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Comment Exchange Members


Members 1-140 have been moved to their own seperate pages:
CE Members P1 || CE Members P2 || CE Members P3 || CE Members P4 || CE Members P5 || CE Members P6 || CE Members P7
If you want to join, add your details to the bottom of the list on this page.


To view a members gallery at random click the link below. Requires javascript be enabled (updated sporadically)


Below is a list of members who promise to return comments for comments. If you were to comment on their galleries and/or images you would recieve comments on your gallery and/or images in return.

The members are listed below. If you wish to join simply add your user name and url below in similar fashion.
[If you wish to remove yourself from the list, simply remove your name and leave the number blank. Do not shift other member into diffferent numerical positions.]

Be sure to check out the Comment Exchange Members Tour and to add your own stuff to the tours!

Also once you join remember that you should state on your site that you are a member and what that means to those that comment on your pieces. You could even link them to the exported version of these pages with these links:

It would help you and other members signifigantly if, when you join, you would comment on a few members galleries. There is no number that you should or must comment on, it is only a suggestion to help get the ball rolling on your comment exchanging experience.

If you need any help feel free to ask me, [HiddenFire], I would be more than happy to accomodate you. If you are viewing this page and wish to join you must first be a member of elftown:

Once you are a member of elftown you can find this wiki by exploring the tips section or by following my username, [HiddenFire] to my house where a link is posted. To add your name to the list below simply click the button labled 'edit this page" (it is near the bottom of the page). This will take you to a page just like this one but that allows you to edit the content. Scroll down in the text box labled 'Page-text' and use the template near the bottom of the page to enter your information in a simular fashion. Copy the template and insert your information above it so that other members will see it. I can/do put it back up when sombody replaces it but it should stay up for people who may choose to join before I get the chance to put it back. When you have done this simply click 'Submit changes to this page' and you are officially a member. Simple as that.



142) [Skyefoxx09]
Stephanie 'Magpie' Rennolds
Would love to see new faces! Comments always responded to.

141) [phate]
Edward Fu
trying to get my page up, but i will still comment! *update* page is up, promise i will reply fast!

142) [dreamsweet]
[Fan Quarter]
Comments/critiques are very welcome. I'd love some advice for improving.

143) [Jossi]
Josephine Nordbø
I hope to get some comments on my page, so I can improve as an artist!

144) [inrime]
Jess Mann
I could really use some comments.. its getting pretty empty... need help to improve!

145) [brechie]
Vlasto z Bystrice
same thing as the guys above...

146) [wildmage92]
Chrissy Healy
I'd like some constructive criticism on my page and I love viewing other's pages. WILL RESPOND PROMPTLY!

147) [Novvy]
Maite A. le Loux
I'd love making friends here, I like receiving comments and giving them out, so stop by if you wish! :D

148) [Amarantha]
Hannah Amelia
I enjoy recieving comments (who deosn't?) and I like giving them, too. However, I do have one caveat: If you cannot spell, use punctuation, paragraphs, or basic grammar of any variety, please don't comment because I'll be forced to comment back and I simply abhor giving comments to writers I don't read because it is painful to do so. If you can, though, I'll give careful, useful comments. So stop by!

149) [Elodicressida]
Ingrid Jessamyn
Being an author
Being devoid of comments
Being in despair over sister's plethera of comments (grr, Hannah)
And being committed to dolefully checking every day, despite assurance that comment number has not changed
Promises to return all comments


151) [Starlight_jc]
Jessica Conroy

Please come and visit my Elfwood gallery. I would love to know what people think of my artwork so I can improve as an artist. I will visit your website and comment on your artwork as well.

152) [Ame-Neko]
Emily Shults
I've been exchanging comments since I first got on Elfwood, so I figured I ought to make it official.

153) [Ro1989]
A. Sharma
Comment exchange rocks. It's a great idea...I have limited access to a computer sometimes, but I assure you, I *always* get round to returning comments!

154) [thaixha]
Trisha Farnan
Fiiiiiiiiinally figured out how to add myself to this list. Now I just hope it works. I love the idea of Comment Exchange, since I already expend so much energy taking the time to comment others' work. I'm happy to do so for people who appreciate it more. :) Hi everyone!!

H.Merve Temel
Hi everyone!I love the idea and wanted immediately to be part of it!Please visit my gallery and comment to help me improve my skills or you can just say you dont have any skills at all just say something:)And I d love to visit your gallery and drop a comment.Comment Exchange is a GREAT idea.

156) [HardRockAngel]
Astrid Leriche
Since I love getting/giving comments: here I am =) Still need to update though (Damn those tickets >_<)

157) [Topercolate]
Always happy to receive comments and to return the favour! I am quite busy, but will always make sure to respond within the week. :)


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