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If you've come here expecting to read all about a nice little book by one Mr. Thomas Paine about why it is common sense for the American colonies to break away from England, then my dearies, you are in the wrong place.

While what we are here for may be considered a revolution, it certainly isn't. What we are about is getting back to the days when someone couldn't sue McDonald's (and win!) for having hot coffee when they spill it on themselves because they had it between their legs while driving. What we are here for is some good, sound reason, a little discretion, a dash of responsibility, and most importantly GOOD, OLD-FASHIONED COMMON SENSE! We're here to say that we've had enough of you morons making the world a stupider place!

I think that most of us would agree that the aforementioned McDonald's lawsuit was not only a severe lack of common sense on the part of the lady who sued them, but also on the part of the judge who found in favor of her.

In short, if you've had enough of people saying stupid things and acting contrary to good solid logic, if you mourn The Death of Common Sense...WELCOME!
and please put your name on the list at the link below.


Defenders of Common Sense

Laying the smack-down on people stuck in the Ignorance Hole *got that name from [Delladreing]* for over 2 days!


Rantings and Ravings

And you wonder why...


Product Warning Labels

Contained herein you will find a list of the most idiotic things we've ever seen written on warning lables.


Wikis of Sense


Here are some wikis that are both informative and backed up by people with a firm grasp on reason, logic, and most of all... good, solid COMMON SENSE!

Fun with Logic

This is a nice little place to post brainteasers, logic puzzles, and all sorts of other fun things you can do with logic. Please add to it!

Questions? Comments? Random inanities? Send 'em over my way!
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[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: BTW... what's a stalker here?

[Sunrose]: Well not you, because stalkers don't talk about being a stalker and who's a stalker and so forth.. :P

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: No... I mean WHAT is a stalker? I've seen ppl who are glad they have stalkers and stuff... And some that complain... So what IS an ETStalker?

[Sunrose]: and then read The Stalkers to see what an ET-Stalker is...

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Oh...k! Thanx! Will try to do.

[Sunrose]: I am a member of both btw..and proud of it! ^^

[nokaredes]: who is glad to have a stalker?

[Sunrose]: Have? I was talking about being one and being a hater at the same time.. :)

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: HAHAHAHHHAHA!!! OK!

[Panda-monium]: oh ok...

[nokaredes]: no, [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE] said I've seen ppl who are glad they have stalkers and stuff.

[Sunrose]: But I think I have people stalking me as well.. *hides from [Delladreing]*

[Sunrose]: Okay then the words glad and proud were mixed up :)

[nokaredes]: no they weren't ^_^

[Sunrose]: LOL! cheater!!

[nokaredes]: I hate my stalker...and I can say that because he doesn't know about this wiki ^_^ (or does he...?)

[nokaredes]: yup.

[Sunrose]: Uhm..I don't know...I work alone.. *wink wink*

[Panda-monium]: *coughs*

[nokaredes]: *wink wink*

[Falx]: Nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more ^^

[Sunrose]: ssshhhussh ;)

[Delladreing]: i had an actual stalker, and it was quite literaly terrifying at one point. but i think he is gone now...its just all the other "little girls" on his contact list that im worried about.

[Sunrose]: >.<

[Delladreing]: the distubing thing is i just found this link .... O_O

[Falx]: That was.... uh... oy.

[Delladreing]: yah...

[nokaredes]: I just love that link...

[Panda-monium]: Thats creepy...and stupid

[nokaredes]: but it's funny...

[Avoral]: How about this one? Gods of America

[Falx]: I like it Avoral. I'm just trying to decide whether it belongs in the Wiki section or in the Rants section. Or possibly both.

[Avoral]: Hehehe. Thanks! ^_^

[Panda-monium]: lol, I am watching the page I'll read it when I am done exams dont have time at themoment...

[Avoral]: Ah, yes. I feel your pain, Panda. Exams are such a whore.

[nokaredes]: :'(

[Panda-monium]: They are indeed...

[Falx]: I decided to put the link in both of them, [Avoral]. Just FYI

[Avoral]: YAY! ^_^!!! This is quite wonderful.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Here's something a friend of mine saw in a commercial about Anti-Depression pills: "Caution, may cause (...) depression (...)".  Think about it. It makes sense doesn't it? Pills against depression, that actually may cause depression- It's a bargain. You just keep selling them.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Oh and another one- on an Iron: "Do not iron clothes while wearing them." What sort of an idiot would do that? Irons are usually well... H O T!

