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[Anyone wanting to give a hand, link to any comic related wikipage in here, please. Lets bring 'em all home! :B]

Welcome, fans of all comics, of all shapes and sizes and nationalities. This is the place to gather round to discuss and share anything comics-related. All styles of comics are welcome, and you are too, even if you only like one kind.


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May/06/2009: Thor; the movie - A brief report

Feb/17/2007: [Lothuriel] A Green Lantern Movie?

Jan/14/07: [iippo] gets herself together and starts putting this wiki together. She hopes to come across some real comics-related news soon, and wishes that people would help her with it.


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2008-04-14 [mondo86em]: Remember everyone Free Comic Book Day is May 3rd 2008

2008-04-16 [iippo]: Would you like to make a newsitem about that for this wiki? :)

2008-04-16 [mondo86em]: [iippo] if that was for me .. .. ┬┐newsitem?

2008-04-17 [iippo]: Like, if you could write a litte about it on this page under the 'comics related news' -header...? Link to some information, maybe? :)

2008-04-17 [SilverFire]: Hmmm... Should this be linked to from News Feeds? :/ It might eb more appropriate if you had a separate page for it though... but it would be silly not to link it from the Feeds page if you can find news here. X_x

2008-04-18 [mondo86em]: Well I don't keep up with it since my anime addiction took over but basicly it's the comic book companys giving back to the fans in the form of free comics (at least here in the U.S.) I live in a fairly large city area and only a few of the comic shops participate. The last one I went too a couple of yrs ago, I got one of the limited edition 12" Inu Yasha figures(for my wife and not free), and about 10 or 12 free comics/manga. One that I realy liked was kinda like a preview of Image comics "How to Draw" action poses. So its worth a look if your free that Saturday and can find a shop thats willing (the one I go to usualy has a bunch of sales to go with the "comic holiday" If you want to know more just check out their site On another note I recently watched the Justice League New Frontier and even with the old style design its worth watching. I would have to recomend renting the DVD because of what they might cut out if they show it on TV.

2008-04-18 [iippo]: There are hardly any news here, though. And I don't plan on being super-tight about what is news worthy either :P I think something like "Roy died in Order of the Stick" is news-worthy enough :P I just want content on this page, dammit. And I don't want to be the only person to add content.

Maybe Lit News can include comics, and we link to that from there?

2008-04-18 [SilverFire]: Sure.:)

2008-04-24 [Lothuriel]:
We participate ! *wink*

2008-07-05 [Lothuriel]: Hey guys, where should I link this? FX!

2008-07-10 [iippo]: Either news or under the header "for comic fans." :)

2008-07-10 [Lothuriel]: Ok, thanks. I wasn't sure ^^

2008-07-23 [Lothuriel]: Would it be overkill to put up the banner and all?

the ultimate marvel universe contest

2008-07-23 [iippo]: It is a nice banner, just a bit big... But go for it, see if it'll work, either at that size or resized. And if you have to make other changes to the format or layout of this page to make it not too overkill, feel free :)

2008-07-23 [Lothuriel]: Ok, hon thanks! I will make a smaller one and plop it up there asap

2008-07-24 [Lothuriel]: Would Star Wars be considered comic book related? There are a quite a few SW comics out there?

2008-07-25 [iippo]: Hmm, I wouldn't object, particularly if it was Star Wars comic related thing you are thinking of. I'd say yes, SW is close enough to comics when there are comics in the franchise. :)

2008-08-15 [SilverFire]: <joinforum:197:comics> (Manga & Comics) Should be linked here. And maybe Web-Comics Galore, too.

2009-05-07 [Hendercrazy]: Thanks for the Comic Workshop advertising [Lothuriel]! :D Now I'm keeping an eye on this wiki as well! :D

2009-05-07 [Lothuriel]: You're welcome and Thanks!!

2011-05-14 [Nioniel]: Oh, cool. :)

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