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Estantia's Stories


Estantia's Stories


Username: [Estantia]
Character name: Cirrasa, means wind being, a not entirely normal human.
Species/creature/race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic good.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Generally smiling, optimistic and openly honest. She IS prone to being daydreamy or not paying attention. Her eyes are pearly grey with a blue pupil, though it's likely her magic changed this sight. Wears a nomads white burnoose often folded around her. also wears a white turban-like hat that leaves her face and hair free.

Age: 20.

Skin: Olive tan.
Hair: Longish straight and light brown-blonde.
Height: 5foot 10inches
Body built: Willowy
Tattoos: None
Ears: Pierced, usually some sort of small gold earring in, stud or otherwise.

Clothes: Wears a nomads white burnoose often folded around her. also wears a white turban-like hat that leaves her face and hair free.

Preferred weapons: Weapons? Doesn't fight if she can help, at most she will use winds as a shield or to push someone over, creating even a mini-whirlwind would be far too destructive for her to consider in normal circumstances.

Characteristics: Naive, daydreaming. Likes to sing and talk to the wind, in ways she is simple like the wind, but can be perceptive and uncomfortably shrewd. Can sing well and is reasonably fast and agile.

Personality: Light, optimistic. Almost simplistic in a way and her attention flits like the wind. Laughs extremely easily and pleased quickly by small things. Sometimes she seems unworldly in a way because of her simplicity. Generally appears dazed, but can make shrewd observations when she pays attention.

Likes: Wind, birds, singing, silence, small but beautiful things, the simple things in life.

Dislikes: Being trapped, cruelty, lack of freedom.

Abilities: Communicating with wind both ways and seeing it. Asking it to do things and controlling small winds at times, occasionally can be lifted by it a short way, but the most it does normally is let her semi-glide. She has recently found her mind can become a wind in its own right, giving her increased control over her power and an inability for her mind to be affected in this state, though her body is open for possession.

Magic: As mentioned above, all connected to wind.

Weaknesses: Cannot fight effectively, only defend at best and normally with magic that is hard to control. Also does not understand easily many more human concepts.

History: Used to live with a nomad tribe in a desert land in another world entirely where magic is reasonably common and shifts to match the users's needs and environment. (Joe Marder's world, otherwise known as Familiar's world.) While looking after camels she started to hear the wind and see it, talking to it and playing, learning what she could. The tribe didn't kick her out but some years later a person contacted her via a song and pulled her into another world, the air lifting her up and forwards. That person is who she calls the singer, unknown to her this singer is Estantia in a more incopreal form.

She was part of a travelling troupe of performers until circumstances led to the Caravan being killed and then burned so now she is once more drifting and carries grief for the caravan members, though this doesn't disturb her everyday life.

Other: Wishes above all to get home but quite content to spend a while getting there if that's what's required. She will always try and help no matter if she's useless, but quite often stands out of the way if there is nothing she can do to help.


Estantia's Stories

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