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Here is a list of the official competitions that take place in Elftown in order to provide Elftowners with new and interesting things to do. Members' own competitions can be found at Art Contests, Writing Contests and Photo Contests.


* [#Art Competitions] * [#Writing Competitions] * [#Photography & Photomanipulation Competitions] * [#Other Competitions] * [#Festivals] *

Current Contests:


General Rules/Guidelines:

- Read the individual rules and theme of each competition before entering it. Don't just assume the theme from the title, some are slightly more specific than they sound.

- Official contests are usually closed at midnight, Elftown time, on the date of the deadline. Elftown time is UTC, which can be seen on the top of the right hand column.

- Official contest polls are usually kept open until there are around 300 votes, rather than for a set amount of time. With the Holiday Competitions, however, they are open in accordance with the time allowed to enable the announcement of the winners on that holiday. If a poll is open for a long period of time, but with fewer votes than expected, a deadline will be set to end the voting.

- For discussions about the Elftown competitions go to: <forum:Elftown contests>. Here it's discussed whether an entry follows the rules or not, and other complicated issues that need to be discussed in-depth.

- Please note that asking people to vote for you is against the rules. Although you may advertise the Main Street Poll in your mood, diary, or house, it is against Elftown Official Competition rules to directly ask people to vote for you or influence people to vote for you through use of public wikis, diary entries, messages, in your mood, etc.


Art Competitions:


- Council Portrait Gallery Donations - No deadline, ongoing.

- Halloween Art Competitions - Deadline: 10th November

In Voting:



Writing Competitions:


- Halloween Poetry Competition - Deadline: 10th November




Photography & Photomanipulation Competitions:


- Halloween Photography Competition - Deadline: 10th November

Elftown Creature Marathon
- ECM Troll photo - Deadline: Not set.
- ECM Fantasy dwarf photo - Deadline: Not set.
- ECM Orc photo - Deadline: Not set.

Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
- EPRM EPRM Jewellery/Jewelry Reference - Deadline: 1st of July 2013.
- EPRM Windows - Deadline: 1st July 2013.
- EPRM Full Body Reference - Deadline: 29th July 2013.

Reference Pictures Manipulation Challenge

- In Voting:

- RPMC Winter Holiday 2011- Voting on entry page.


Other Competitions


In Voting



- Genesis Gauntlet (RP) – Closed to new participants.




In Voting:





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- The Official Competition Winners Gallery
- The Elftown Past Competitions
- The Elftown Competition Ideas
- Contest HOW-TO - How to make your own contest
- MC: to get your contest deadline in the Main Street Calendar
- Art Contests
- Photo Contests
- Writing Contests

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2003-03-25 [Anonymous]: Added the Icon Competition and organized this a little

2003-07-24 [jdwoodschild]: Halflings Unite! Wants a Logo... Inspired artists, lend us your imaginations!  Join the contest!

2003-08-02 [Neko the Kitty]: whats a logo?

2003-08-31 [Melocrie]: um.. let's see if I can explain. Well, on the elfwood Mainpage, there's this picture of a feary sitting on the letters of "Elfwood", right? Well, that is the Elfwood Logo. It's like, a logo is a site's or a ..something's main picture.

2003-09-08 [Saffron]: Contests by Elftowners: Art Contests ^_^

2003-10-04 [RedEye]: what about a poem competition

2003-10-07 [Cristina]: The Elftown-Halloween-poem-competition has been added ^_^

2003-10-13 [Elforia]: what about a pixie competition?

2003-10-14 [Melocrie]: you can add it. go to art contests and there you can start a pixie contest!

2003-10-18 [DemonicRabbit]: some1 should do a dragon competition. . . just not me tho :)

2003-10-18 [Melocrie]: There was one! At [art contests]. But it's already closed.

2003-10-18 [Anonymous]: art contests@wiki (inbetween brackets) ;)

2003-10-20 [Melocrie]: woops! yeah, mistake! lolol! art contests!

2003-10-24 [Shadowbane]: In the box that says Elftown logo ideas they have spelled things without it s .

