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Costume Contest Drawings


Elftown Costume Design Contest
~ Costume Contest August 2005 ~
Brought to you by the Elftown Council and Assembly.
Contest concept presented by [Elandain]</center>


Winners: Elftown Costume Design Contest - 2005

<news:[Elftown Costume Design contest@wiki]>


                        By [Duredhel]!

Photo & Crew Favourite:

                By [Seyra]!

Crew Favourite:

By [Fire fae]!

All submissions:
Costume Contest Drawings (This page.)
Costume contest Drawings II
Costume Contest Photos


Thank you to all that contributed!


Welcome to the Elftown costume design contest. This is not a Halloween contest, but a chance to show your skills at costume design, and/or construction. So, shall we begin?


Game costumes! What we want to see: Costumes adapted from, or designed for your favorite game, be it, a role-playing game, a video game, or any other sort of game. Take a photo of, or draw yourself dressed as a Dungeons and Dragons character, or draw a costume for the next Final Fantasy game, or a Gothic horror roleplaying game. It's up to you. Be creative, and have fun!

1: As usual, all work must be your own. No matter how much you love someone's costume, or drawing, you may not enter it for them. Anyone entering copied or stolen work will have their entry deleted.

2: Photos only, in the photo section, and drawings only in the drawing section. The competitions are separate, so please post entries in the right section. 

3: No photomanips. We only want drawings or photos of costumes you design.

4: Any photo of a costume, must have you (the elftowner) in the costume, so we know it is your work. There should also be an additional image of either the half made costume, or a reference photo of yourself, so we can verify the work is your own. (I know this can be a pain, but photos are too easy to steal, and difficult to verify) No photo will be accepted without the additional photo. No exceptions, sorry.

5: 2 entries per member maximum.


Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Your image should be no wider than 300 pixels and the height should be no more than 500. Be creative but please keep that in mind!


Deadline: 2005-06-30.

This contest is now closed!


How to post it here:

Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]

Two Images will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented. One winner will be chosen from each category (photos, and drawings).


1. "Dark Mistress" - [farawaygone]
My costume was inspired from the game The Addams Family I used to play it when I was little on NES.It wasn't the best game but It's funny how things just stick in your head.

2. "Slayer" - [Broken Saints]
This costume was made for an X-Men Evolutions RPG is was in when I first joined Elftown. The design is a mix between Spawn (Face and Chest) and Gambit (Power-thingy and slim female like legs). The sword on the back came from Goku from DBZ, not the same... but thats where the idea came from.

3. "Vineg Tor'ael" - [Duredhel]
Drawing showing a Master Party character's equipment from Realms of Lemire.

4. "Rysallean Shadowcat" - [Duredhel]
[imsdal] as a Rysallean Shadowcat from Realms of Lemire, the drawing was originally made for if I lived in Lemire (click for large version)

5. "Queen Of Clubs" - [Cloudwatcher]
<Me> as the queen of clubs from a normal playing card deck...i hope this applys to the rules, if not let me know. ^_^

6. "deadly temptation" - [redheadedterror]
this is from a rpgame here you see a beautiful women with all here tricks to get you in bed but when you don't expect it she attacks..

7. "Jinn-Uif" - [Elandain]
A RP character of my own design for an RPG I hoped to start - "Twilight."

8. "Sluagh" - [maryanne]
A sluagh character costume design. From Changeling. Larger version in my house.

9.-1st Entry: "D&D Halfling" - [Elisha Kelly]
This is a design of my brothers rpg character. He is a halfling thief, the costumn is meant to black but to colour it would have taken away some of the detail.

10.-2nd Entry: "Final Fantasy" - [Elisha Kelly]
I wanted to enter both a male and female costumn design for this contest, so my second entry is for Final Fantasy. There is no particular character in mind, though I did try to stay with the Modern and funky style of clothes worn by the usual FF characters.

11. "D&D Druid" - [kakjjkhjhd]
Well, I thought I'd do one too...Basically just a dress with some light footware for wandering around the forest...:)

12. "Conrack Ironhammer" - [Cassave]
A rather dull character I developed in Arcanum. Pure technologist dwarven rifleman. I checked some of the conceptual artwork of the game's manual to make the armor a bit more 19th century carabiniers/heavy cavalry and less retro-ish medieval.

