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2006-01-11 18:02:57
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All bow down to

Updated photo of the oh so pretty one:


Welcome to [cobwebb]'s Fan club, if you don't know her click there on her name^.^

This wiki if for my bwestest friend on elftown, cobwebb, she's nice, kind and always good to talk to, good at making up lil poems (lol ^_~) and just real good friend ^.^ oh and she loves making wiki's lol ;)

To find out some more about [cobwebb] lookie here ^.^ All about cobwebb

Also, check out cobwebb's FC Banner's, and grab a banner :P ^.^

Add your name to the list if you thinks she's great ^.^

-1. [fit boy slim] woooo im at the top of the list.....o.O
0. [LiKeaNaDDiCt] yeah .) she is great and Happy Christmas :)
1. [Zantia] ^.^ #1 fan^.^
2. [tears of the mist] / [Modnoc!] *grabs the "#1" and puts it next to her name* ^^;;
4.[*miffy1000*] hey sophie can i polish ur shoe wid my tooth
5.[cyber_mad] hey, i am not gonna mess up this wiki, i just wanna say that i like you (cobwebb that is)
6.[LiL~HuNnIe~19875] DEShe is a really great person and i like talking to her
9. [lampard] you da girl
10. [mr piggy bank] happy new year
11. [*Tinkabell*] i luv sophie she is well cool on ET and in real life !!! YOU ROCK!
12. [♥.Flowers Of Carnage.] shes kool
13. [Snowflame] *does what willow did* >>;
14. [swabloo] COBWYEBBY!!!!!!R *glomps cobwebb*
15. [fit boy slim] obviously i already join just it got lost in the post *hehe runs*
16. [cobwebb] I don't actually love myself but I joined xD coz its funneh ^^
17.[dopher] yay for mcfly girl!
18. [LadyMoon] LOLF COBWEBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19.[Sylios] HIKIIII shes so beautiful
20. [Hewi] Hey Cobwebb, Ur so pwetttyyyy ;) lol. [Lv ya xxxxxxx]
21. [Darth Wobble] She's really nice
22.[Kaos101] ur so gorgy sophie, LUV YA!!
23.[jonnyp] Best persosn in da world love ya laways xxx
24.[KnightAngel] cool person as far as i have found out
25.[The end of nothing]
26.[Xx sαяαн-ιоυιѕε мαч..x] She's the nicest babe I know! ^^ luv yaz hun! xx
27.Its jessie ive forgot my user name but sophies a legend! and she has lovely hair! lol!
28. [doctor snuffy] im tee or white tee
29. [HowseR] t</his gal's totally awesome! she's a must speak to person!
30. [Dark Erk] WOO! Cobwebb ish the sessyness! Really sweet girl! ^_~
31. [SILLY..(BETH)]☆ sofi you rock, i love you hun xxxXXXxxxXXXxxx ☆
32. [~~*danny*~~] He He shortay has her own fan club, might as well sign here.... love ya loadz hunny ure a great laugh n very sexy!
33. [Buni boiler]  I LOVE YOU ROO SWEETIE MWAH xxxxxxxxxxxx
34. [adios everyone] wo0oo0! you rock!:D seriously this girl is amazin! luv ya sofi! xxx
35. [Sweet but Evil] omg i love soph so much she roks da world! she's so pretty nd great 2 talk 2 love ya hunni xxMwAhx
36. [natural high] Hey hey this girl rocks no doubt about it, love 2 get 2 no u beta m8.x
37. [AlmightyHannah] I wuv yooo sofi!! im so glad u spoke 2 me!! ur great!! wuv you! xxx

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-12 [Buni boiler]: wo0t Sof is awesome and she's on my new site:   SOFI TOOK DA PICZ!  still visit MINE lol  :$   <3 mwah

2005-12-27 [LiKeaNaDDiCt]: [LiKeaNaDDiCt] is here LoL :)

2005-12-29 [cobwebb]: omg, that picture (the one above the recent one) is well old, hshahah

2005-12-29 [*Tinkabell*]: is it o :( ! lol i thought u looked young in it !

2005-12-29 [cobwebb]: what, no that one is very recent! (the gray one)...I was talking about the one before it lol!

2005-12-29 [*Tinkabell*]: oooo! lol u have confuzzled me well sofi !

2005-12-29 [cobwebb]: eehehehe

2005-12-30 [doctor snuffy]: Zzzzzzzzzz..............zzz.....zzz.....zzzz.....zzzz...

2005-12-30 [*Tinkabell*]: now now don't be falling asleep!

2006-01-01 [doctor snuffy]: Zzzzzzzzzz..............zzz.....zzz.....zzzz.....zzzz...BWA....what???

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: .

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: dgh

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: dfg

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: daff

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: ad

2006-01-02 [cobwebb]: Patrickio muwhaha

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: patrickio   aayyyyyyyy

2006-01-02 [fit boy slim]: how bout porky

2006-01-02 [cobwebb]: Lmao, hai porky

2006-01-02 [*Tinkabell*]: hehe random?!

2006-01-20 [doctor snuffy]: DUnnnnnaHHH!!!!

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