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Computer Games - The Witcher


This isn't a full review on what to expect from an ending, what to expect in certain scenarios, or to answer your "How do I..." questions.

The Witcher is a PC game that has aspects of both a good RPG and a First Person action game with real time battles, not pauses between rounds.

Still interested? Good! The premise behind this one is that there are a group of warriors out there called Witchers. They have various magical powers that they can use on top of their fighting. You're playing one particular Witcher (no, you don't get to choose your gender or name or appearance, you are simply the character they've chosen) in this game. The game rating on this is M for mature because of various adult situations in the game. It's all about fighting evil, saving the maidens, and getting nookie. From what I understand, the North American release is censored a lot, but still has a good amount of the violence and sex in it. If you can, however, I recommend getting the European release to get the full game that hasn't had prude hammers smacked into it.

The fighting system is one I've never seen before, and I've played a lot of games. The thought of all of the controls and switching between types of combat and spells is really rather daunting when you first start up. However, the tutorial for the first section of the game is very good at helping you through it. So don't give up when you see just how many buttons and fighting styles you'll end up having to switch between in combat without pauses between rounds! You can, of course, pause the game manually to take a look at what's around you and switch styles as needed.

Visually, the game is stunning. It's also an incredible system hog and you are most likely going to have to upgrade your system to run it at the minimum requirements, much less the recommended. That's a big downside to the game. But if you can afford it or have the recommended specs, definitely get this game!

No, I haven't answered a lot of details to the story or given quite as much information as you may like. But, hopefully I stated enough here that you'll want to take a look at the official website to see their game movie and read more for yourself! :D - [Calico Tiger]

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