[Kyrinn]: How about a warning on sleeping pills.. "May cause drowziness" I sure hope so, or Im gonna demand my money back! LOL

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I know. But I remember seeing a label on a medicine for Children it said something in the line of:"Don't drive or operate sophisticated machines after use." And it was for CHILDREN!

[Panda-monium]: Yeah, I have seen that too, there are alot of redundant labels on medication :P:P

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Yes. But nopt only on medication. I read about something written at a trainstation:"Do not touch!!!! High voltage!!! You'll die instantly on contact!!! Violators will be fined!!!"

[Kyrinn]: You know those warnings were put there because some moron DID it. My husband found this warning on a tiolet brush "Not to be used for personal hygeine." ummmmmm why? *shudders at the thought* Yeah, first thing Id think of for a tiolet brush.. O.o

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: "What a man can do to one's self, no one can do to them."

[Kyrinn]: But they reward stupid ppl who DO stupid stuff like that in lawsuits! Just like the woman vs McDonalds! Of COURSE coffee is hot!! So she got HOW much money for being a moron?? Its no wonder common sense is lacking! ^^

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: People today are stupid. I'm sorry but it's true. even you and me. Otherwise we wouldn't be discussing silly labels, would we? We'd be discussing something more intellectual. And as long as people are stuped they'll get away with stupid things. And they'll be easily manipulated by someone smarter. Stupidity ((the other word slipped my mind)) is not a bliss. It's just a way for the smarter to rule.   Although unfortunately most of the times it's the other way around. What a topsy-turvey world we live in, eh?

[Avoral]: So, how 'bout that human genome, eh?

[Panda-monium]: The word is ignorance Jino. ^_^

[Falx]: Ok, so it's shameless self-promotion time! I just put up one of my stories as a couple of wikis, and I would like some honest feedback. So here it is: Dark Elf Story

[Falx]: And why aren't you people putting the warning labels over at Warning Labels while you're ranting about them? Hm? Sorry. I'm in a weird mood.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Well... Here or there... They'll get read, right? And hopefully added.

[Delladreing]: ooh too early for me >.<

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Late enough for me. But I have to get back to school. 12th grade sucks. :(

[Delladreing]: i knew there was someplace i was meant to be

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[Delladreing]: oh well

[nokaredes]: 12th grade's the best's college that sucks...

[Kyrinn]: I dunno, I think Ihad more fun in college than high school...

[nokaredes]: meh...I hate going back and forth and back and forth across campus >.<

[Kyrinn]: I had managed to get the dorm closest to my classes, and most of them were in the morning. I loved college, I was one of the weirdos in my Music Theory classes who looked forward to homework, lol... I love Form and Analysis... ^^ Why are you all looking at me like that? *looks innocent*

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I'm not looking strangely. But I hate 12-th grade. Because I study my ass off, so's I can try and pass the exams for entering a university. It sucks. Ind my parents wanted me to try and study something that doesn't interest me. Good thing I persuaded them to let me study English instead, and have the other as a PlanB.

[Kyrinn]: College is fun, so long as you are studying something you like. Ive had too many friends burn out going into a feild they HOPED would make them money, versus friends who studied what they liked, got a job in it and did well...

[Avoral]: I'm having much more fun in college. High school sucked the balls. Now I'm loaded with psychology, philosophy, and other neat little classes I'm having fun with. (Psych major, writing minor... Thinking of being a philosophy minor on top. So hey.)

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Unfortunately it's hard to do anything by studying what you like hire in Bulgaria. Most people study what they expect to earn money from. And THAT's the problem. Otherwise I'd be studying for an actor or musician or artist or whatever.

[nokaredes]: ooh...can someone help me pick a major? I don't have to choose until April, but I don't know what might be good...

[Falx]: Well, what are you good at and what do you like to do?

[nokaredes]: erm...I like to draw, and people say I'm good...I also like to write. And I could pick a major on one of those, but there are probably things that I've never done (like Psychology). It's frustrating...

