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Comics by Elftowners

This is a place for Elftown's comic illustrators to post links to their comics!
All styles and formats are welcome!!

We also have a forum now, that anyone can join! <joinforum:2344:comics> (Elftown Comikers)

Comics, the page for all things comics!!

Completed Comics (separate wiki?)
Comics on Hiatus (separate wiki)
Soon-to-be Comics (separate wiki)
cbe-big list - The BIG List of comics

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welcome note, or something like that, geared toward those here to read the comics...

Comic Status Legend:
<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Comics with a blue button are totally finished and can be read in their entirety!
<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> Comics with a green button have a regular update schedule.
<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Comics with a yellow button are updating, but not regularly.
<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Comics with a red button are currently on hiatus (not updating), but may start up again.
<img:stuff/eofbullet7.gif> Comics with a black button are dead, but there are still pages up to read.
<img:stuff/eofbullet1.gif> Comics with a white button don't have any pages yet, but are getting ready to launch.

Follow this format when adding new comics:

*STATUS button* *TITLE of comic* by *your USERNAME*

*BANNER, if you have one*
*link to URL and/or WIKI*
*write a short DESCRIPTION of your comic*
Genre: fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, romance, etc, etc...
Rating: all ages, teen, mature, etc? A line about why it is rated as it is would be nice too.
Status: complete, regular updates, sporadic updates, on hiatus, soon-to-be <- choose one

Post Alphabetically, please!


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif>Ajia Tales by [Kyrinn]

No banner yet..
Started as a way to break my art block, this was meant to only be a couple panels but ended up as something else. Set in my world of Ajia, it follows my character Shyl before he enters into my current storyline, back when he took on a young Mai, who would become one of his best trained Demon Hunter students. Mai belongs to [Yuriona] and I have her permission to draw her.
Done in grayscale, its been a learning experience. Regular updating is about every three weeks but may become more regular later.
Genre: fantasy
Rating: PG
Status: Experimental: be kind, Im learning as I go on this one too. 


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Alexa's project by [Empee]

Alexa's project
To be finished by Christmas. A school project. An illustration of Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder. A man (schizophrene) and a woman (multiple) live in the same mansion. The course of the deseases is depicted by means of what the two experience in that house (sometimes together, mostly seperated from each other). The panels are "encrypted" and mostly symbolic, so, without text the meaning of it all seems unclear. The whole thing can be seen as partially a metaphor and partially real. Music and sounds will probably be added (on a CD) for each page (or 2).
Genre: dunno, independent? (Metaphorical, psychological, sinister)
Rating: Mature (rather)


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> Alpha Beta Soup by [Kay-chan],

It's about Claire and her friend Mel, and Stoner Guy, Popular Girl, etc... Very random, not that good.
Genre: silly, jokes, college.
Rating: PG-it's for a school newspaper.
Status: updates once a week.


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Always Remember by [Okami],

plot. art progresses, so don't judge by the first few chapters. . !!?!
Genre: Shonen. . .ai.
Rating: PG-13 for now. . but likely gonna get NC-17
Status: updates sundays.


<img:stuff/eofbullet7.gif> Astral Gate by [stuffAEAmade]

Astral Gate
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: Mature-ish
Status: this version is dead, but I hope to eventually revisit the story.


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Asylum Laboratories by [Pnelma Tirian],

Vampires! Necromancers! Little Kids! Psychos! Fun for the whole dysfunctional family! Updates every Wednesday!
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: Mature, I guess, for various reasons.
Status: Still fully functional! Updates as planned.


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Charlie Brown: Smokin' Deuces by [Mortified Penguin] and [Sagacious Turkey]

A disturbing story made by two mentally deranged children. The artwork sucks at first, because we never really expected to finish it. It gets much better though.
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Status: Currently in production, being made when possible


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> dar kh2 by [stuffAEAmade]

Contains badly drawn Kingdom Hearts 2 gag strips! :O
Genre: comedy
Rating: teen for naughty language :P
Status: updates when I think of something I want to make fun of


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif>Darth Superfluous by [Kyrinn]

Star Wars Universe, inspired (demanded?) by two friends who want me to do a comic based on our characters from a Star Wars d20 game a few years ago. First we have Darth Superious, a rather.. odd Sith Lord who doesnt act much like a Sith Lord should.  Then, with him we have Otto Tilios, a Storm Trooper of unknown origins with an interest in Twi'lick porn, guns, and causing trouble, and last is Elias the Tech, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as being more familiar with robots than living beings. Its in the experimental stage but I hope to start story boarding for it this next month or so. Though it will have its serious moments, the whole thing will have a humor to it. 
Genre: Sci Fi / Comedy
Rating: PG for now
Status: Experimental: be kind, Im learning as I go. Updates are infrequent at the moment. :C


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Date by [Yncke]

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: All ages.
Status: Complete


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> deeterhi's comic by [deeterhi]

deeterhi's comic
So far, all the work is from my sophomore year at SVA until my senior year.
Genre: variety (filled with a bunch of different short comics)
Rating: little bit of mature language and themes for some stories
Status: Lots of completed short comics in my archive but no new projects being uploaded at the moment.


