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Cindy "Merk" Rocks

Hi all i am [AirForce16] AKA Tyler this is a wiki made for a relly special person Cindy plz join and msg thanx.







Cindy's Friends! <3


Robert, but I haven't talked to him in a while


My nephew, Devon!!

My Moe !! :)

Members:[AirForce16], [It isn't so bad here.], [~u hate me, i know u do~],[~Acidelf3~],[*amberley*],[Slaughterâ„¢]

A Poem from jimmy :-)
I know you don't like thinking of the future, and what tomorrow might bring,

But I have this kind of Philosophy thing

I really love you, you know this is true

But this is not about me, it's all about you

Now think about today, just this one.

Who helps the most to make this day fun?

Who makes you laugh when you really want to cry?

At the end of the day, who's that guy?

Close your eyes and don't think of tomorrow,
Because every second of this day is just a moment you borrow,

so the guy that can do all this in just one day,
Is the one guy that should truly stay.

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2005-11-09 [*amberley*]: r yall gonna get back together

2005-11-09 [~Acidelf3~]: i think they will.. infact.. well idk

2005-11-09 [It isn't so bad here.]: I hope we do sometime :-)... I mean, I like Nasty Nate, but I miss Jimmy HARD!

2005-11-09 [~Acidelf3~]: ...

2005-11-10 [*amberley*]: hmm.. ok? well nate is wierd.. jimmy is wierd.. yess he is.. but hes jimmy.. but he also does have a girlfriend.. so hmm.. delima.. :(

2005-11-10 [It isn't so bad here.]: delimma** Meh.. I wouldn't do it right away anywho. I would wait.. for Michelle's sake...

2005-11-10 [*amberley*]: yeah r they still together? if so how r they doing.. they always seem so distant from eachother..


2005-11-10 [It isn't so bad here.]: no clue

2005-11-10 [~Acidelf3~]: lalalalalalalalala ... hehheheh ok here is the name.... its **** *****

2005-11-10 [~Acidelf3~]: lalalal.. hes not in school at the moment.. but hes coming back.. he is super cute.. to me... and... lalalala guess

2005-11-10 [It isn't so bad here.]: BITCH

2005-11-10 [~Acidelf3~]: i know

2005-11-11 [*amberley*]: hmmmmmmmmm.. who is it?

2005-11-11 [~Acidelf3~]: cindy knows....... lol u have to guess

2005-11-11 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol yea i do know.... he's 'aiight' i guess

2005-11-11 [*amberley*]: WELL wat grade? wats his name start with and how would i kno him? remember i dont kno that many ppl here..

2005-11-11 [~Acidelf3~]: ok.. chill out.. here are some clues....... he has 2 younger brothers and a younger sister. all but the sister go to our school *next year she will be with us* he quit school this year... but is trying to come back.. he was in rotc this year before quitting...... *i didnt give cindy this many hints either so be happy* and his name is  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _

2005-11-11 [~Acidelf3~]: now if you want to play hang man and guess a letter that will work too.. lol

2005-11-11 [It isn't so bad here.]: Ok Britney, ADAM MEEKS...

2005-11-12 [~Acidelf3~]: ahw you loozer that was only for amberley..... and i am thinking of breaking it off...... he is being a bitch

2005-11-12 [It isn't so bad here.]: liar... u want Nasty Nate.. lol jkjk\\

2005-11-12 [~Acidelf3~]: *no comment*

2005-11-13 [~Acidelf3~]: oh btw i found out that adam is a dick and told me some bull.. so yah we were never going out.. or something.... idk i though we were but were not.. so yah im back on the market

2005-11-13 [*amberley*]: adam.. wowh britt.. tahts nasty.

2005-11-13 [*amberley*]: oh did i tell yall i got a car,......... if not i did.. for 75 dollars LOL its a 1977 FORD LTD.. THE BIGGEST FUCKNIG CAR EVER.......its shit brown lol its ugly as crap.. but it runs and it wa s75 dollars!

2005-11-13 [It isn't so bad here.]: Lol. Nice...

2005-11-13 [~Acidelf3~]: lol.. nice.. and dont worry im not dateing him and i never was

2005-11-13 [~Acidelf3~]: it was in the works.. but whatever

2005-11-14 [It isn't so bad here.]: ohk

2005-11-14 [~Acidelf3~]: CHRIS STILL LOVES ME!!!!!! IM SO FUC*ING HAPPY

2005-11-14 [It isn't so bad here.]: yay... can you see my enthusiasm?


