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Photography and Graphics by [Chimes]. Banner Pending. Original Title: Circles. (Page was taken)



...With no shoes,
Bare feet meeting gold.
Winking into mirrors,
With tresses
Circling always circling.
'Til something stops.

In, again, it goes
And turns and turns
'til fully wound.
And with one last
And passing glance
For cogs and keys
And gold

I dance...


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2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: I like it. :)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: :D Yay! Do you know what it's about? ^^

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: I have no idea.., it just seems all pretty to me. :)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: I'll give you a hint. I'm obsessed with them :P

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: KEYS! MASQUERADES! MAGIC!

(Ghandi! Hitler! Vomit!)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: :P Nope... but it begins with an M. XD

(Where did that come from? XD)

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: MAMMA MIA!? D: (I am unimaginative :P)

(Bill Bailey's Part Troll :D)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: Nooooo. The literal thing it is about is a 'Music box'. :) Or the dancer inside. But there are more things that can be taken from it. ^^

(I haven't seen all of that.)

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: Aha! I might've known! *cough* Well.., if I didn't suck at poetry reading. :P

(AHa! D:)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: Hehe... it's kind of a 'me' thing too... Music boxes are love :)

(I need to.)

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: Hehe oh well. :P

(Do so.)

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: Yahr.
(I will.)

2009-01-05 [Duke Devlin]: QUITE!

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