2003-10-29 [Lerune]: Check out Town Herald Contests when you get the time. Thanks. =0)

2003-12-12 [Resiska]: The TearRem RPG owner would love to have a logo!!

2003-12-16 [Nita]: To [Shadowbane]: It's a wiki page! You can fix all typos yourself ;) Fixed, by the way :)

2004-01-09 [Elforia]: I've no idea how to do contests! :S would love to but don't know how

2004-01-23 [bluefan44]: i have started a valentines day competition! spread the word!

2004-02-01 [Saffron]: wow, when did this become a place for not elftown-related competitions? (I'm counting 3 of them)

2004-02-01 [bluefan44]: if ya got a problem with it then get a guard to fix it

2004-02-02 [Shining light]: where do the finished competitions go?

2004-02-02 [Saffron]: hm some people are mistaking this page for art contests

2004-02-03 [cobi]: what's the difference?

2004-02-03 [Saffron]: this page: Here are the different competitions about stuff that will be used in Elftown. art contests: all contests

2004-03-01 [efulin]: Heyyy! :) What about competition for St.Patrick´s day?

2004-03-02 [Saffron]: what's st.patrick day?

2004-03-03 [Calico Tiger]: An excuse to drink green beer, wear green, and pinch people who aren't wearing green ;) Ok, so there's more to it, but I can't remember it all *grin*

2004-03-04 [cobi]: i guess it will come to a lepricon cintest followe by clovers and beer

2004-03-07 [Davorah]: Can I add GLU's St. Patty's Day Contest! to here?

2004-03-07 [Ocean Dreaming]: This is more or less for 'official' contests people can get badges for and such, I believe.

2004-03-07 [Calico Tiger]: Shanra is correct. Try posting it on the art contests page instead ^_^

2004-03-07 [Davorah]: ah yes...I am in the process of making the badges for it...

2004-03-07 [Kai Ken]: hi

2004-03-17 [Asalli_Angel]: Are there poetry competitions?

2004-03-17 [Calico Tiger]: There are no official Elftown ones going on at the moment. In the meantime, you can always submit your poetry over on the Daily_Poem ^_^

2004-04-18 [BarleySinger]: There are all sorts of art contests and writing contests on Elftown, although for some reason there is no direct link to them on the main Wiki page. Very odd.

2004-04-18 [Calico Tiger]: Because those are all private contests and not official contests

2004-04-23 [Faelover]: I found a wiki page for poem duels or called something similar and i can't find it again does anybody know where it is?

2004-04-27 [Shadowbane]: we need new art comps

2004-06-15 [xwhateverx]: how do i go to join wikki pages?

2004-06-28 [Hutch]: text

2004-07-02 [cobi]: ok, it is time for some ideas, here's a list of'em: 1. a mayor portrait competition, 2. "what would Elftron look like in the year 5000" competition, 3. "elftown prison" the most dangerous creatures of ET competition, 4. abstract elftown competition

2004-07-10 [Saffron]: ooh it's prettified here ^^ Please dump your non-Elftown contest ideas here: Contest Ideas

2004-08-16 [Carol Lynn]: Is there a limit to how many entries you can make to a single competition?

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: hello?

2004-09-15 [Kaimee]: All competitions are individual, you will have to read the rules or introduction for the contest you're interested in, or ask whoever is organising it :)

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: That only took a month lol....ya no rules posted and this is not like normal compatitions. This dose not specify who to ask.

2004-09-15 [Kaimee]: which competition is it? :) you're still more likely to get a response if you ask on that particular contest page, since the people running it will most likely be watching it :)

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: It is the contests right here on this me I have been on elftown for a while I know how you get things done....i'm not a newbie. I understand if you have a question to ask than go ask the owner.

2004-09-15 [Kaimee]: yes but no contests are run on this page, even if they are listed here. The person running the contest might not ever look at this page, and so wont be able to answer your question. Is it a particular contest here, or all of them?

