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2005-12-12 17:12:40
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The Elijah Wood Appreciation Wiki -
One for a few Club Melon members if certainly not all! lol! If you want a go at drawing please have a go at the <a href="">banner</a> contest for this page. If not, go look any way the entries are excellent.
The Frodo Fanclub -
I know, I are all beginning to see a pattern. This is sort of a list of Frodo fans (You don't have to fancy him you know!!).
LotR Fans Unite!. -
It is like a trilogy all on its own!
Agreeable Mr Darcy -
Like the ever agreeable Mr Darcy? Then join! It will get better the more <a href="">people</a> who join. I promise.
The Monty Python Club -
'He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!' Join. NOW!
Penguin World Domination Society -
One of the most random wiki pages I have ever come across! (Besides club melon of course!) Join!
Brits Unite -
Great idea by Melon Member [Goldice]!! I think it is pretty simple to get, but a good page for all us Brits. But be WARNED! No racist behaviour will be tolerated! *Dun Dun Duuuun!*
Bush Haters Association -
Anyboby else anoyed at the idiot that is the so called "president" of the United States? Show your support (Or rather your lack of it! lol)
Kings of Random - So good it's like a small zebra swinging between your nipples and tickling your lower ribcage with its fluffy pink tail.
Get ur FUNK on- it's not the best club but u can laugh at the monkey!!!
PLEASE suggest some pages. If I don't get suggestions I can't expand the List; now can I!

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