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Civalya De Sairafaen, royal princess of the House of Aquaea, and the royal Family Vxa.

User:  [Sairafaen]

Race: Aquaean Elf
Age: 147 yrs
Gender: Female
Rank/Class/Title: LvL. 15 Druid
  Height: 6'0
  Weight: 135lbs.
  Build/Stature: Athletic with great muscle tone, but features are still smooth
  Eye Color: Lavender
  Hair Color: Platinum
  Flesh Tone: Olive, and tanned
   (Nationality): Aquaean Elf
  Clothing and Apparel: Usually very well dressed, in formal dress and tiara, but, when traveling or in disguise, she dresses accordingly.
  Outstanding Marks or Features: She has tattoos of her family crest braided around both upper arms. She is very Aquaean in appearance. She has gills on her neck, and webbing between her fingers and toes.

(*No* Artworks, imagery or media)

  Feats and Abilities: Shapeshifting, Thousand Faces
  Combat, Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Ambidexterity, Two Weapon Fighting
   -Weapons on hand: Two blue Longswords engraved with Aquaean glyphs that translate to 'For the Protection of All', a blowgun and an array of poisen and sleep darts, a quarter staff(tr) of driftwood with carvings of dolphins and merfolk, as well as a ceremonial bow made of driftwood and adorned with small shells.
  Spell or Talent Use:
   -Divine or Arcane Spell Use: Druidic Spellcasting, and Still Spell
   -Racial, Supernatural, Spell-like or Extraordinary Abilities: Augmented Companion Atreyu the fish, No need to Sleep, Natural ability to Breathe Under Water, Incredible Swimming abilities, Trackless Step, Low-Light Vision,
   -Psionic Abilities or Talents:
  Strengths and Weaknesses:
Personality: Annunciates very clearly when speaking, Whistles when happy, Royal, Proud, and Strong
  Quirks, Outstanding and Memorable Actions or Phrases: Drinks very heavily when distressed
History: Civalya De Sairafaen was born on the island of Vxa, as a Princess of the Aquaean Nation. She is named after her 9th generation grandmother, Alsooluyre Sairafaen. She is the daughter of the Oryar Toran, the Oriaya Leelani, and sister to Eonna, Belle, Morgana, and Sythyn (rebel). Upon denying her betrothel to the Prince of Mer, Oran, The Oryar and Oriaya sent her on a mission the save their floating island of Vxa from crashing into the cliffs of Eastonia. On her journey, she finds the most unusual aid to hr task at hand, in the help of two Drow and a Dwarf. (ARRRGGGGGHHH). Upon her return, her father falls ill and dies, leaving the position of Oryar to her. With the safety of her island assured, and her island just recently made freely mobile, she begins traveling the world.
Equipment and Belongings: Backpack w/ bedroll and canvas tent, flask, Platinum signet ring of her family crest, A bottle of elven wine (a must), and a silver magic mirror for scrying
Other: Her Augmented Companion, Atreyu is her only true friend. Given to her at birth, Atreyu the fish is the only reminder that she has of her beloved Uncle Myeere, who disappeared shortly before her 20th birthday. (dun dun dunnnnn)
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2006-02-27 [xido]: Looks nice... a little short, but well enough

2006-03-16 [Sairafaen]: I can always add more later. I implemented the character page example that you put up for the guild... there are a few pieces of info still missing, but it is still pretty complete.

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