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: It is all of them and I know that already....I just don't want to bother hedda about something so trivial. You know the contests... elftown-description-competition elftown-story-competition french-story-competition? It dose not specify who to ask (as you know) ect. And this page links all three of them...

2004-09-15 [True, plain and simple]: They are not really active contests..

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: Than what are they?

2004-09-15 [True, plain and simple]: They are just there..? Essentially, they've been all but forgotten. ;)

2004-09-15 [Carol Lynn]: Well ya I know but....ya...I just know there not anything big they are just there....but all the same there fun to write for anyways. I mean hey I came up with a couple of interesting short stories that I can use in E.L.A. lol

2004-11-05 [kabutali]: Is there a winner for Elftown costume contest?

2004-11-05 [Carol Lynn]: not for a couple of weeks yet.

2004-11-06 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: I didn't know that there was a costume contest. Is it still too late to enter?

2004-11-06 [Carol Lynn]: I'm not sure...

2004-11-06 [Sunrose]: You can still enter: Halloween Costume Competition 2004 *^_^*

2004-11-10 [*_* Smiley on Ecstasy]: Thanksies! Not sure, if I'm going to join yet. But I might...

2004-12-28 [gigahoe]: i wat too have a swim meet

2004-12-29 [Carol Lynn]: ???

2005-01-07 [angebob]: i think someone should make a poetry competition...just my opinion, but im a newly published poet, so i am happy! oh btw, the book is invoking the muse, its writen by...the international library of poetry, and i only got in from a contest i entered from if you wanna see my poem, go to and search for angelo martino. thanks, sorry for length, and hope you enjoy!

2005-01-07 [Carol Lynn]: There are anual poetry competitions on elftown, but they seem to ussually be seasonal, revolveing around a holiday. The is also The Elftown daily_poem

2005-01-15 [Kaimee]: There is also the Herald Poetry Corner, thec official place to get your poetry featured in the next issue of The Town Herald, et's ezine. That isnt a competition though, all poetry entered there that follows the rules is featured in the next issue of the Herald :)

2005-01-16 [Noexistantanymo]: Aren't there any official photo competitions? Since I'm not particularly good at writing or drawing, but i know how to handle a cam.. ^^

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: Don't know about the Herald, but the Assembly has been working on it to make an official Elftown to them in their public forum or on their wiki ;)

2005-01-16 [Noexistantanymo]: Mmm... So there could already be one coming in the future? =)

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: They have been discussing it yes :)

2005-01-16 [Carol Lynn]: That would be soo cool, since photography is an art form to.

2005-01-16 [Sunrose]: I agree and many more do too! hehe...let yourself be heard over here: <joinforum:1088:assembly> (Assembly-Public forum)   ;)

2005-01-16 [Kaimee]: try suggesting competitions at Town Herald Contests we're meant to hold photo contests also, but there isnt usually much interest :)

2005-01-23 [Saffron]: ehm shouldn't the valentine competiton go here?

2005-01-23 [Sunrose]: It should, and past competitions should have the Halloween and Christmas competitions O.O

2005-01-30 [Sunrose]: Fixed!

2005-09-01 [Janouk]: Could Photo Contests be added to this wiki?

2005-09-01 [Ocean Dreaming]: Done. ^-^

2005-09-01 [Janouk]: Thanks a lot ;)

2005-09-01 [Ocean Dreaming]: Not a problem. ^-^

2005-10-05 [Janouk]: Shouldn't Creature Feature Contest - CLOSED Vote for the fial winner at <poll:61355> (which had a spelling error! :-p) under Art Competitions be changed?

2005-10-05 [shotokan_gal]: Yes! Sorry... I'll change it in a tick, and add the winner to the other page.

2005-10-10 [amuletts]: Hello I am doing an art project about dreams at the moment so if you could drop me a message to let me know what you dream about I would be very grateful. Thankyou to all those people who have already answered.

2005-10-21 [shotokan_gal]: 8 days to enter the halloween competitions guys, get moving ;)

2005-11-16 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Heya! If you're looking for judges for writing contests, or want to be a judge for one, then check out this page: Judges for Hire

2005-11-30 [Morniemacar]: why not another "elftown battles " competition???

