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2008-05-02 21:37:48
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College Convos

* *Previous Stanley School Convos* *

Emma Happy Sean? xD

Ian I am xD

sEaN Yes! wooo hooo we have christened this page!

Emma How excited are you? :D

Ian we're very excited, Now its time to get other people *calls for reinforcments* theyre on their way

sEaN I hope people use this!

Ian They better

Emma Well we will. And I think Gina's on Bebo. *disappears*

Ian Oh good god, Bebo who in the right mind has a Bebo page????

Gina Me and Emma!!!! Ian!! it's not that bad! So glad the convos are back lol

Emma You tell him Gina! xD Yesh they is. And Ian I will slap you one of these days

Gina Thanks emma, I would too if I saw him!! Love you really Ian...

Ian yeah the pair of you better love me xD but Bebo really is crap, Myspace is soooo much better

Emma Just because you're a myspace whore Ian xD
Come to think of it, it's not just myspace... :D

Gina Myspace is better, but there's nothing wrong with having a bebo account...XP

sEan Well I can't commenet saying some people are still waiting for a bebo account... *Hint hint* lol!
oooo the fratellis tonight! EXCITED

CaFfY Why hello Mr.Sean, Mrs.Gina, Miss.Emma and Ms.Ian. How be all of you?

Emma Well you know how I be Caffy :D
Oh I'm gonna leave your headphones with the rabbit food so you can get them on Sunday K? Just in case you come on here before then x

ally Omg.. i feel all left behind... but Wooo! the convos are backskies!

Gina The hint has been taken Sean XD

sEaN Yey! thanks genie! Oh my god Catharine! I can't believe, out of everywhere in Britain, I saw you in Sheffield!!! lol

Ian I beg your pardon Caffy, Ms. Ian!!!!!!! how very dare you. You should know by now that I'm a Dame xD
and yes Emma I am a very happy whore

Emma Had to read that twice there Ally. Thought you said something about backsides xD
I didn't doubt that for a second Ian :D

Ian Yaaay Emsies back now, You have fun?

Emma No of course not....shhh...And don't you have to be knighted to be a Dame?

Ally isn't it 'Damed' lol or Damned ian

Ian i was 'damed' didnt you see, it was on television and everything.

Emma I knew what I meant lol but Damed is like the female equivalent of Knighted isn't it?
And no, sorry Ian, I musta missed it :D I'm sure there was something better on on another channel xD

Ally like the annual paint drying championships..

sEaN haha what a random conversation :P

Danielle: hiya folks how yas all doing these days? long tijme since a spoke... so behind i apologise pets xooxox

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2008-05-02 [Seany.]: Danielle: hahaa am on seans account tehe how devious even tho hes here hiya everyone wooo college convos mint age :)xpxp

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