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Coke is one of the nastiest drinks made. Wait! It is the nastiest!
This Wiki is uniting all those people who think Coke sucks.

Scary Things About Coke

1) It dissolves pennies. Thats scary.
2) Diet Coke with Lemon is sometimes used to clean up blood spills on the highways after really gory auto accidents.
3) It is used to clean battery acid off of battery cables in you car.
4) It used to be made with cocaine.
5) Because anthony said it was nasty
6) Because they abuse and kill people all over the world.. down with capitalism!  xx [earthkynd]

Are you a coke hater? This is the wiki for you! You should join!

1. [Drummin Maniac] Owner  (I LIKE COKE NOW!!!)
2. [motivate me.]
3. [maggie the pie] Helper with the wiki!
4. [Apollo of Crowingblade] Coke dissolves pennies, how can it be good for you?
5. [Archeress of Mirkwood] There was never a vote. You can never be sheriff w/o a campaign. Sheesh. She's a fake!
6.[DeadInMyOwnMind~] yucky nasty coke eww lol
7.[Saun Of ShadowSword]I just don't like it and the owner is me ^_^
8.[Coldfire1]people drink that stuff?ewww
9. [Teir'Dal] after i drink coke, it always feels like theres a gross film over my teeth
10. [Angel of Ice] I don't like caffinated drinks..and coke tastes gross
11. [Celeste of Darksword] i knew i didn't like coke for a reason...yuck.
12. [Dulce Vita] Sheriff, dissenter, yadda yadda. Coke rules.
13. [Dante the vampire] Mountain Dew blows that nasty Coke crap out of the water. It also won't kill you.
14. [Christia]... the outlaw in these here parts... ^_^
15. [white_tigergurl] just a member:P
16. [X. Nightmare] Ewwwwww Minging!!
18. [PyroDragonMaster] Coke has too much carbonation in it. Pepsi rocks my world. YAY PEPSI!!!!
19.[Account No Longer Active] eww...coke. I'm a Pepsi person. At least Pepsi didn't need to have cocaine in it to sell.
21.[~*celtic angel*~]....coke taste like straight ass...pepsi is sooo much better....and has prettier is better than red
22.[sexii_leslie]coke is digusting....its all bout the pepsi bitches!!!!!
23. [DolphinQueen] pepsi sucks! mountain Dew is the bomb!
24.[.soldier] It'll make your balls fall off...
26.[choke_on_dreams]- Dis....gust....EENG
27.[Sins to Virtues]- Coke Disovles ur Penies?!?! Say wha...... I will never drink coke again... So damn U, Damn Coke, and Damn Mel Gibson (LOL I had to say it)
28.[Fashionably Restrained] Rootbeer is better than nasty old coke
29.[Eshkilababa]EeEeWwWw.....*eye balls a can of coke*
30.[better things to do]coke sucks so much
31. [☆ тiffαηч-❤-иαtωαη ☆]Mountain Dew and Sprite are so much better that Coke!
32.[Indigo Butterfly] coke is gross, it dosen't taste very good to me
33.[BrItTaNy_xX]i hate coke its just nasty!
34.[oXoX-Nikki Jo-XoXo]-Coke is so flippin nasty!!!!!!! EWwwww!
35.[IX.Dollface] coke is so gross...coke with lime tastes like dish soap...x__X
36. [Little miss perfect] It tastes like drinking sugar in oil!
37. [rebel gurl1305] Ewww.. did I say EW!
38. [. . . .] Yea, I don't even have to say anything...
39. [Never coming back] I am the bleuwolf and I deem this drink should be illegal...
40. [_suicide_] coke is so gross and i agree wit them ^ coke should be illegal
41. [BIgBoYc_01]
42. [Kat3e♥♥] Its just nasty haha.. what am I laughing about?
43.[bleeding x vein]i really hate coke i dont like the taste
44. [~lil cutie~] god i hate coke
45.[Sacha Nikolai] *cries* coke makes me sick
46.[almost456]i hate coke
47.[Sahraminkukka] coke makes me vomit and it tastes disgusting!
48.[I facebooked your mum] coke makes me feel sick..>.<
49.[C-vicious]-coke can suck emeril lagasees left ball.
50.[Rebexie] coke makes me sick
51.[ghostiegirl] Coke is disgusting and gives you a headache...
52.[x-xVanityx-x] Coke dissolves your teeth and gives me HORRIBLE stomach ache....
53.[~Crimson Angel~]I don't like it it taste funky,and it makes me sick.
54.[earthkynd] Yes indeed.

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2006-07-10 [MagpieWisdom]: So do most people on here hate coke just because it is better as a toilet cleaner than a drink, or do you hate coke because of their (somehow legal) crimes in Columbia and India?

2006-07-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: idk

2006-07-20 [x-xVanityx-x]: I hate coke 'cos it tastes icky.

2006-07-20 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-07-22 [x-xVanityx-x]: Coke sucks, coke sucks, down with coke!

2006-07-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-07-23 [x-xVanityx-x]: *decides to hold an anti-coke march*

2006-07-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: ok

2006-07-24 [x-xVanityx-x]: *is hyper*

2006-07-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: cool

2006-07-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: Misty1's evil twin:Hottie of the Town please go there

2006-09-27 [*(.Randi.)*]: Coke kills people?

2006-09-29 [motivate me.]: Wouldn't suprise gives me headaches...

2006-09-29 [MagpieWisdom]: Coca Cola Ltd. kills people, not the actual drink, though I'm surprised it hasn't.

2006-09-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-04 [motivate me.]: I'm sure some where in the world, someone's died from drinking it.

2006-12-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: yep

2006-12-06 [earthkynd]: And the Coca Cola company killed many people, in Guatemala e.g., because the protested against the abuse of people and nature, and against globalisation and capitalism.

2006-12-06 [motivate me.]: That has to have been one of the most intellegent things stated on this wiki.
Kudos. :)

2006-12-06 [earthkynd]: Hehe :P

2006-12-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

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