2005-11-30 [shotokan_gal]: Because it's already been done? I recall the first one not having huge interest in it either. However if you want to put down suggestions, please write them on elftown competition ideas so they don't get overlooked :)

2005-12-03 [Jitter]: I think you should add the Photo contests wiki to this page *unsure*

2005-12-04 [shotokan_gal]: It's already there - under, 'unofficial contests held by elftown members' :)

2005-12-18 [iippo]: When will the next graphic/building competito be? 'Twould be nice to have one.

2005-12-18 [shotokan_gal]: Not honestly sure. There hasn't been one since I joined the council, so can't say for definite, but I think they're usually decided by [Hedda] when something needs/wants doing for elftown (like a new frontpage image or something).

2005-12-18 [Sunrose]: I also can't think of something in Elftown that needs to be imagefied...

2005-12-18 [Saffron]: how about... a style sheet competition?

2005-12-18 [Sunrose]: But how many people can do that? :/

2005-12-19 [Saffron]: I dunno, let someone make a tutorial about it :P at least people could learn something from such a contest

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: True, I was also thinking of an advertisement banner or a leaflet people could use to advertise Elftown..

2005-12-19 [iippo]: There is a stylesheet contest already (un-official, by [Aradon Templar]). I'll link you when I find the link >.O

2005-12-19 [iippo]: Stylesheet Contest

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: That contest is running for over 6 months with still only one entry, I think that proves my point :/

2005-12-19 [iippo]: I for one aren't too interested in stylesheets. They mess up my "invisible" images that have the background of the usual ETgreens... A lot of people just like this normal stylesheet *shrug* How about new buttons? I remember when these ones were new and a lot of people were anti-these-buttons... And it might be interesting to see people do series of tiny images (how many would bother etc).

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: I don't think [Hedda] will be open to that idea.. ..

2005-12-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: It is a good suggestion though...

2005-12-19 [Saffron]: What about a suggestion contest? I still kind of have a problem with not being on mainstreet after I log in and all links automatically being bold face...

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: The login-issue will not be changed no matter how many people complain about it; logging onto the house is not possible and logging onto somewhere else than mainstreet is necessary to make people aware of new newsitems such as rulechanges.. . // Suggestions are only good if they make a difference somehow :p

2005-12-19 [ArchangelGabriel]: Saffron, you could always link to where you wan tot enter, then you don't even have to log in each time. That's what i do, i have a link to main street and only have to log in if i've been on a diffrent computer..

2005-12-19 [Saffron]: ??? that's not the point, it's just that I miss some of the news if I'm not directed to mainstreet, I didn't even realise there was a christmas competiton! (well, I could have because I'm watching this page but... I want to be directed to mainstreet! >.o seriously the welcome is much better than with that boring no-graphics message list thing...

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: But for every new newsitem there is a blue 'whee'-message, so you will be directed to mainstreet if you click it :)

2005-12-19 [Saffron]: not for all new items on mainstreet there's not, like if there's a new poll or something added underneath the poll... sorry I can be a difficult person sometimes... but I'd make a great dictator XD

2005-12-19 [Sunrose]: I said 'new newsitem'...not 'new item'...and for important polls a newsitem could be created.. :)

2005-12-20 [Saffron]: don't you think starting at mainstreet is more friendly? all the help pages right under your nose... graphics... but oh well

2005-12-20 [Sunrose]: It looks nicer, but this way more people actually read the news which many times is more important. The fact we have more forumreplies to new newsitems proves that more people read it now..

2005-12-20 [Saffron]: Oh, I have a question for you by the way :). If the winner of the animated GIF contest was to win an animated prize badge, could he/she put it up in their house without risking removal? if it was for that one occasion?

