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2005-12-12 17:26:39
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Welcome to the Club Melon Epic Member List

Please add you name to the list below to join and message me to tell me you have. If you don't know how to add you name just message me and I will be most honoured to help. Muahahahahahahahaha!

The most Epic Member list. All those that follow are the most epic of people:

[Quazi] President...and the only one here.....hello?
[The Once and Future King] Not completely forced to join....
[Hairyfoot] I was forced at gunpoint to join...
[.Forever Dreaming.] Woho i know how to join it now eva lol! ill talk to u in maths!
[leela] help i have been forced to join this club.........................only joking i was paid to!
[avion arr] well this is a very sheepish thing to do, baa
[Carnivorous Obscuration] !!!I like melons!!!
[Goldice] Ermm...
[*~Lawz~*] wow melons!
[Bloomy II] you should be proud to have such a wondeful person to join your melon club
[sic_twisted_me] melons..mmm .. yummy!!!
[Jarlaxle] This is all rather silly
[El Cid] balls
[AMSND] easy as that!
[Mrs Baggins] blaaaah, cool wiki [Quazi]!!
[Ricco] I love melons!:)))
[afashdf afhhoahda fofbhaf obhat ohbqat] indeed.
[smile like u mean it!] i was forced to join... damn midget clowns!
[last summer] now i get it
[the obvious child] Did you know there's a song called "Melons"?
[Penguinlord] What does this site have to do with Elijah Wood?
[..beautiful disaster..] i still don't get it!
[!ME!] u hav no idea how long this took me.....nooo...dnt delete.....
[stealing beauty] heheheheh looks like fun.........
[{0} {0}] i luv melons! especially watermelons!!!!!
[ACCOUNT DELETED.] pigeons and melons...
[skip 2 my lou] err the once and future king is holding me at excaliber point... so i have to join.
[JonnyC] whos this skip 2 my lou fella above me.
[jobby] I just put my name here, dunno if i shud have or not... mellons are nice
[RiDlEy] Love Rocks like a stone to the head.... *think about it*
Member count: 29.....and growing.
[Ketch-UP_2009] YAY!! member 30!!!...hehe...i like melons...watermelons r good...mmmm...*drools*...
[angrybuddhas.] melons are some tasty delacacies right there...nummy
[LAURALOVE.] if u rearrange melon it spells lemon!!
[kurikala] I fink I've worked it out!
[Danni1234] WTF
[Lady Siris] I like pineapples but melons are juicy and round
[mannaz] OMG wat am i doin Eva!
[Emuse] You know what a boy means when he asks you: do you want to share a melon with me? It means: "you can lick the juice of my face, while i am eating." (The bastard! Show me the melon!)
[X. Nightmare] :D
[Anna™] when will this insanity end...???!!! oh yeah i like melons...and star fruit...wait, thats irrelevant sorry!
[JessieAnn] hey people i joined under the ruling of eva *bows donw* then wavves *spazzy wave* hellllllllooooooo....
[a . slow . suicide__x] so where's my free melon then? don't i get one for joining?
[earthkynd] AAAAAAAh! Where the hell am I? How did I end up here??? Whatever, as long as I get a free melon!
[Truth . Beauty . Love] Thought i'd join you all here.
[SUSHI!] sounds cool
[kittykittykitty] I love melon... very sociable vegetable

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2004-10-02 [kurikala]: Meeelllon!

2004-10-04 [kurikala]: I want my melon banner!

2004-10-04 [kurikala]: Melon banner...please?(It's just so cool!)

2004-10-05 [Quazi]: Of course my friend

2004-10-14 [Danni1234]: eva i want ma melon banner plz!!!

2004-10-16 [LAURALOVE.]: hi danny!

2004-10-16 [Quazi]: Send me proper messages damn you and I will answer all your questions.

2004-10-21 [LAURALOVE.]: wot?

2004-12-09 [stealing beauty]: hehe !!! r the love !!!!!!!!

2006-01-29 [Anna™]: i wish i had a melon *cries*

2006-01-31 [kittykittykitty]: Ooooh here ya go *Gives IMYTD a slice of watermelon* ^_^

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