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2006-05-12 02:19:46
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Welcome To Classical Piano!!

Hello again! This class is for the people that have graduated from Beginners Piano and would like to know how to improve their skills at it. Please note that I will erase you as a student if you are already an expert at the classics and just want to join to correct the teacher. This, like before, will also be an RP style classroom. Once I have at least one student (yes, just one needed this time), I will officially start the lessons. See you soon!!

[incendere] - I used to have lessons, but I quit two years ago and have been teaching myself since then. I'm pretty good, I guess, but my sight-reading is bad - I take a piece, learn it so well I can play it by heart, even though it takes me a while to get the hang of it at first, then move on....I sort of learn the pieces, not the piano..if that makes any sense..
[Lleu] Been playing for almost 9 years, but weak in theory. Favourite composers: Beethoven, Liszt, and Dvorak. I have been to two of Radoslav Kvapil's conzerts. Hold on... Lleu's Binder

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