2005-12-20 [Sunrose]: Uhm, technically animated GIF's are only allowed if the member created them, but I'll put the question to the Guardsteam :)

2005-12-20 [iippo]: New newsitem isn't a blue whee-text but green italics... And I haven't noticed it going away if you go to Mainstreet. It only says No new news if yu click on the text... *not sure, experiments* Ah no, it did go away after going to Mainstreet. So that's quite fair. But still not blue :P

2005-12-20 [iippo]: But Sunrose, what do you mean "link to where you want to enter"? Where do you have a link to Mainstreet? Somewhere outside ET? In your computer favourites?

2005-12-20 [Sunrose]: Well not blue, but it is different from normal so it is noticable. Err [iippo], [ArchangelGabriel] said that not me..

2005-12-20 [ArchangelGabriel]: Computer favourites. Put it as one of you links then you can link straight in, also, if you're set to log ouyt after say a month then you'll rarely have to login...

2005-12-20 [Sunrose]: Assuming no one else will go on your computer in the mean time :)

2005-12-20 [ArchangelGabriel]: That is the assumption. I forgot about that.

2005-12-20 [iippo]: Last time I read I swear you said it! O_O;; *goes have eyes checked* ... *comes back with guide-dog* Anyhoo, yeah my sister is also in Elftown so seems that I will keep logging into my messages then. :/

2005-12-20 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Is it really so terrible to have to click once more before you're at Main Str.? It's not that much of a problem even though it might not be nice to start out amidst the mail....

2005-12-21 [Sunrose]: People generally don't like changes, I've grown used to it by now though I must say :)

2005-12-21 [iippo]: I'm like that, except that I generally will forget that anything was ever different so I conform and the next time things change again I will be loudly against that (until again I forget how it used to be)... :D Weird, I had a dream I logged in to ET and ended up in my guestbook. O_o

2005-12-21 [Sunrose]: Exactly :p // Ooohw weird dream!

2005-12-23 [Sunrose]: Sorry [Saffron], I forgot to say this. The animated GIF can be used as a prize as a one time exception. Make sure the winner states under the image that it was approved by the Guardsteam. This to make sure another Guard does not come along and delete it.. :)

2005-12-23 [Saffron]: ah, thanks!

2006-01-20 [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]: there should be contests like they have on EP...cutest couple awards and all that. Why arent there?

2006-01-20 [Leara]: O.O The first thing that comes to mind is that this is an art and fantasy site.

2006-01-20 [Sunrose]: lmfao! xD

2006-01-20 [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]: yeah that's true. and btw- i wasnt trying to be a smartass or anything like that. I was just asking. Don't have to act like your queen of the world, damn

2006-01-21 [Leara]: If I was acting like the Queen of the world, you'd know it. Especially since I don't think someone with that state of mind would bother with an artist community.

2006-01-21 [iippo]: It was a funny question. Be mature enough to laugh at yourself with us, and we will laugh at ourselves with you next time.

2006-01-21 [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]: lol Sorry, time of the month...the littlest thing annoys me. I did laugh at myself when I first wrote that.

2006-01-28 [Ishje]: is there going to be another valentine poetry competition this year?

2006-01-28 [shotokan_gal]: Yes, and an art competition :) They're in the process of being decided upon theme-wise.

2006-01-28 [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]: wish i could try for those. I don't have a scanner and my cartoon drawing wouldn't win anyways *shrugs* lol

2006-01-29 [shotokan_gal]: You'll never know unless you try :P and participating's always fun, whether you win or not.

2006-01-30 [Ishje]: that is to true to be true :p or somthing like are right :p

2006-01-30 [Sunrose]: You stalk me :P

2006-01-30 [shotokan_gal]: ;) hehe... just quick off the mark occasionally.