2005-11-15 [It isn't so bad here.]: wow, a bit of a mood swing from ur last msg..

2005-11-16 [~Acidelf3~]: thats because he is an ass hole.... god *chris.....* and so is nasty nate for going back out with the whore

2005-11-16 [pixie dust420]: u should u nasty bitch slut oh and never call me a hoe again u stupid bitch or i am gonna beat the hell out of you! do u understand now u stupid bitch whore?

2005-11-16 [pixie dust420]: and adam came by work and was like that bitch is so ugly and annoying i can't stand her y would i date her i was like i know he hates u britney get over it u SUCK!!!!

2005-11-16 [pixie dust420]: stupid hoe do something about it STOP{ being a slut it does not help u ur to fucking ugly!!!!!


2005-11-17 [*amberley*]: wow jessica.. i havent much ever cared for u .. and i dont think i ever will.. u look nasty as crap.. u look like a walking std.. and yeah maybe britney does date a lot of guys andeverything.. but you CERTANTILY have no room to talk when it comes to guys .. so shut up.. oh and .. (( being a slut does not help when ur ugly)) u should take ur own advice.. so shut the fuck up talkin to britney like that.. kk? if u wanna beat my ass.. tell me when and where.. but dont u dare fucking talk about brit like that .. kk?!

2005-11-17 [~Acidelf3~]: OMG AMBERLEY!! I am in shock.........

2005-11-17 [~Acidelf3~]: and.. if she tries anything let me know.. ill beat her ass too...

2005-11-17 [It isn't so bad here.]: i like brown ducks

2005-11-18 [*amberley*]: lol kk.. i aint worried about her.. she aint nothing to me.

2005-11-19 [~Acidelf3~]: well i told her to get online and check out what you wrote... then i called he3r a whore... lol well she was like come on face me hit me.. i was like bitch im not going to touch you with a 10 foot poll.. lol so seh got pissed.. lol

2005-11-19 [AirForce16]: Ya'll can't spell!!!!

2005-11-19 [It isn't so bad here.]: Yay! Go Jimmy!!

2005-11-20 [~Acidelf3~]: oh well...

2005-11-21 [*amberley*]: lol ..

2005-11-21 [~Acidelf3~]: well looks as though miss whore has not been on to read the wiki

2005-11-22 [*amberley*]: lol oh well it doesnt matter.. i didnt do it so she would get mad.. i did it so she would SHUT UP. lol

2005-11-22 [~Acidelf3~]: yah true

2005-11-22 [It isn't so bad here.]: good job then.

2005-11-23 [*amberley*]: ha.

2005-11-23 [It isn't so bad here.]: eek.. lol

2005-11-23 [~Acidelf3~]: you are with nasty nate you little skamp

2005-11-23 [~Acidelf3~]: *for cindy*

2005-11-23 [*amberley*]: EW.. y do yall call him nasty nate.. ?

2005-11-23 [~Acidelf3~]: cuz.. idk ask cindy

2005-11-23 [*amberley*]: hmmm alrighty

2005-11-24 [It isn't so bad here.]: I'm not with him Britney. You can think what you want to, but I'm not. It was a joke from his kicks soccer team.

2005-11-24 [~Acidelf3~]: i know ur not with him..... but damn you sure as hell spend toooo much time with him.. you knwo you can leave nathan to the rest of us *meaning me* who have liked him since .. well forever!!

2005-11-24 [It isn't so bad here.]: oh yeah brit, u say that about almost every guy u like. u say u were gonna give up umtil chris comes back.. wat about that? and u should understand y im spendin time with him.

2005-11-24 [~Acidelf3~]: great cindy low blow about chris... he wont come back ... he doesnt talk to me the last time we did we got in a fight and i wanted to die.. i dont need that ok... and yah i get why u r always with him but damn! you act like you are stilll going out and you know that you like jimmy and want to be with jimmy....

2005-11-24 [It isn't so bad here.]: I dont act like im going out with him. yeah, i know i want to be with jimmy, but i dont yet. I'm not ready for another relationship yet. i've already told him that. i hope that he understands. if not then i dont know what to say... im sorry about the chris thing, but honestly if your gonna like a guy since forever then at least narrow it down to a few... not all the guys u say it about now.

