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2008-03-21 21:30:54
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Comic banners


Banners to advertise the wikipage comics.
All banners are (will be) made by Elftown members for Elftown members, and no copyrighted imagery is in them so you are free to use them in your house - yes, even if you don't sign the member roster. Also, if you are a visitor and not an Elftown member, please refrain from using them for any purpose.


Banners for yooouuuu~! :D <3 [stuffAEAmade]
<img:stuff/darbancomic1.png> <img:stuff/darbancomic2.png>


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2008-03-24 [iippo]: w00tness, Darklaw! <3

2008-03-24 [stuffAEAmade]: welcome :D

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