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Circus album review

First of all -- I would like to say that Britney Spears has never produced such a great album in her life....she even surprised ME. Her voice sounds quite yummy....but don't expect any Beyonce tricks, cause don't forget.....this is Britney Spears. But still, she sounds great...especially the song 'blur'...I almost cried.

The album is called 'Circus' -- but other than the photographs -- there isn't much of a 'circus-y' that she simply means her life...has been a big ass spectacle.

Britney did the ONE THING I wanted her to do the most -- LET HER LIFE REFLECT IN HER MUSIC. Though she had very little to do with writing the songs [dont trip Mariah...Whitney...Patti Labelle...Beyonce...all the great 'voices' rarely write their own shit, so don't hate Britney for not doing it. If she cant write a good song, then the smart thing would be to have someone else do it...] But yes. Her music is speaking directly about whats been going on....some actually shocking. I'll give you my review of each track -- plus all the bonus tracks I heard.

1. 'Womanizer' -- at first I wasn't sure about this song, but it grew onto me faster than fungus to a wet towel tucked under a bathroom cabinet! I was just so NERVOUS about a new Britney single...cause I knew that if it sucked it wouldn't be too good for her career -- especially at this point. But I'll be...the song made number 1 on the billboard top 100 -- which she hasn't done SINCE HER FIRST SONG CAME OUT. Womanizer is about a guy who thinks he's the shit...and eh thinks he can play ALL the women, but Britney ain't Ms. Spears...

2. 'Circus' - I like the song...just not A LOT. I don't like the way it starts, or the chorus....I feel like she should have used that title track to really talk about some serious shit...but it turns out the song is partially about dancing... But since its the next single, and the video has already been shot I'll put my game face on and enjoy it! Judging by the stills, the video is gonna be hot. It was shot by the same guy who did the 'I'm A Slave 4 U' video.

3. 'Out from Under' -- this song is slow, and soft and beautiful. Its actually a cover song....some other chick did it. I heard her version, but Britney's version has more emotion. Basically shes saying how she'll be better off when shes 'out from under'...sad...yet true.

4. 'Kill the lights' -- YES! GET MAD BRITNEY! The first line of this song is 'you don't like me/ I don't like you'....awesome. Shes talking about all the tabloid paparazzi people, and how she wishes the flashbulbs would stop. [I assumed this song was about sex before I heard it. Shame on me...] My fav line of the song is 'I ain't perfect/ you ain't either'....sums this whole shit up in 6 words!

5. 'Shattered Glass' -- something tells me this song is about K-Fed. Basically shes saying that what the two of them had is in more pieces than shattered glass. ahaha. Its very retro-sounding...very 80's....odd. I noticed an eclectic 80's theme in more than one song. The vocals on this track are SICK....the chorus makes you wanna bust out all the windows u can manage...she sound so soft...but you can hear the anger underneath the facade...its like a psychological game...yes, in the song the guy cheated. It opens with Britney asking some psycho-killer bits about how he cant sleep....and is he having a nightmare...ahahah.

6. 'If U Seek Amy' -- I had a spaz attack when I heard this song. In this song, Britney is talking about how all the boys and all the girls wanna if u seek Amy. Doesn't make any sense? Keep saying 'if u seek amy' really fast...u will get it. She reunites with Max Martin for this one. For those of you who don't know -- Max Martin is the producer behind all her earlier songs 'Oops!....I did it again' -- 'Stronger' -- 'Lucky'....and for those of you who don't know, the 'Max Martin' sound is the Britney sound that I like the most. This song is the most 'Britney' sounding song on the whole album. Max Martin nailed it! I almost stopped breathing when I heard it....very very very pop. This song is every Britney element you could imagine, boiled down into under 4 minutes. ahaha. Its very lesbionic...Max Martin is following a theme, I see. He's also the guy who produced Katy Perry's 'I kissed a girl.' I love Swedish pop! Its the best in the world!

7. 'Unusual you' -- this song made me a bit misty eyed. Its about how unusual this guy is. Hes doing all the right things that Britney didn't expect. Thats why hes so unusual. It sounds sad, but its really a happy song...thats its so heartbreakingly beautiful. Shes almost torn to pieces with emotion cause she realizes this guy is the real deal. It has a slow dark electronic sound.

8. 'Blur' -- this is probably the most HONEST song Ms. Spears has ever recorded....I get the feeling she really went through this. Basically, in the song Britney cant remember what she did last night, nor can she remember the guy who shes with...Its heartbreaking. She sounds panicked. Like the whole song is going on IN HER its her thoughts. This is a very R&B sounding song.....her vocals are deeper than normal....and very serious. Her voice sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!! I love how she hits notes and sings, but never gets carried away into the whole yodeling thing many r&b singers do. Its produced by the same guy who did 'Gimme More.'

9. 'Mmm Papi' -- I though I would HATE this song to be honest. I thought 'A song called Mmm Papi couldn't be good!' but I was WRONG WRONG WRONG. I totally DID NOT EXPECT this song to sound the way it does. Its very campy, and borderline ridiculous...but somehow Britney makes it work. It has an 80's surfer-like you wanna just go to a BBQ, and your whole family does the two-step in unison. HAHAHA. Its about a guy...strangely she says 'papa' more than 'papi' but a song called 'Mmm Papa' would be just...sick. ahhaah! I like how she talks at the end of the song...very funny. she says something like 'i'z the mama....' aaha. I could just DIE I like this song so much...