2006-01-30 [Sunrose]: Hmmm we are related, must be :P

2006-01-30 [shotokan_gal]: Your relatives stalk you? :O *shivers*

2006-01-30 [Sunrose]: No, I don't think so, but relatives are usually alike :P

2006-02-25 [xido]: Could the Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest be considered an Elftown Graphic/Building contest, or is it a contest that is not 'official' (such as independent/Guild-sponsored), as I believe these contests listed here are? I believe no indendent contests are listed here, right? I have already registered it at MC... Thanks. ;) -will

2006-03-26 [Sunrose]: *pats shoto* :D

2006-03-26 [shotokan_gal]: I honestly only just logged on! *innocent* :)

2006-03-26 [Sunrose]: =P

2006-04-20 [Darian Hawke]: There should be themed competitions. Like Dragons, Cute creatures, centaurs etc'...

2006-04-20 [shotokan_gal]: The competitions generally are themed - as if you click on some of the links at elftown past competitions you'll see. They're just sorted into the categories above for simplicity.

2006-05-10 [lady nytmare]: Got photo comp. I'd like to organize. insane pets. Pics of pets doing crazy things... what thinks you?

2006-05-10 [iippo]: This page is for official competitons. Try art contests, photo contests or contest wiki.

2006-05-10 [lady nytmare]: ok, so If i'm a contest organizer with the herald...

2006-05-10 [iippo]: Then it's more of a Herald-matter? The Herald Contest Arena?

2006-11-07 [Gregory.]: hey.. anywhere i can show my poems..? I am bored and feel like getting involved..

2006-11-07 [iippo]: There is Daily Poem, which isn't a contest as such, plus Writing contests for competitions by other Elftowners. :)

2006-11-07 [shotokan_gal]: You can also keep a look out for the next Christmas Poetry Competition which should be opening for this year nearer the end of the month :)

2006-11-08 [Ishje]: when will there be a photograpy contest again? it was a such while ago...(or did I missed one? 0.o)

2006-11-08 [iippo]: Very soon. ^^ (Sorry can't remember the dates and stuff, but it's on the making and coming soon).

2006-11-09 [Ishje]: yay :D

2006-12-23 [Black Raven]: hold the painting competetion too plz<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2006-12-23 [Sunrose]: Which one are you referring to? :)

2006-12-24 [Black Raven]: ferry,elf or something like it ^_^

2006-12-24 [Sunrose]: There is no contest about elves/fairies at the moment...

2006-12-24 [Black Raven]: what about the war?when will you hold the other painting contest?

2006-12-24 [Sunrose]: What are you talking about? :/

2006-12-25 [Black Raven]: now(at this time)there were no drwing contest in the mainstreet!

2006-12-25 [Linderel]: You could always donate to the Council Portrait Gallery.

2006-12-25 [iippo]: And technically there are contests on the Mainstreet calendar (MC), just not official ones. They're still fun to enter to :)

2006-12-25 [Sunrose]: ecm pegasus is also still running..

2006-12-25 [Black Raven]: ^_^thank you

2006-12-25 [shotokan_gal]: Gah, the date still says the 15th on that :/ *pokes whoevers in charge*

2006-12-25 [Sunrose]: Yes, [Hedda] postponed it :)

2007-01-12 [Black Raven]: 20 march 2007 will start the Norouz holidays,we all celebrate in that day,becuz it's our(persian) new year(1386),that's the worth day for us like christmas that worth for you.Will you hold some contests for that day?

2007-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: thats coooll... where all is Norouz celabrated?... is it only in Iran or more countries? and what are the traditional celabrations like?

2007-01-12 [Black Raven]: Not only in iran,it's for all people who speak persian.our new year become with the spring,we have some one with the name of HAJI FIROOZ that's the symbol like papa noel,he has a red dress red hat and black face and comic caracter.we have 7S,it's 7 different things that start bye s.we sort them on the table bye mirror ,the flower ,candle,Koran,change,race,colored egg,appleand...(in persian some of this start bye s),the parents and the family give money to childeren and so many other things :)

2007-01-12 [Sunrose]: Right now we don't have any religion-related competitions than Christmas and Valentines :)

2007-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: and Halloween

2007-01-12 [Sunrose]: That's more an American tradition (though also celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and Canada). I know it's a Pagan celebration, but I still consider it a different category than Christmas and Valentines.

2007-01-12 [moira hawthorne]: i dont

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