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Contest wiki


Please keep us up to date as your contest progresses, so we can update the contest page appropriately with deadlines and other news.

NOTE: The wikis are listed in end date. The ones which are soon to expire are at the top (English notation DD/MM/YY).

These contests may have ended. If you know they have then please leave a comment and we'll get onto it ;)


Annual Contests:
Festivals (always open, winner decided once per year)
Secret Santa 2006 (Finished)
Secret Santa 2007 (Finished)


Repeating Contests:
Kura's Colour Contest
Portfolio Contest
Song Comic Contest


Currently Open Contests:
The 30 Day Contest(30/03/08)


Dragons Riddles (O)
Album Contest (W)
House Make Over Contest (W)
Weekly Competition (W)
The ElfTown Monthly Original Character Contest! The EMOCC (M)
prettiest eyes of elftown contest(M)
What if...? (M)
Elftown Cat Awards (O)
Trivia For A Cookie (O)

Elftown Hero Award (postponed)


A-B Banner Contest (1/10)
A.F.F fan-art contest (3/6)
A Moon Pack Domain (1/5)
Armored Farm Animals Contest (17/20)
Pixel Art Contest (9/{5-10})
The MSP Banner Contest (3/20)
Trochaic Poetry Contest (4/15)
TFAC Mascot Contest (7/20)
Votemonger's contest (1/10+) (Deadline: weekend after 10th entrant.)
The Cliché Contest (10 entries per category)
...Now That's English! (1/15)
Final Fantasy Monster Contest (7/10)


A Tribute to the Transformers
Bellum Internacitum Album Contest
Boys love to yaoi
bringing the scene to life
Coralune contest: Sylt and Ahn
der deutsche contest
Draw the coocoo bird!
Draw the capital
Epic Battlescenes Contest
Fantasy Art Competition
selkie contest
The art of Vampire: the Masquerade
Then Suddenly...
The Vampire Writing Contest
The Graphite Lovers' Contest
The Painters' Contest
Anime Contests
Inspired by Joe


Completed Contests:
GreekGoddess Contest
LOTR Bad Guys Contest
The Fantasy Drawing Contest
Bald Beauties Contest


Looking for more?

Official ET Competitions
Art Contests
Photo Contests
Writing Contests
Other Contests Hosted by Lothuriel
Draw it!
Knothole Arcade On Hiatus

Contests on Hold Fancy giving them a kick-start? ;)
Elftown past competitions If you're looking for some ideas
Judges for Hire If you need them for your own contest


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2005-02-14 [Janouk]: Could you add The Cutest Baby Of Elftown Contest? The Deadline is undetermined yet...It's a photo-contest, but not art-related, just for fun...Thanks for reading ^_^

2005-02-14 [ArchangelGabriel]: Done. althoghu usualy people put requests on the front page

2005-02-15 [Janouk]: ok, thanks. I'm sorry, I think I did it this way because it was a new part of the wiki wiki ^_^

2005-02-15 [ArchangelGabriel]: Don't worry about it.

2005-03-01 [Janouk]: Could The Cutest Baby of Elftown Contest be placed under 'limited entries'? oh, the reason I post in the commentsection here is to say: isn't entrys supposed to be entries? ^__^ Thanks

2005-03-03 [ArchangelGabriel]: It is. I'm just notorious for my bad spelling

2005-03-13 [Deadlock jester]: could u please add draw the capitol to the list?

2005-03-14 [ArchangelGabriel]: You know it's spelt Capital don't you?

2005-03-14 [Deadlock jester]: yeah, sorry 'bout that, i fixed it draw the capital

2005-03-17 [Princess Carwash]: there should be a contest where all of the elftown armies have to make a pic or some thing like that where a group of armies are fighting!

2005-03-17 [ArchangelGabriel]: We don't make them, we just record them

2005-03-18 [syagre]: Thanks for the addition of the Ancient Gods Art Contest !

2005-03-21 [Yiwerra]: Black Metal Contest >.<

2005-03-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: added

2005-03-30 [Daisy le Fleur]: Hey, could you add IceCream Maniacs Contest please? Deadline is April 8th....

2005-03-30 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thanks!

2005-03-30 [ArchangelGabriel]: you're welcome.

