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Closed Contests

Closed and Winners to be announced:
-Fantasy Families contest
-Armored Farm Animals Contest
-The 30 Day Contest
-Chibi Art Contest
-draw kenji wulfe
-Star Wars A New Contest

Closed and Winners announced:
-Treasure of Roses art contest - Congratulations [riddle_holic]
-The Color of Art - Congratulations [Triola]
-Pastkeepers art contest - Congratulations [Future Dictator]
-Pagan God Contest - Congratulations [nehirwen]
-Flight of the Phoenix - Congratulations [Calico Tiger]
-Crossdressing contest - Congratulations [blu.nation]
-Who Wants to be a Super Hero? - Congratulations [Arisonu]
-DC Does Elftown - Congratulations [Lord Dog]
-Flight of the Phoenix
-Creatures of Myth
-Howl's Moving Castle Contest

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