10. 'Mannequin' -- to tell you the truth, I have no idea what the hell shes talking about...but I know its a sick song. Its awfully good. Her voice sounds so impersonal and robotic....well, thats apparent for a song called 'Mannequin' I guess. It makes me want to rip my hair out and dance in the streets. Love the musical break down.

11. 'Lace and Leather' -- TOTALLY 80'S!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE TUBULAR! The beat is very Prince-like...its very kick-y....sounds almost identical to Princes' 'Kiss' the beat not the vocals. Her voice is crisp and the 80's stood for. The song is Britney's gonna be dipped in Lace and Leather for that special guy....LOVE IT. She says 'French fingertips/ red lips/ this bitch is dangerous' -- I died. fantastic! I find it odd how she pronounces certain words. She can make any word sound so cool. The word 'more' sounds like 'moarhhh' in this song. ahaha. adorable. The musical breakdown is AWESOME....sounds very ORGANIC. My only issue is this song is not even 3 minutes long. But then again, most songs in the 80's weren't that long. The breakdown is really sexy...really really sexy...electric guitar....thick drums! This bitch is BADDDDDDDDDDDDD!

12. 'My Baby' -- shes angelic in this song! Its about her children. Enough said....she sounds sooooooooooo almost hurts to listen. If u can imagine all thats went on with her and her kids...and how in the song she says she Thanks God for them....u can see how it would hurt to listen to this....

13. Bonus track: 'Radar' -- SAME SONG FROM HER LAST CD!!! I almost pooped a brick when I found out that THIS was going on the American album as a BONUS TRACK....hell....we already have that fucking song ON ANOTHER CD! To be honest, the song actually fits this album better than it did with BLACKOUT, and I think the song didn't get a fair chance. This is actually a smart move, though I LOATHE to admit it. This track was too good to get much as I don't wanna say it....its a good choice.

[all songs below are extra songs that come with various versions of the album]

14. 'Rock me in' -- awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lurve it! very clappy...retro...y....

15. 'Quicksand' -- ....I barely remember anything about this song....thats a bad thing in case you didn't read it right. This song was empty...and forgetful -- which is why it didn't make the American version of the album....the people in the UK are gonna eat it up though. ahaha.

16. 'Trouble' -- this song is awesome! But very...strange. I don't fully understand sounds happy and scary at the same time. ahah. Reminds me of 'Blinded me with science' though it sounds nothing like it...just the FEEL of it...another 80's like song. It sounds like a light R&B song...has bits of The Barkays, Evelyn Champagne King....all of those old acts. Her sound is it. Some say it sounds greatly like Madonna's "Get Together."

17. 'Phonography' -- sex. Get it Phone + Pornography. I love it....and it actually doesn't even sound dirty. ahaha. Its a bit ridiculous, but it works. She uses the word 'blue tooth' -- and she makes a comment about how shes NOT going to add him to her plan....yes...she means her cellphone plan!!!!. The beat reminds me of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. ahahah! It has a video game 80's sound. The chorus is backed by a deep robotic masculine sounds so it love sounds like a 'Bloodshy & Avant' song [the guys who made TOXIC] because of the whole sound. I gotta do my research

18. 'Amnesia' -- sucks. I'm sorry. This song sucks...really bad. I was told that this song was supposed to be all deep...scary...dark....but its light.....with a clappy beat. God, this sucks. I think its the worst track I heard. I'm sooooooo glad she didn't put this on the American album....the suckers in Japan got it instead...AHAHAH! People were raving about this 'Lady GaGa' lady who produced 'quicksand' and 'Amnesia' -- but those two songs sucked the most...I guess Britney wont be making any recording dates with Lady Gaga in the near future....HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Overall....the sound is pop....meets hardcore 80's meets heartfelt slow songs. GREAT AWESOME COMBO!

I have to say I give this album 5 STARS! I only gave Blackout 3 stars if I remember. She took a lot of chances -- and I think they paid off.

She has never put this much effort in making a record...

she spoke of recording 60-sum songs, which is astronomical in Britney terms since her handlers had a strict vision of what kind of record she was going to make...and only had a small handful of throwaway tracks. But this time Britney stepped out on her own and did this BY HERSELF. She wasn't even pressured to come out with an album...she took it upon herself to expand her sound and her record label was REALLY HAPPY with the finished product.

I'm very proud of Britney and I cant wait for all of you to hear it. I highly suggest you go purchase the album at your nearest retailer! [In the US -- popular stores are Walmart, Target, and or any electronics store that also carries music.]

Very happy for her. I am relieved as a fan that she has gotten over her dark cloud

comes out all over the world on December 2nd, Britney's 27th birthday.

....I know Britney Spears has nothing to do with Elftown, but no one specified that reviews couldn't be about ANYTHING. lol.
/ [Mikhul, the Bard]

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