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Comment Exchange Propositions

Below is a list of proposed amendments to the rules and/or proposed changes in the structure of Comment Exchange.

Anybody can make a proposition; just add your suggestion in similar format to the other suggestions. Do not discuss the propositions by editing this page, rather their discussion should be held in the comments area at the bottom of this page. Eventually things may come to a vote, yes or no to a specific proposition.


Proposition 1
Addition to rules
Due to the amounts of comments received on pieces that have received Mod's Choice. I would suggest that any comments received on a Mod's Choice during the day it was awarded can be ignored. In that the artist is not required to respond to the comments they receive on a Mod's Choice on the day it was awarded. The next day any new comments received on that piece would warrant a comment in return. This would help ease the pressures that an artist would experience during such floods of comments.

Proposition 2
Change of Structure
To help make things more interesting I think it would be best to add a bit of structure. I am considering allowing jobs and titles to members. One could be a basic member, which means they would have no specific job, or they could assume a title. The first title would be that of the “one to one commenter” those are people who promise to leave the same number of comments they receive (unless the commenter leaves more comments than they have pieces). The next would be “Greeters” who would watch the members page and promise to leave at least one constructive criticism on any new members galleries. The next would be the “Constructive Commenter” who promise to leave at least one or nothing but constructive criticism. Feel free to suggest more titles and I will add them as I see fit.

Proposition 3
Change Of Structure
In the Comment Exchange Members list, could each member be required to tell whether they are an artist, a writer, or both? This would save comment-searchers who are looking for a writer from checking each member's house or gallery until they finally find a writer.

Proposition 4
Change of Structure
Lots of people say 'only contructive criticism', 'all comments' or something similar. It would be good there was a place where everyone put the requests, rather than just putting them amongst the text beneath the entry.

Proposition #
Type of suggestion, if you don't know skip it.
What you are actually proposing. This is the format to you for your propositions.
Do not replace this, insert your proposition above this template.
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Discussions of the above propositions are to be held below, in the comment box.

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2004-07-07 [HiddenFire]: Concerning Proposition 3. I formated the links so that they all appeared the same. I do realize that some may wish to comment specifically on artists or writers but I assumed that since writers get far less comments than do artist that it might make them be more likely to be overlooked. If it seems that my assumption was incorrect then I may lable them myself and have all members from then on do the same.

2004-07-16 [shotokan_gal]: ok just discovered this proposition page now. Having a bit of a night of duh moments methinks. Wrote something on the main page comments box, don't know if its a proposition precisely. Could move it here if you like though. Or you could just read it there... whatever. (damn all this talking round in circles is making me dizzy. Note to self: stop rambling)

2004-07-18 [Kiddalee]: Oi! Thanks, [HiddenFire]!

2005-01-07 [Kshatriya Karahatay]: Hey Y'all! I nominated this(Comment Exchange) page on Wiki nominations. Please go and add your support to the nomination!!

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