13. Final Fantasy X-2: "Yuna in a Different Outfit" - [itchykoo]

14. "no title" - [dilandau
a redesign of Raziel from the Legacy of Kain video game series. b4 he was thrown into the lake.

15. "Zero's New Battle Armor." - [Konobi]
Just some pixil art. It's simply Zero from MegaMan X2 decked out in new battle armor. The layout is the same, but the armor is different.

16. "Estantia" by [Estantia]
My friend made a pacman-style game with our rp characters and asked me to draw them. Here is me, gb link style, sized up from the original...

17. "Dark fae" - [Fire fae]
(I have so many pics of my RP character it was hard to choose >.<)

18. "Fire fae's royal dress" - [Fire fae]

19. "Aino, Queen Of The undine." - [kerry555]
From the game Primal, instead of having the quen along with the rest of the race as fish-people, why not have her a human queen?

20. "Paradox Armour" - [PredatorX]
An armour I designed for a D&D campaign. It has yet to be worn by a character.

21. "Durran Steel's battle armour" - [PredatorX]
This one was inspired by the Prince of Persia game (but I only took the idea for the sash from there) this explains why the character (kinda) looks like the Prince.

22. "larana" - [Ishje]
this is a charackter i made for a role play game...

23. "noa" - [*akuma*]
ok this is my costume design for the game tekken! a cute little fighting outfit! hope that fits the rules this time!

24. "Rinalla Saolin-Thestine" - [SeishinOkami]
This is my RP character Rinalla in the Land of the Black Shadows. This drawing is the more detailed version of the outfit that I designed for her. Hopefully this fits the contest rules.

25. "Rose Warrior" - [Rin]
a character I am hopeing to use in a RP that one of my friends <i>should be getting up soon....I would give you the link but she hasn't made it online yet >.< But yeah...I was more concetrated on the coustom than anthing else for this picture ^^</i>

26. "Paddy Shamrock" - [Cassave]
A Halfling Magickal Thief I developed in Arcanum.
Not a very original name, but Paddy turned out to be quite a versatile old chap. I always pictured him like this 'cos I didn't
like the regular getups for the Minute Races.

27. "Dark fairy costume" - [eleihna]
Not very original but a wide skirt with several layers and a stylish top, and wings and it will make a perfect fairy costume. I think that it would fit in any fantasy game that has fairys or elves, I really like warlords battlecry, I think it would fit there...

28.-First entry: "Mystic" - [Ceres_de_Rehka]
Okay, I'm back. I totally forgot about my ORPG comissions. This is an illustration of a Mystic I did for the Ikimashozwei ORPG (there's a link at my house) and I think that means it fits the rules. 

29. "Jahanara Dhanyata" - [kerry555]
An improved image of her. She's an Indian priestess/witch/lycan(werewolf). for the wiki RP The dark Underground.

30. "Sar Kanath" - [Erestor]
Star Wars Jedi RP Character.

31. "no title" - [Kuruni]
My AD&D character.

32. "no title" - [elody]
ummm I don't have any scanner... x.o meaning I used the webcam. that's why it's such bad pic quality. but anyhooooow, this one i drawed last summer, a dress I'd really love to wear in a future roleplay game... Like um.. D&D or something.
there's a detail pic for it there, as you can see, but it's not that good... I wanted to show the way the ribbons were set, on the arms, and on the sides of the dress. hope you like it!

33. "no title" - [elody]
I did see some people putting up two pics here, so I don't think it's against the rules... << >> but I promise I won't put up more. as a matter of fact, I don't HAVE any more. o.o anyway I thought this one's cute. ^^ I'd love to have it like a roleplay dress in summer. the other one's more winter or autumn like.

