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2007-07-12 16:00:50
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Comment Exchange Tours

Welcome to the tours page. Here you will find tours put together with work from different comment exchange members. Take one and leave comments to recieve lots in return!


Tour 1:
<img75*0:> Image by [Kshatriya Karahatay]

Tour 2:
<img100*0:> Image by [Jitter]

Tour 3:
<img75*0:> Image by [ladychris]

Tour 4:
Image by [Jitter]


Other Tours

Mystical Equines of the Comment Exchange Tour 1:
Image by [pegacorna]

Mystical Equines of the Comment Exchange Tour 2:
Image by [pegacorna]


<img:img/drawing/80746_1099417659.jpg> Comment exchange members View members or sign up!
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099417659.jpg> Comment exchange tours View the current tours put together of comment exchange members work
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099417659.jpg> Comment exchange members tour Sign up for the next tour here!
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099417659.jpg> Comment exchange propositions Where new suggestions etc. can be posted
<img:img/drawing/80746_1099417659.jpg> Comment Exchange News Where you can find the latest news and add let people know about updated sites!


CE Tour Part1, CE Tour Part2, CE Tour Part3, CE Tour Part4


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2006-10-09 [Kshatriya Karahatay]: *notice* if you had a stop on one of the comment excahnge tours and you're no longer there, (or if this happens some time in the future) it is most likely because the tour got rejected because your piece did not meet ERB standards (this just happened on four of the existing tours, so I had to take them out, but the updates haven't been published yet, so nothings actually removed yet)

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