rugged Angel - [Konoha ANBU]
My caracter from a roll playing game i was in a couple of years ago.

76. 'Drace' - [Rolo] costume for a character (that would be called Drace) in soulcalibur

<img200*0:> <img200*0:>

77. [Iuna] I made this for a rpg a while ago.


78. Mrs. Money-Bags [deeterhi]
this is just what i think uncle money-bags' wife should look like. inspired by my favorite game: Monopoly


Female version of the Ansem-posessed-Riku getup. (Kingdom Hearts) [Augi]

80. [Gone, sorry everyone] The main "bady" in Final Fantasy XIII. I only colored one, but you get the idea! I thought that ya'll might like to see what the back looks like...

81. [Gone, sorry everyone] Again... sorry... I just wanted to submit these also... This is a character I created for an rp that I'm involved in. Also, I'm sorry for how big these are! I didn't mean for them to be so large! But I'm at my Grandmother's house on her compy and I don't want to mess anything up... so that is the way these are going to have to stay...

82. [fatfish] "Wood Elf Dryad" ---from Warlords Battlecry (real cool game!) dryads are the general unit for the wood elf race. Besides being speedy they fling devastating magic balls at will! the originals sported drab white gowns so i decided to spruce things up a bit (pls imagine a white base with green and gold trimmings). Heh. Looks better but i'm pretty unsure about its performance in battle..

83. "Kylin the fighter"---[LvSha]
my character in Dungeon Crawlrp,a half elf fighter..

84. "Windmocker"---[LvSha]
Me in Narimerlin rp..a decent full armed costume as elf ranger--leather armour and nice soft cloth =9

85.Devil in heavem[Rove]
i drew this based off a chibi and a vilan if a video game i cant remember^^

86.Future---[bye bye all]
   I love her...

87. [nokaredes] This is a priestess from an RP that is, sadly, not on ET.

88. [Asrun] 2nd Entry. Game would be a Pirates of the Carribean/Pirates! take off with a gear towards the fantasy realm.

89.[Jenbells]- Sayoin Meric Ziran the main character in a story I am writing.

90. [Jenbells] - The dress design is from another story called Imperial Dignity which happens to be a wiki of mine.

91. [Grey Eyes]- Tibbanu: Dillay and Ji
Hehe! I feel rebelious...I put Dillay in a dress! *snickers* I'll admit she looks a bit more like Naro, but that's okay. I realized she had a lack of facial I fixed that...>.>
And the newest addition is Ji. She's my favorite character next to I had to slip her in somehow. I like the attitude acheived in her face =3

92. [Lothuriel] - This is the Gould Anty's Queen. One of the arch villans from my Stargate SG-1 roleplaying game. The costume is made up mostly of gold, jade and silk
This is what the red-armored boots look like. The "yellow" is a golden clasp that wraps around the calf of the leg.


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2005-06-27 [Augi]: Much better. Now you can see the whole pretty thing at once!

2005-06-28 [AshPaw]: Wowies! There are so many awesome costume designs here! Absolutely love the way #65 by [Mitsune] looks and #83 by [fatfish] has superb shading! Although, ofcourse no one can top the loveliness that is Great job everyone!

2005-06-28 [fatfish]: heh thks! i like [Mitsune]'s.. the char has an awesome pose .. and [LvSha]'s #84 is nice.. that girl should join gym! balancing on a twig.. whoo

2005-06-28 [LvSha]: lol..thanx,[fatfish]..I'll suggest her to consider it.. =)

2005-06-29 [kitty daemon]: [Leara] are you going to color your other pic? I think it has a good chance of wining if you do so ^^

2005-06-29 [Leara]: It's partially colored....>.> Just haven't been in the mood to finish, maybe tomorrow. >.>

2005-06-29 [kitty daemon]: ^^ okey

2005-06-30 [Grey Eyes]: Oh my gosh x.x I'm working like crazy on a last second entry, and praying that I finish on time to enter it. Elftown's clock changes to twelve about an hour or more before mine x.x so I'm going crazy trying to make the time limit! *dies*

2005-06-30 [kitty daemon]: i see it's beautiful ^^ I'd like to see the whole pic eventually too.

2005-06-30 [Grey Eyes]: Thank you ^^ I wish her face turned out a bit better, but overrall I think I'm content =3 recently I've been having artists all of my drawings have been rather...odd looking >.>

2005-06-30 [kitty daemon]: oh its wonderful, maybe the nose is too far over/eye not enough? i dunno, just from a glace you know. i know what you mean w/ the block ^^

2005-06-30 [Grey Eyes]: Yeah...I think it's that she has no cheek structure XD I just fixed it in the actual drawing while I was adding in Ji...I might have to update it now x.x The block is so annoying! It always comes about at the worst of times!

2005-06-30 [fatfish]: nice work, cookie! i like the wavy wispy stuff.. hehe [Asrun] has a nice one too

2005-06-30 [Leara]: What time exactly is this going to be closed? I'm almost done coloring, but can't finish right at the moment...

2005-06-30 [kitty daemon]: probably 12 midnight ET time, but I don't actually know, definatley when the poll goes up.

2005-07-01 [Leara]: flat color version up. >.> since I'll never finish.

2005-07-01 [kitty daemon]: omg yey^^ better then plain, you can ask if you can put up the final even after, but w/e

2005-07-01 [Savien]: I'm making the poll now. A few entries are not fitting the theme. The entries are #s 47 50 53 66 68 69 72 87 90 91 All nice entries, but the theme is costumes designed for games, and these are not linked to a game of any sort. 

2005-07-01 [Leara]: Aren't the winners being selected by the Council and Assembly? Unless the poll is for them...

2005-07-01 [Savien]: Yes, it's a private wikipoll for them.

2005-07-19 [Savien]: Ok people read the news on MainStreet. The winners have been chosen, but we've worked up a little surprise to go along with this one.

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