2005-11-24 [AirForce16]: well I'v missed sum stuff :)

2005-11-24 [It isn't so bad here.]: yea...

Happy Henry Day

... This year my mom and I named the turkey Henry. I told him not to be scared. That it would be like a spa in the oven, at first he refused to go, then I talked him into it.

2005-11-24 [~Acidelf3~]: OMG.. U WEIRD-O..... IM TELLING MOM!!!!!                                                                                                                     


2005-11-25 [*amberley*]: mama called our turkey henyarita marvin the 1st.. wierdo.

2005-11-25 [It isn't so bad here.]: haha, nice.

2005-11-25 [~Acidelf3~]: omg you are all weird!!!

2005-11-25 [*amberley*]: lol oh well its funn :)

2005-11-25 [*amberley*]: hmm....

2005-11-25 [*amberley*]: sorry cindy for being immature.. but i gotta say.. (( im not a nasty slut.. i dont sleep around... i havent been with numerous guys.. and ive been with one for almost 7 months now.. so that should count for something.))

2005-11-26 [~Acidelf3~]: lol.. we won!!! 17-13 next round here we come

2005-11-26 [It isn't so bad here.]: I know your not Amberley. The comment was mainly to Brit and Jess. You were just trying to stick up for your friend. Jess and Brit were just starting crap.

2005-11-26 [~Acidelf3~]: she is the one that started it....... 4 real.............................................................................................amberley.. i love you if you need anything call me

2005-11-26 [It isn't so bad here.]: Brit, saying 'she is the one that started it' doesn't help the fact that you went along with it. lol. But it's ok. I wouldn't expect any less of you. :-P

2005-11-26 [~Acidelf3~]: hey now... just cuz i am a bit immature doenst mean you have to be mean to me about it...

2005-11-26 [*amberley*]: hmm lol

2005-11-27 [It isn't so bad here.]: I'm not being mean. i'm glad that you stick up for your friend though... thats cool. plus... i shouldnt have said anything... its not like im that mature anyway.

2005-11-27 [~Acidelf3~]: ...

2005-11-27 [*amberley*]: cindy ur the most mature out of all of us.

2005-11-28 [AirForce16]: :)

2005-11-28 [It isn't so bad here.]: Lol, I don't think so. I think Jimmy is, but ok.

2005-11-28 [AirForce16]: lol y do u think i smiled :)

2005-11-28 [It isn't so bad here.]: iunno

2005-11-28 [AirForce16]: DUH cuz i am the most mature lol ;)

2005-11-29 [~Acidelf3~]: lol wow.... *coughretartedcough* oh sorry thats showing my immaturity

2005-11-29 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol... y'all gonna joke on me now?

2005-11-29 [*amberley*]: HAHA britney said RETARTED COUGH HAHA

2005-11-29 [~Acidelf3~]: lol .. wow amberley showed her immaaturity.... lol

2005-11-29 [It isn't so bad here.]: ohkkk... anyway... lol im bored

2005-11-30 [*amberley*]: lol i kno :)

2005-11-30 [~Acidelf3~]: lol go u

2005-11-30 [It isn't so bad here.]: thanksgivin is over... :-( we finished henry off last night

2005-11-30 [~Acidelf3~]: hahahahah muhahaha

2005-12-01 [*amberley*]: haha

2005-12-01 [It isn't so bad here.]: yeah. where was jimmy earlier?

2005-12-01 [~Acidelf3~]: who cares

2005-12-02 [It isn't so bad here.]: i do... but i figured it out

2005-12-04 [AirForce16]: You ALL SUCK lol jk

2005-12-04 [*amberley*]: NO JIMMY .. U SUCK

2005-12-05 [~Acidelf3~]: yah cuz jimmy is gay so he would.. lol

2005-12-05 [It isn't so bad here.]: No, he's not... trust me on that. :-)

2005-12-05 [~Acidelf3~]: sure.....

2005-12-07 [*amberley*]: haha wierdos

2005-12-17 [AirForce16]: Cindy i love you so much and i dont know what else to say ...but i will always love you and im sry when ever there comes a time u need me and i have nothing to say im trying so hard

2005-12-17 [It isn't so bad here.]: I love you too Jimmy. Don't try so hard. Just be how we used to. I want to talk about everything... like we used to. I miss it.

