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2005-03-02 04:06:22
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~Combat Blades~

Owned and operated by[Galain]

Essentially what I was looking to do here, was to offer fellow weaponry enthusiasts a chance to purchase decent knives, swords and the like at reasonable prices. Having been collecting (and even constructing) for some time, I'm well aware of all the utter crap that has flooded the market. This is especially a problem for those just getting into the hobby, often paying hundreds of dollars for what is essentially nothing more than a highly decorative and oversized letter opener.

At the moment, I'm not sure about the legalities of transporting items to customers. Within Australia shouldn't be an issue, however internationally could be problematic. If you're residing outside of Australia, please message me and I'll attempt to make arrangements for transport.

Payment can be negotiated for each sale, my preference is cheque or money order, however I'm looking at arranging credit card facilities.

Prices are in Australian Dollars and they DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE & HANDLING

I'm also looking to donate part proceeds to Elftown, probably in the region of $5 Australian per order or so.

Combat Knives

** Initially only knives will be available, due to the ease of postage. If people are interested in other weapons (maces, axes, katana etc.) please message me.

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