[Falx]: Did your college make you take any intro courses? I know my freshman year, we all had to take things like Philosophy, Psych, Health Ed, and other things like that to help us decide what we wanted to do.

[nokaredes]: No, I haven't done any intro courses.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: do you like venturing into the depths of the human soul? If yes- then choose Psychology. I'd choose that... Probably.

[Avoral]: Think of it more like this: What department are you going for? The arts, social sciences, physical sciences, politics, business, engineering, mathematics, computers, philosophy/humanities, medical field, or what?

[Kyrinn]: another thing to consider is.. What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Will you hate the field you are in by then? Is it a field that can change quickly? Also, are you a person who likes math and such, or are you more into English or history? Another thing to consider is do you want to apply your degree to your own business, or are you the type to want to teach it to others? Just some things to consider...

[nokaredes]: I want to go into the Arts.

[Avoral]: Aha. Visual arts? Music? Theatre? What?

[nokaredes]: I don't the Arts...

[Panda-monium]: lol, glad to see you've really narrowed it down :P:P

[Kyrinn]: I got an awesome job in Illustration a while back. Fun work, especially if you are good. Hard to FIND the work in Illustration, but once you get in its a blast. ^^

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Think so? Hm... gotta try that some day...

[Panda-monium]: Damn, you people are talented. >.< I have no artistic talent what so ever. :P:P

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Sure you do. You play yourself everyday, don't you?

[Panda-monium]: huh? Well sure, I know how to be me, but thats not acting...ok well it is if people are around. >.> But still, I cant act, draw, paint, nothing. But thats ok, I can read and write and that should get me where I need to go. YAY for analytical thinking. >.> <.<

[Falx]: New section! Please add to it. ^_^

[Cactus in a Hat]: I hope you don't mind, I noticed 'Labels' was mis-spelled, so I correct the wiki name only to find it to be used by another wiki, so i had to change the name to product warning labels, i also added to it.

[Falx]: Oops. ^_^; Sorry for the typo then. Thank you for fixing it!

[Cactus in a Hat]: No problemo, I totally support this wiki and it's ideas!

[Falx]: Thank you! Did you happen to add your name to the list of Defenders?

[Cactus in a Hat]: Nope I didn't have much time, so i'll do that now.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Hm... Fresh blood?

[Falx]: Excellent... *evil laugh*

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::also laughs:: **evillaughter** <<the laughter echoes throughout the wiki>>

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Added to fun with logic. Tell me if I went too far.

[Cactus in a Hat]: Have you red my defenders of common sense note next to my name? I think thats one of the most stupid causes i've seen in my life.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Have you read the comments underneath your name there?

[Cactus in a Hat]: What?

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Well... The comments next to your name triggered something like a mini discussion.

[Falx]: Hey all, I'm starting a series of contests called Draw it!. The first challenge is already up, if anyone is interested in joining.

[Panda-monium]: Heylo all, how are ye?

[Falx]: Doing well, but I'm very tired. I just got back from karate.

[Panda-monium]: awesome, sorry ter hear yer tired though

[Falx]: No worries^_^ They just worked us really hard tonight. We did sparring for the last ahlf hour. It's great fun, but I'm usually exhausted by the end of it.

[Panda-monium]: Yeah, I understand that

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: But... That's not fair! I haven't a scanner :(

[nokaredes]: draw on the computer...

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Dioesn't work that way, unless I use a dollmaker or the HeroMachine. Otherwise it'll be a collage or something like that.

[nokaredes]: mmm...

[Falx]: Do you have a digital camera, Jino?

[Falx]: ok. Well, we'll see if we can think of something, if you really want to join the contest, that is. GOod night and no worries. ^_^

[Falx]: So, should I add wiccaz wing to the Ignorance Hole?

[Avoral]: Yes.

[Delladreing]: *kicks it over the edge into the hole*

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::walks in:: ::yawns:: Good evening, all!

[Falx]: Good Afternoon, Mr.[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE] How are you today?

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Alive. And almost asleep. And you, [Falx]?

[Falx]: Not too bad. I have a sinus cold though. It feels like I stuck my face in a blender and turned it on.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Ouch. that's nasty. Well... I hope you get better... I have to go to bed now so... see... ... READ you later... Ciao! ^_^

[Falx]: Adieu!