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Drinking Duel by [Yncke]

Drinking Duel
Genre: Elftown fantasy
Rating: All ages
Status: Complete


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Eden Comics by [prowlie]

manga comic about 3 high school students who wake up together in a strange place (working in the more fantasy stuff later)
continuity isn't all that great yet, don't judge it just yet!!
Genre: fantasy, sci-fi
Rating: PG-13, there's some language :O...


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> EDOSAMA by [Surimia]

Random webcomic about me and my friends on ET and in real life, being insane and obsessing over anime characters.
Genre: comedy plus fantasy
Rating: PG at the most, no swearing, but a bit of blood when noob slaughters happen


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> FCE by [Konobi]

You wanna know about my life? Do you? Eh, eh!? Well too bad. You're gonna. It's full of jerks, idiots, and much more!
Genre: Comedy, Sprite Comic
Rating: 13 and over. (Some crude language.)


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> fux0r3d comics by [Kyo-kun]

random "skits"
Genre: comedy
Rating: Mature


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Ghost Castle by [maryanne],

A little guy dressed in a tuxedo and holding a flower follows a light to a castle.
Genre: Surreal
Rating: PG (scary images)
Status: Complete - 24 pages.


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Ghost for Hire by [Kay-chan]

Genre: Strange (it doesn't really have one yet)
Rating: Mature, sorta.
Status: It goes VERY slowly, and is slightly experimental on my part.


<img:stuff/eofbullet7.gif> Hidden Destiny by [Kiristo]

It's about a girl who thought she had nothing but an ordinary life, and wished for more. One day she meets three boys who change her life forever.
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13?(not too sure yet)
Status: tis going along slowly


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> The House Of Limbo by [ArchangelGabriel],

Genre: Modern/Strange
Rating: PG (Deals with a m/m relationship)


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> hushed tones. by [jaderii],

Actions speak louder than words.
Genre: Romance ( male / male relationship to be exact )
Rating: Mature ( foul language, rape of a minor, etc. )
Status: Ongoing; updates on weekends. C:


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Mobster M by [NOOOPE]

Mobster M
In the town of Jupitcy, a random mobster like maniac named M is shooting up the place and speaking french badly. To end the slaughter, Trex (the cheif of police) has assigned the robot, Detective Dwendel and his rookie partner wombat, Mark, to the case. Sifting through the chaos of this mind bendingly freakish town, Mark and Dwendel do their best to stop M once an for all. Can they do it? Well, can they?! Aren't you curious?!! 
Genre: Weird? Is weird a genre? I suppose it's safe to call it a comedy.
Rating: Mature for random extreme violence and a few minor curse words. 
Status: Not yet born, but I've been threatened with violence if I don't hop to it and somehow I've gotten enough watchers to choke a goat, so tally-ho!


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> MoonLit Dream by [Chi]

MoonLit Dream
There are multiple theories about dreams. Who knows what they truly mean...?
Genre: Fantasy/ Romance
Rating: PG
Status: Complete.


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Nothing Like Sanity by [PhoenixSilverDark],

Nothing Like Sanity
Teenagers who thought they were just demented in a normal world learn that the world is just as weird as they are with Conscience Fairies, Were-animals, Vampires and of course, Satan, who can't be left out of anything these days; he's a bit self centered.
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: Mature for occasional language and subject matter.


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Off Campus by [Kay-chan],

A comic about college students dealing with themselves, vampires, and that stupid $25 fee you get when you fail to pay the registration fees on time.
Genre: Real-life, fantasy (yes, they collide)
Rating: PG-13 for some harsh language and violence-ish scenarios
Status: Now on hiatus.


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> Per'Bat by [Yncke]

Genre: Fantasy
Rating: In the tradition of French comics.
Status: Updates on Wednesday.


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> Pilgrim_comic by [stuffAEAmade],

The story of a young woman who wakes in a strange new land without any prophecies, questing, or world-saving to do!
Genre: fantasy, drama
Rating: PG so far
Status: updates on Tuesdays :)


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Ready, Set-Retreat! by [muffin_killer] and [Kay-chan],

A man loses his wishes to a thief, a man finds his wishes again. Simple? Ha ha ha.
Genre: fantasy
Rating: PG
Status: Hiatus.


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> The Short End by [Woolf],

A real life inspired comic with some some far out occurrences.
Genre: A comic about life... well... sort of
Rating: PG13


<img:stuff/eogbullet6.gif> Something Else by [Nightwolf Moonhowler],

A strange and rather silly comic.
Genre: Silly, humour, strange
Rating: PG13
Status: On temporary hiatus.