2005-04-01 [Daisy le Fleur]: We are extending the IceCream Maniacs Contest deadline to the 20th...needs more time. Thanks.

2005-04-01 [ArchangelGabriel]: sorted...

2005-04-05 [Steve*O]: Hey I have a new contest posted up. It's my Revenge of The Sith Contest for any of you STAR WARS fans out there.

2005-04-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Added

2005-04-07 [Nere]: Pixel Art Contest -- since you suggested I advertise here :) :P

2005-04-07 [ArchangelGabriel]: Cool. Thanks. it's just being added.

2005-04-07 [Gwendylyyn]: Thank you for the message I actually only have one going at the moment that I can think of and that is Gwen's tattoo competition

2005-04-07 [ArchangelGabriel]: The tatto contest is added

2005-04-07 [Gwendylyyn]: Thank you.

2005-04-18 [dany174]: Thanks for the link, the constructive criticism club is having a banner contest it ends the 5th of June The CCC contest page

2005-04-18 [ArchangelGabriel]: added

2005-04-19 [Janouk]: I just want to mention that the Cutest baby of Elftown contest has reached it's deadline, and can thus be removed ^^

2005-04-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thank you, and can i just add that your the first person kind enough to tell us that a contest has ended.

2005-04-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: you mean it ends in two months time?

2005-04-19 [The real life Bella Swan]: nevermind

2005-04-19 [The real life Bella Swan]: my way of munbering isdifferent from yours

2005-04-19 [The real life Bella Swan]: I realized as soonasI looke at the others . . .*blush*

2005-04-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: Sorry, It does say at the top of the page. The english way is more logical. It starts with the smallest and works up. The only other logical way would be YY/MM/DD. Haveing days in the middle is silly...

2005-04-19 [The real life Bella Swan]: sorry bout that, I'm not the most observant sometimes. I read right over things.

2005-04-22 [Janouk]: Hey, could you add The Four Seasons for me? The deadline will be April 30, 2006. //Oh, and Lobsang, do you need someone to check if contests are ended?

2005-04-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: Umm.... usualy i do that at the end of each month, if you know any of them have ended though, do tell me. The Four Seasons is beign added.

2005-04-22 [Janouk]: Ok, I will ^^ Thanks for adding the contest :)

2005-04-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: 'tis but my duty.

2005-04-22 [Yoruno]: *grin* Hi! Just a comment... the Cutest Cat Contest (or the C.C.C) ended up in january :P

2005-04-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thank you... As you can see i'm slacking abit.

2005-05-04 [Lothuriel]: Hello, could someone change the deadline for TFAC Mascot Contest is for now, undecided. THank you muchly!

2005-05-04 [ArchangelGabriel]: Sure

2005-05-05 [Lothuriel]: Thanks, by the way I am pretty sure that the Mouse Naming Competition is over because I recd' notification that I won second place...

2005-05-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Cool, thanks. I do wish people would tell me.

2005-05-05 [Lothuriel]: No problem..

2005-05-19 [stuffAEAmade]: add The EMOCC, please. It's intended to be a monthly contest once it gets off the ground...

2005-05-19 [deeterhi]: hi, can you add The Pain's to Stay Contest, the deadline is undetermined so far

2005-05-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: Ok, both are now added.

2005-05-19 [Lothuriel]: The TFAC Mascot Contest deadline in now undetermined. Could you please change it for me? THanks

2005-05-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: Changed...

2005-05-21 [Janouk]: EMOCC is a broken link...

2005-05-21 [ArchangelGabriel]: Fixed, thanks for telling me...

2005-05-21 [Yncke]: upon rooftops is being voted...

2005-05-21 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thanks ^_^

2005-05-24 [deeterhi]: The Pain's to Stay Contest deadline is changed to June 18

2005-05-26 [Yncke]: light and shadow's being voted too.

2005-05-29 [LadyMoon]: A.F.F Fan-Art Contest has now 3 entries and the deadline has been changed to 6 entries due to the lack of patience of most people ^^;

2005-06-03 [deeterhi]: deadline extension for the Pain's to Stay Contest- June 30, due to more interest in it

2005-06-05 [RiverStar]: Can you add What if...? This contest is run every month, so there is no real end date.

2005-06-05 [Gwendylyyn]: Hidden Item Contest has now been started. There is no deadline at the moment.