[Miss. Alyss Plastik]: wow... i not been here for a while...

[Falx]: Why, hello!

[Miss. Alyss Plastik]: hiya... ima alien, dont you think?(lookit my page, you see what i mean)

[Spanakopida]: Do you think I could link this wiki from Omglol.?

[Falx]: Only if I can join your wiki! ^_^ And may I link you in the wikis of sense?

[Spanakopida]: Go ahead! Membership is not limited. Just add your name on the members page. (:

[Avoral]: Ah, nothing screams sense than Omglol. By the way, [Falx], what's the deal? It seems people are beginning to agree with you, me, us, and the like. Are we becoming the targets of a new discrediting trend?

[Avoral]: And where the hell do I remember [the obvious child] from?

[Falx]: Damn it! I don't want to eb a trend setter!

[Falx]: ok. Let's not panic. Maybe it's just that the people who think we need some sense were in hiding and... Ok, I'm not sure where I was going with this....

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: HAHAHAHA!!! You meant that the people who wanted sense thought they were the onluy ones, the few. And then someone came and said "UNITE!" and they did.

[Falx]: Yup. :D

[Avoral]: All right, this may not be a totally-horrible thing, then. And most of them ARE slightly older. But the question arises--What does that say about our own revelations? I suppose, being in the age group we are a part of, we are mature enough to accept conformity, to apply what we've been saying to the lessers to ourselves. Since we want them to see the light, we ourselves must be ready for acceptance, lest we become hypocrites of the worst variety.

[Falx]: Once again, [Avoral], you make a good point. After all, we want common sense to spread right? We want people to use it... We shouldn't hoard it all for ourselves.

[Avoral]: Or, rather, we shouldn't blind ourselves from it in the process.

[Miss. Alyss Plastik]: wait, whos blind?*looks around*i dont see no blind ppls...

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: He meant we should accept the lack of sense in some people, and accept the fact that even we at times seem to make no sense. We will be blind if we believe we're the only ones, and that we're above others. We should try to show them the proper way, but not force it onto others.

[Falx]: Yes sir.

[Avoral]: No, that's not it either. I still run CI, don't I? We just need to accept that we're conforming as well, and that clearly our ideas aren't only our own, and all that. What we reveal, we must ourselves see. There are frontiers that we have yet to venture, an alien world of thought to conquer, and sometimes the maddening reality of developmental psychology pops up and shows us what little we as of yet know. It's kinda creepy.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: You mean... "Everything has already been thought" ?

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Every thought, every idea, has already been thought of. There IS no new things in life. Just things that have been forgotten.

[Falx]: It's just a function of remembering them. It seems sort of like a collective unconscious...

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Whatever. I'm not sure I support this theory. I don't deny it either though.

[Avoral]: You know, that was another thing I independently discovered a long time ago, [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]. Thank you for confirming it, as I've been waiting for a long-arse time to hear it said. "Everything I can think of has already been thought of," I told myself long ago. I rationalized that someone else in the past of humanity has already pondered taking liquefied cow patties into syringes and injecting them into the urethra. It's outlandish, wild, and nobody would conceivably think of it... But someone out there, I'd bet money on it, has either thought of it or even done it.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: I don't know. I remember reading about a diet centre, which injected people with hore urine. So I wouldn't be impressed if someone did what you described.

[Avoral]: I would.

[Falx]: The whole "Everything has already been thought" is (if I'm remembering this correctly) a Buddhist philosophy. Basically that if you want to know something, you already have the knowledge, you jsut have to figure out how to remember it.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Well... To be honest, it wouldn't be so hard for me to believe it. I mean... The world's reset otself a few times already... We don't know if it wasn't exactly the same before the last reset, and that another Jino wasn't writing the same bullshit to another Avoral and Alarany.

[Falx]: we have some new wikis under the Wikis of Sense section. Just in case anyone is interested in having a looksee

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ^_^ Thnks for the info!

[Shin-Akuma]: This wiki is just what Elftown needs. Congratulations for a job well done. :)

[Avoral]: Isn't it wonderful, though?

[Delladreing]: im not sure but did it all start when i uploaded the death of common sense?

