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2005-03-02 03:58:03
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~Combat Knives~

Just a quick sample of the sorts if knives I have available. Remember, all prices are in Australian dollars, and DO NOT INCLUDE Postage & Handling. Feel free to message me with any enquiries. [Galain]

Images for all of these blades can be seen at:

For others there, but not here - details are available on request.

Manufacturer: Fury
Model: Defender
Type: Camp/UtilityKnife
Price: $45
Description: A very good value, all-purpose knife. The design of the blade is such that it can be used for chopping things quite effectively. Comes with a nylon sheath.

Manufacturer: SOG
Model: S-25 Desert Dagger
Type: Field/Combat Knife
Price: $245
Description: A brilliant, general purpose combat knife. Originally designed at the behest of military units, it comes standard with a military-grade, jump-rated Kydex sheath.

Manufacturer: Colt
Model: CT18
Type: Throwing Knife
Price: $80
Description: One of the best throwers on the market, up there with Cold Steel and UC blades. Comes with a reinforced nylon sheath, and vulcanised handle.

Manufacturer: United Cutlery
Model: Quick Draw
Type: Boot Knife
Price: $80
Description: A slimline, easily concealable backup weapon. Perfect for urban carry, comes with a leather sheath.

Manufacturer: GLOCK
Model: G-78
Type: Field/Combat Knife
Price: $100
Description: One of the best value knives I've come across, black or olive. Comes standard with a moulded polymer sheath, and is reputedly weighted for throwing.

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2005-07-21 [Galain]: It appears that most people in the US would be better off buying most of these knives there. For people in Australia (obviously) and also such countries as Sweden, Netherlands, possibly the UK etc. my page should provide some economical options.

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