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This is a directory for all the unofficial contests hosted by your local [Linderel].

· Art Contests
· Photo Contests
· Writing Contests

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2009-03-19 [Triola]: Always :D

2009-03-19 [Linderel]: Okay :D *is scared :O*

2009-03-19 [Triola]: Yay :D *snuggles*

2009-03-19 [Linderel]: *cuddle* <3

2009-06-21 [Chimes]: *stalk*

2009-06-21 [Linderel]: :O 'llo Chimesie!

2009-06-21 [Chimes]: 'Ello 'ello 'ello. *tips hat*

2009-06-21 [SilverFire]: *haunts*

2009-06-21 [Chimes]: Hmm... I need a *stalks* *haunts* thing that not many people use ... :P No one but you seems to use *haunts*... I know! *loiters*

2009-06-21 [Linderel]: I alter between *stalks* and *haunts* :P

2009-06-21 [Chimes]: I'm going to loiter from now on :P

2009-06-21 [Linderel]: :D

2009-07-24 [Nioniel]: You come up with the best stuff!

2009-07-24 [Linderel]: <ego>I already knew that.</ego>

2009-07-24 [Nioniel]: :P
well fine.

2009-07-24 [Linderel]: It's always nice to know that people agree, though xD

2009-07-25 [Nioniel]: yup yup.

2011-06-14 [Akayume]: *haunts*

2011-06-14 [Linderel]: Hallo :D

2011-06-14 [Akayume]: Bonjour. :D

2011-06-14 [Linderel]: *chocolate*

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