2005-06-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thanks, its been added

2005-06-05 [Gwendylyyn]: Thankies muchies.

2005-06-05 [ArchangelGabriel]: 'Tis but my duty

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: Please add Fables & FairyTales Contest...deadline July 31st..please! Thank you!

2005-06-17 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thank you!!

2005-06-17 [ArchangelGabriel]: YOur welcome, sorry i fogot to say i'd done it >.<

2005-06-21 [moopie.]: Could you add The Fantasy Drawing Contest it ends August 20, 2005

2005-06-22 [moopie.]: Eh.. is it possible for you to change The Fantasy Drawing Contest to September 20, 2005? It seems to be going more slowly then I thought..

2005-06-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: cool, sorted

2005-06-23 [moopie.]: Thanks lots!

2005-06-23 [Lothuriel]: Please add the Elftown Hero Award. It is a monthly contest and the first deadline will be July 15. Thanks

2005-06-24 [ArchangelGabriel]: Added the et hero awards

2005-06-24 [Lothuriel]: Thank you [ArchangelGabriel] *hugs*

2005-06-25 [Ghost Lilly]: Can you add anime contests? its a page that has a varitaty of ongoing anime oreinted contests... ^_^

2005-06-25 [ArchangelGabriel]: kk, done

2005-07-02 [Gwendylyyn]: anyone who might have taken a look at The Hidden Item Contest and been a bit lost...the page has been updated so it is easier to understand now. Heh

2005-07-03 [moopie.]: Could you add Ghost_. I'm not sure when the deadline is.

2005-07-03 [ArchangelGabriel]: KK, just adding Ghost_

2005-07-06 [deeterhi]: The Pain's to Stay Contest is now voting. so go and vote already.

2005-07-15 [deeterhi]: you can take down The Pain's to Stay Contest, it's all over

2005-07-20 [Lothuriel]: Then Suddenly... has no deadline yet...could you please add it for me. I am not sure what category it would fall under.

2005-07-20 [Lothuriel]: I'm a Sucker for Green Eyes is over...I think maybe even the voting is over.

2005-07-21 [Sunrose]: No the voting ends the 31st of July :)

2005-07-21 [Lothuriel]: oopsy...sorry about that. I don't know why I was thinking it had ended.. =\

2005-07-26 [deeterhi]: comic creators contest deadline august 22. please and thankies

2005-07-26 [ArchangelGabriel]: comic creators contest is added

2005-07-28 [Lothuriel]: I have another one... A Tribute to the Transformers Contest. So far deadline is pending.

2005-08-03 [deeterhi]: you can take down comic creators contest. its a lost cause

2005-08-03 [Yoruno]:

Ok, first of all, [ArchangelGabriel], who's in charge of this page is on vacations. I'll try to take care of this, but please be patient, I'm not as good as he is.

2005-08-03 [Yoruno]: Ok, A Tribute to the Transformers has been added. Oh, and [deeterhi], have you tried some more advertizing, in forums or something? I think the idea is very good.

2005-08-03 [Lothuriel]: Thanks [Yoruno] *big hug*

2005-08-04 [deeterhi]: i guess i'll try forums. never did so before so this shall be interesting

2005-08-07 [Daisy le Fleur]: Yoruno...could you please add: A Coloring Competition! Thank you! Seeking 20 entries

2005-08-08 [ArchangelGabriel]: Thanks yoruno for holding the fort ^^ I completly forgot to mention it here. I was to rushed, but i'm back now.

2005-08-10 [Yoruno]: Don't worry... actually, I was quite delayed :P I'm glad that you're back! ^_^

2005-08-10 [ArchangelGabriel]: still recovering though....

2005-08-10 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thank you!

2005-08-15 [deeterhi]: take down comic creators contest please

2005-08-23 [Lothuriel]: I think for now I should probably reset the deadline for Then suddenly... from monthly to undetermined. Thanks.

2005-08-26 [stuffAEAmade]: please move the The EMOCC from monthly to undetermined. Thanks.

2005-08-31 [Daisy le Fleur]: Please note that the Fables & FairyTales Contest is now closed and voting is in progress..thanks

2005-09-10 [Blaithin]: [ArchangelGabriel] Just thought I'd let you know that Cute Pooch Contest is now voting :)

2005-09-12 [Janouk]: Could you add Photo Contests to this wiki? I'd be very thankful ;-)

2005-09-21 [Yncke]: The Fantasy Drawing Contest is being voted.