34. "Lady of Fire" - [Nightfall]
She's one of my many AD&D characters. She's a fire genasi with pheonix and dragon blood in her. Her name is Ilia. :)
Bigger version here:
all those lil sparklies are actually tiny lil scales due to her draconic heritage. :)

35. "Lady of Lightning" - [Nightfall]
<img200*0:stuff/Lady_Of_Lightning.jpg> Detail: <img100*0:>
Sensing a theme here? Well, this is my wild elf AD&D character. She's a rogue, but also a powerful (and slightly crazy) sorceress who's exceptionally proficient with energy or lightning spells. This is a rare moment when she's dressed in her fine sorceress wear, rather than her usual rogue outfits.
Detail info:

36. "Eleanoor" - [dami]
My friend is writing a fantasy-ish themed LARP game and I have helped her creating some charachters for it. This is my idea how charachter named Eleanoor could dress. She is sort of maid, but actually she's in so respected position that she doesn't really do any *work*, she just tells other maids what to do and gets paid well.. It's a bit of scetchy drawing, but you get the idea of the dress, right?

37."Rikku's new white mage costume" - [inuchild87]
This is a new white mage outfit for Rikku from FFX-2.

38.-Second entry: "Mission's new Outfit" - [Ceres_de_Rehka]
This is a new outfit I drew for Mission from Knights of the Old Republic. 

39. "Varoa's dress" - [The Hidden Happiness]

40. "Godric" - [Cathos]
(my grave robbing WFRP character)

41.-First entry: "dragon girl" - [Teufelsweib]
from a RPG some time ago

42.-Second entry: "no title" - [Teufelsweib]
For the RPG of a friend

43. "Vermillion" by [Asrun]
<img200*0:stuff/Vermillion.jpg> Detail: <img100*0:stuff/costumedetail.jpg>
With detail shot - Game: MMORPG game with sorcery (think, Ragnarok Online).

44. "Rina" - [Cat0132]
A Knights of the Old Rebulic Jedi...yeah

45. "Jalena" - [Cat0132]
another KOTOR Jedi


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2005-06-30 [Asrun]: You have to put them up on the second submissions page. ;)

2005-06-30 [nokaredes]: had me scared.

2005-06-30 [Asrun]: Hehe! Well, it closes tomorrow. My tablet died, so I didn't get to submit a second one... But I have an idea of what to submit now.

2005-06-30 [nokaredes]: I don't even have a tablet, I did mine in pen. New medium for me, very streaky, but at least I got it in on the last day! (BTW, on ET time, it's the 30th right now...)

2005-06-30 [Asrun]: AHCK! Better get the entry in then. :P Well, I don't have one now, but I like colouring my work.. Maybe I'll play around with my new markers

2005-06-30 [nokaredes]: I did! (whew!)

2005-06-30 [PredatorX]: Not that I'm keen on finding out I lost, but...when will the winners be announced?

2005-06-30 [Charybdis]: As I recall, the last one took around a couple of weeks or so. There are less images this time, though, so maybe it'll be a shorter wait *shrugs*

2005-06-30 [Asrun]: I thought there would be A LOT of entries for this one.. It was so much fun. :(

2005-06-30 [Charybdis]: I would have entered for sure, only I'm no good at fanart and I don't have an RPG character per se ^^; Perhaps there'll be a non-game costume design contest sometime ^^;

2005-06-30 [Asrun]: This isn't fanart. :) You can make a totally original character that could fit into a game.

2005-07-01 [Konobi]: It seems the deadline is here. Oh... I can't wait to see the winners!

2005-07-01 [Charybdis]: Gak! I read the instructions the wrong way, then... nooooo!!!! I interpreted it as redesigning costumes for existing game/ RPG characters ;_; *bangs head against wall repeatedly*

2005-07-03 [Savien]: It could be either way. Create a character, in costume, or use an existing one. Sorry for the confusion.

2005-07-03 [Charybdis]: Oh well ^^ Next time, I suppose.

2005-07-19 [Savien]: Ok people read the news on MainStreet. The winners have been chosen, but we've worked up a little surprise to go along with this one.

2005-07-19 [nokaredes]: *has voted* Gee, you sure can make me feel like my vote counts...

2005-07-19 [Savien]: Every vote counts ;)

2009-03-30 [Artsieladie]: But I can't get #15 [Konobi]'s to work even though I tried a few possibilities, because it still has the ol' "" in the link. :(

2009-03-30 [Artsieladie]: Thanks, [Hedda]! :)

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