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Spazznik by Derek [Hendercrazy] Henderson

Spazznik is an energetic new recruit foot soldier for the noble family of Strongheart. The only problem is he's been assigned to guard duty on the outer wall of the city.
Genre: Medieval/High Fantasy/Comedy
Rating: All ages
Status: Updating as time allows.


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Spideric: Ascention by [Pnelma Tirian], featuring characters by [Arisonu] and [Fireblade K'Chona]

Completely finished. May go back for touchups later on. Who knows? It's about an abomination of life seeking to escape from its prison deep underground and the psycho stuff she goes through to attain freedom.
Genre: most definitely fantasy
Rating: uh, teens age I guess.
Status: Complete


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Suicide OK by [iippo]

Genre: Black humour
Rating: Not sure? (note the name and the genre)
Status: Single-standing short strip, might get follow-ups in the future.


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Tile by [maryanne],

Simple of story and of art, but fun and silly. Stars a stick figure named Tile who has adventures of odd sorts.
Genre: Random
Rating: G
Status: Complete - 429 strips.


<img:stuff/eofbullet3.gif> Three-Armed-Joe and Candeh by [maryanne]

Three-Armed-Joe and Candeh
Three-Armed-Joe hates you.
Genre: Quirky?
Rating: PG
Status: Complete - 11 pages.


<img:stuff/eofbullet5.gif> Vanity Blood by [Rose Tinted Glasses],

A story about a vampire knight who tries to find an identity for himself and some all the wrong places.
Genre: Horror/ Comedy/ slight romance
Rating: Shifts from PG to R


<img:stuff/eofbullet4.gif> Xylobone Tomes by [maryanne],

A webcomic of undead wizards, simulacra, and summoned beasts.
Genre: Spooky Fantasy
Rating: PG
Status: Updates Mondays and Thursdays.


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2008-08-08 [Yncke]: Err... as far as I consciencely drew, I always made comics and switched to putting effort in stand alone drawings after joining Elftown. I wanted to tell stories and liked to draw. (I remember making a comic about a tree and a mushroom through the seasons, without words, because I couldn't write at the time. *grin*)
Comics were always in the house (Asterix, Jommeke and Suske&Wiske) so it's probably coming from there. :)

2008-08-09 [NOOOPE]: [Hendercrazy] told me to. And then everyone agreed with him. I mean, I read comics and, well, only one manga (BERSERK OMG YEEEESS BEST MANGA EVER HOLY CRAAAAP) and I can't say any of them put the idea in my head, but, I've always been a writer and an artist so I guess it's just the natural way to go.

Plus, I SUCK at making dynamic compositions. So, doing some loose crazy comicy things can help me practice.

2008-08-10 [stuffAEAmade]: x) Awesome all around.

2008-08-10 [XxTsomexX]: I decided I needed a little comic to help me with my art...

2008-08-10 [Hendercrazy]: I began looking at comic books when I was four years old. Godzilla was my first official comic book buy (with my dad's money). Weeks later I picked up a pencil and began drawing monsters. I was hooked on both and decided years later to try my own hand at comics. Been doing it ever since. My most recent Spazznik_Comic is a fun experimental journey of fantasy while getting back to my comic roots. At the same time... I'm trying to add my little "spark" and do my part to help make Elftown an enjoyable, fun and active community. :)

2008-08-12 [stuffAEAmade]: @ Tsome: a comic should be very helpful since it will push you out of your comfort zone and make you draw all sorts of different things. :)

2008-08-12 [XxTsomexX]: I hope so... I've sketched out the first two pages, but I don't like the way they turned out XD

2008-08-13 [stuffAEAmade]: It takes a while to really get the hang of it.

2009-05-12 [Kyrinn]: This looks fun. *ogles* Ive got a comic in the works, it wont have a storyline at first but will later.. Ill watch in the meantime though.

2009-08-12 [spiritee]: Love love love the colored-button organizing system

2009-10-01 [Ramirez]: Featured Wiki<img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2009-10-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Sadly, I've found the Featured Wiki thing pretty much does nothing nowadays... *eats ramen*...

2009-10-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Luckily, there's this "invite" button over to the side... and, because I'm a member of just about every forum, I can invite hundreds of people at once! Alright! ...*eats ramen*...

2009-10-01 [Mortified Penguin]: 1,868 people have just been invited.

2009-10-02 [Mortified Penguin]: On the subject of Pepsi (I think Coke is better!), various comics.

2009-10-02 [Future Dictator]: ooo i was invited to something. too bad i dont have a comic hahaa :D

2009-10-02 [kamisch]: comic for me either. But I can read ;) These look interesting. Thanks for the invite!

2009-10-02 [Kyrinn]: still watching, didnt really need the invite. :P

2009-10-02 [Yncke]: Yay for the featured wiki! All advertisement is welcome. :)

2009-10-04 [Duke Devlin]: Mort, you are quite unnecessary. ;)

2009-10-04 [Mortified Penguin]: So's your face!

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