[Avoral]: Perhaps. The Fiona leaves quite a dent on the ET.

[Delladreing]: Thats because The Fiona although very small, carries a very large sledge hammer

[Avoral]: *Sparkles* I LOVE sledgehammers!

[Delladreing]: *weilds hers about her head* i know, so much fun

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::wields a sword:: Hammers are fun. But I preffer bladed weapons.

[Falx]: Yeah, after reading the lame excuses for arguements left at God Haters and The Death of Common Sense, I just figured this had to be done! Thank you for putting the thoughts in my head!

[Falx]: Would anyone be interested in having me put up Einstein's Logic Puzzle in the Fun with Logic Section?

[HiddenFire]: sure

[Falx]: I will upload it when I get home then.

[HiddenFire]: I looked it up on the net and solved it in no time at all. It was fun though. ^_^

[Falx]: Ah, so you already know who owns the fish.

[HiddenFire]: Yep! ^_^, and I'm not telling.

[Falx]: It's cool. The third graders in my Enrichment class also solved it. Took them a while though. ^_^

[HiddenFire]: I did it in half an hour while talking on the phone with my girl... and not about the puzzle. So I was distracted. It was easy once I figured out what I needed to do to solve it. Common Sense. LOL

[Falx]: Boo-yah!

[Avoral]: ^_^

[Falx]: Would anyone like me to make a badge for the Defenders?

[Delladreing]: *hops up and down* yesh!

[Falx]: Ok, so I'm in the process of making the badge. I'm looking right now for some things that symbolize wisdom, intelligence, reason, etc. Colors, animals, or any other things that you know of would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows anything in Latin that might make a good motto to put on there, I 'd really appreciate the contribution. Thank you.

[Falx]: On another note *C sharp I think* there are three contests now up at <img:stuff/draw_it.jpg> if anyone is interested in entering. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion. We now return you to your regularly scheduled wiki.

[Falx]: Sorry I've been away so long. I recently moved. So... are people still interested in a Defenders of Common Sense Badge?

[Falx]: Vote in the Common Sense Badge Poll! <poll:58120>

[T_Pop]: Happy New Year!!!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: For many years!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I'm still interested!

[Falx]: Happy New Year, y'all!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ^_^ And when is the badge finally gonna get done?

[Falx]: When I get around to it. I got a new job this past August and haven't really had a whole lot of time. Sorry ^_^;

[Kayne]: The e.g. from Mac Donalds was pure luck. The lady askes 1. not to make it too hot. The employees ignored it because they were told they couldn't serve under a certain number of 'hotness' or they will be fired. So they did as told. The women was severly hurt. 'Own fault'? Maybe. But Mac Donalds was mainly prosecuted because they had an attidude 'we do it this way, and refuse to change it'. Get your facts strait. Really.

[M_Sinner]: The point remains, she would FEEL that it was hot. And she still put it on her lap. Then spilled it, as opposed to saying, take this back, give me my $#%@ing money, or putting it in a cup holder, or etc, etc. It's not whose fault it is, but the poor judgement used. Get your sense straight. Really.

[Kayne]: Read the link. Really.

[M_Sinner]: Haha!!! I am such a moron. I had thought that you were reffering to the allusion to said case in the above part of the wiki. My apologies.

[Kayne]: I really wonder what you do on this wiki, if you can't see the link. Unless they is another really famous case in which a lady prosecutes Mac Donald for spilling coffee over herself, this is exacly the case I'm talking about.

[M_Sinner]: I'm trying to pick up some of the excess common sense in hopes of bettering myself.

[Kayne]: Common sense is fine. I even preach it, as much as possible. Try reading Kant, Schopenhauer and Hume without craving for common sense. But the e.g. is just plain misleading.

[Falx]: Thanks for the links, [Kayne]. I'll try to find a better example to put up. If you find something better before I get a chance to, go ahead and edit the page. 

[Kayne]: Try G.E.Moore. A writer/philosopher (spelling?). He wrote 'a defense of common sense'.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: BTW, she wouldn't feel it's hot. The cups are made from a thermo-isolative material. ((I keep forgetting the English term for that material))

[Falx]: Styrofoam!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Thanks! Here in bulgaria it's called... ((tries to transcribe)) Styropor.

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