2005-09-22 [Janouk]: May I point out that the Knothole Arcade is really outdated and does not seem to be revived any time soon?

2005-09-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: feel free. I'll leave it up though in case any one does ever take it up again...

2005-10-23 [Janouk]: The deadline for The Four Seasons has been changed to September 30th 2006 ^_^

2005-10-31 [Gwendylyyn]: Hidden Item Contest is canceled.

2005-11-01 [goingcrazy]: hay all how are you all doing

2005-11-01 [ArchangelGabriel]: I'm sorry? This isn't a chat room.

2005-11-02 [Lothuriel]: Fairy Castle no deadline yet. 

2005-11-07 [Gone123456789]: Added.

2005-11-08 [deeterhi]: LOTR Bad Guys Contest is voting

2005-11-11 [Gone123456789]: Added. Please inform us when voting has ended.

2005-11-18 [GriffinDWolf]: Hey if you'll add A Moon Pack Domain that would be great. It never really has a due date for after every five entries a winner is decided and then we'll start again, its werewolf: short story and poem contests for the The Moon's Pack and I'd love for anyone to enter the contest if they wish to

2005-11-20 [Gone123456789]: Added

2005-11-22 [deeterhi]: hi, can you add It's You I See. deadline is undecided

2005-11-22 [ArchangelGabriel]: "It's you i see" is now added

2005-12-06 [Daisy le Fleur]: Please note that A Coloring Competition! is now closed. Voting to begin shortly..thanks

2005-12-18 [Blaithin]: [ArchangelGabriel], [-tsukasa-] would like Promoting Contest added but I'll let you pick the spot because of the deadline :)

2005-12-18 [Gone123456789]: Added.

2005-12-18 [Yncke]: Could Votemonger's contest be added, please?

2006-01-09 [syagre]: News concerning the Ancient Gods art contest : the contest is closing on january 31st ! Thanks in advance for updating...

2006-01-28 [duckofdoom]: Just thought I should let you know the deadline for the Promoting Contest has been extended to March.

2006-01-29 [deeterhi]: It's You I See is finished and judging has commenced

2006-01-29 [deeterhi]: nevermind that comment above. nevermind this nevermind. take the contest down please and thank yous

2006-02-01 [Lothuriel]: Could you please add X-Men Fan Art Contest Revisited deadline 20 entries, thank you.

2006-02-06 [kittykittykitty]: Added. Please keep us up to date as the contest progresses

2006-02-10 [Yncke]: Owkay, Votemonger's contest is happy that it already has one entrant. :)

2006-02-10 [Lothuriel]: I would also like to add The Painters' Contest and The Graphite Lovers' Contest both with the deadline of June 1, 2006.

2006-02-12 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Could someone add Reflections Photography Competition with the deadline of March 15th please?! Thanks! ^^

2006-02-13 [syagre]: Please, can you note that the Ancient Gods art contest is currently on voting, please ? Thanks in advance

2006-02-13 [Yoruno]: Updated! ^^

2006-02-13 [syagre]: Thanks ! *grins*

2006-02-25 [Lady of Lore]: The prettiest eyes of elftown contest(M) is an empty link

2006-02-25 [Lady of Lore]: It's You I See (9/20) seems to have ended

2006-02-26 [kittykittykitty]: Oh... ^_^' Thanks for telling us... both sorted

2006-03-05 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Could you please add the Four Legged Friend Photo Contest with a deadline of April 1st? Thankies! ^^

2006-03-11 [kittykittykitty]: Done ^_^

2006-03-11 [nunt]: Can you please put up my competition: bringing the scene to life

2006-03-13 [kittykittykitty]: Sure ^_^ Remember to keep us up-to-date

2006-03-15 [Blasphemous Rumours]: Could my Reflections contest please be removed and the Reflections Photography Voting be added up? Thanks!

