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Here are a few historical money systems for reference and maybe a starting place for creating your own. By no means a complete list, see the reference links for more.

British Money

~Farthing (copper)
~Penny (copper) = 4 farthings
~Shilling (silver) = 12 pence/pennies
~Crown (silver) = 5 shillings
~Pound (silver) = 4 crowns= 20 shillings
~Guinea (gold) = 21 shillings
~Sovereign (gold) = 1 pound</li>

There were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. The same is true of other money systems; only the names of the coins change.

French Money

Spanish Money

Roman Money

~Semis (copper) = 2 copper Quadrantes
~Ass (copper) = 2 Semisses
~Dupondius (brass) = 2 Asses
~Denarius (silver) = 4 Sestertii Sestertius (brass) = 2 Dupondii
~Aureus (gold) = 25 Denarii

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