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2010-03-21 04:04:10
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Cosmopolitan Party at Riikka's place. Lilo tagged along and met the girls there too.
Lilo is still in the cage.
Cat-train in the direction of Lilo...
The first Cosmo wasn't that fancy. It was tasty though and they become much better.
Lilo didn't dare to walk around, so I had to carry her around for awhile.
Yummy stuff.
Uli singing something.
The other cat
And Lilo defending herself under the bed. No need really, because the other cats weren't actually attacking her. It was mostly Lilo screaming at them.
Artificial apple taste. It tasted more pear than apple actually. Horrible!
Lilo in the bathroom.
Uli and Kenny....
Hedda and Riikka, the hostess.
Michael (The host), Svante and Molly.
Cats shouldn't do that!
Lilo on the art-shelf before going home.

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