2006-03-16 [kittykittykitty]: done

2006-03-22 [~Lady Morgana~]: The black metal contest has a deadline now! It is the 23rd of march, we are still waiting for 3 lost pictures ... would you please put it to the limited entires now? *^.^*

2006-03-24 [kittykittykitty]: I'll put it under voting, and make a note that you are looking for the 3 pictures

2006-03-24 [iippo]: Oh and I'd like to note that what if... is monthly and is back in its regular business after some weird messing about (retiring owner etc). Thanks.

2006-03-24 [Yoruno]: Ok, noted ^^

2006-03-24 [iippo]: Oh, also plushie photo contest has ended, voting at plushie poll

2006-03-25 [kittykittykitty]: Done... thanks ^_^

2006-03-26 [iippo]: Could you please add Urban Hieroglyphs - deadline 14th April.

2006-03-26 [kittykittykitty]: Added

2006-04-02 [~Lady Morgana~]: Thank you very much ^^ The voting is now on the black metal voting. Sadly the 3 images were lost ... :S

2006-04-15 [iippo]: Urban Hieroglyphs has reached its deadline and it is now closed.

2006-04-21 [kittykittykitty]: thanks

2006-05-13 [~Lady Morgana~]: The black metal voting is over but I made a new contest. It is called the macro-photography contest, the deadline is the 14th of june. It would be nice if you could add it to the list ^^

2006-05-14 [kittykittykitty]: updated :)

2006-05-14 [~Lady Morgana~]: Thank you very much!

2006-05-15 [kittykittykitty]: The MSP Banner Contest has been added

2006-05-31 [Linderel]: It would be good if you added a link to Writing Contests. :P

2006-05-31 [kittykittykitty]: Of course :) I was thinking there must be a page of that sort, but I couldn't find the link ;)

2006-06-02 [Lothuriel]: Fairy Castle Polls Voting is ready for Fairy Castle

2006-06-05 [Zardra]: could you please add Boys love to yaoi ^_^ ... no deadline yet.

2006-06-06 [Yoruno]: Added!

2006-06-06 [Zardra]: thankyou! =D

2006-06-10 [Lothuriel]: Lotsa changes here...The Painters' Contest and The Graphite Lovers' Contest has now ended and judging is to begin. The Elftown Hero Award has been postponed until further notice as well as Trivia for a Cookie. The X-Men Fan Art Contest Revisited has been finalized. The deadline for A Tribute to the Transformers has been set for October 1, 2006. Fairy Castle Polls voting has ended.

2006-06-11 [kittykittykitty]: Thank you very much ^_^ Updated

2006-07-04 [~Lady Morgana~]: I am sorry, the macro-photography contest is over. We already had the winners ... sorry I am late with it >.>

2006-07-16 [syagre]: The Ancient Gods art contest is over and the winners announced

2006-07-23 [Ghost Lilly]: Just as an update, the anime contest page is holding a cosplay contest. ^-^;

2006-08-09 [Kuehne]: Could you please add Sketchy Characters Competition - deadline: 10 entries

2006-08-09 [Cia_mar]: could you please enter
The Cliché Contest
hosted by [Cia_mar] and [dayah]
deadline set at 10 entries in each catagory, art, photo, written

2006-08-21 [Blaithin]: Could you please add Holiday Cheer Greetings Contest. The deadline is November 31st. Thanks :)

2006-08-31 [Galain]: Could you please add 'The ...Now That's English Design Contest'? Deadline: 15 entries. Cheers.

2006-09-24 [Blue Highway]: ...and the Inspired by Joe drawing contest? Drawings inspired by Joe Cocker lyrics, no deadline yet. Thank you!!

2006-10-07 [ArchangelGabriel]: Added the monthly Album Contest

2006-10-13 [kittykittykitty]: Made a big update :) New contests added and ended ones removed. [Galain], your link is a dead one. Please provide the correct link :)

2006-10-13 [iippo]: ...Now That's English!.

2006-10-13 [ArchangelGabriel]: ...Now That's English! added

2006-12-14 [Saffron]: Huh? What is this page?

2006-12-15 [iippo]: This is the contest list of The wiki´s wiki page

2007-01-25 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Can you please add Black Horse Contest? Deadline is March 30th, 2007. Merci!

2007-02-19 [iippo]: Sorry, the 30 day contest isn't monthly, it's going to run for a month (1 march - 30 march).

2007-02-19 [~username~]: Fixed it!

2007-02-19 [iippo]: Thank you! :)

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