2005-12-18 [It isn't so bad here.]: i hate myself for my indecisivness and disbelief in true love

2005-12-19 [~Acidelf3~]: i hate crying.. i hate crying over Chris F.. ... I want back with him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad....... im going to cry myslef to sleep

2005-12-23 [AirForce16]: you know what guys ??......................well neither do i but for some reasonn im having a good night and i really just wanted to say u all mean alot to me even if i dont show it .... but i hope everyone has a great christmas and a happy New Year :) peace

2005-12-23 [pixie dust420]: u all suck!!! j/k love ya ~*~pixie & new york~*~

2005-12-24 [It isn't so bad here.]: yeayyyyyyyyyyy i loooooooove my corset!!!!!!!... lol... jimmy, you cant have your thing till after christmas!

2005-12-24 [~Acidelf3~]: lol


2005-12-24 [~Acidelf3~]: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

2005-12-26 [It isn't so bad here.]: i dont think he ever Hated you... lol

2005-12-28 [*amberley*]: yeah well.. he should have.. i treated him badd.. but that was the past.

2005-12-29 [AirForce16]: yea i never hated you :) just didnt care for u 2 much at the time ;)

2005-12-29 [~Acidelf3~]: lol

2005-12-30 [It isn't so bad here.]: im surprised he never hated me... we are back together now.

2005-12-30 [~Acidelf3~]: Awh Bryan is so awesome!! He took me street racing!!! It was so much fun really. He hit the naus *or spelled something like that* I didnt even know it honestly. It was so awesome. Anyways whats new besides Cindy and Jimmy?

2005-12-30 [It isn't so bad here.]: nos** I can't believe that Will and Michelle are going back out. I don't get it.

2005-12-30 [~Acidelf3~]: thanks cindy... and omg nor can i .... i think she knows he will always be there and he will.. so she is using him as back up for when she doesnt have a bf.. maybe.. thats what i used to do.. idk

2005-12-31 [*amberley*]: U AND JIMMY ARE BACK TOGETHER AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!.. :)

2005-12-31 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol thanks?? :-)

2006-01-01 [AirForce16]: took her long enough ...I'm jk, but I'm real happy ...and thanx Amberley...the whole Will and Michelle thing he really likes her but i do think she uses her wip 2much

2006-01-01 [~Acidelf3~]: finaly someone that agrees with me... anyways me and bryan are doing alright too.. yah im so happy and i am babysitting right now

2006-01-01 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol... i agree with u too... i just think watever.. lol nevermind i dont know what im trying to say...

2006-01-01 [AirForce16]: i know what u are saying :)

2006-01-02 [~Acidelf3~]: grounded.. cindy will tell y... gtg dont have long

2006-01-02 [It isn't so bad here.]: for how long? and how harsh is the grounding? like no phone, puter, truck, or anything?

2006-01-03 [~Acidelf3~]: well. i have the compter tv.stillworking no net.. most of the time.. no phone.. and i can only take my truck to work and school.. nothing else.. so ... yah and idk how long

2006-01-04 [AirForce16]: that really sucks ...but imagin how bad it would have been if u lied and got cought

2006-01-04 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol yeah

2006-01-05 [~Acidelf3~]: nice new pic

2006-01-05 [It isn't so bad here.]: what pic?

2006-01-05 [~Acidelf3~]: the black and wite one

2006-01-06 [It isn't so bad here.]: me when ever you can. :-) im dying to get out of here... other than work. :-)

2006-01-06 [~Acidelf3~]: lol sound good.. i work tonight and im probly going somewhere with bryan.. you want to spend the night???

2006-01-08 [AirForce16]: lol y didnt u 2 just call eachouther to say that stuff ?

2006-01-08 [~Acidelf3~]: i did... i called her.. lol after posting that..

2006-01-08 [~Acidelf3~]: only because i noticed she wasnt online

2006-01-08 [pixie dust420]: hey sup?

2006-01-08 [It isn't so bad here.]: lol.. haha. :-) ugh... im babysitting. fun huh? just for a few hours. wayne went metal detecting. laura is at the ZYP bridal fair or some shit like that. ... :-P

2006-01-09 [~Acidelf3~]: nice

2006-01-10 [*amberley*]: GUESS WAT!!!!! my bday is next friday!!!!! the 20th!

2006-01-10 [~Acidelf3~]: ok ok chill

2006-01-11 [It isn't so bad here.]: haha shannons is this friday... im going with her to get her belly button pierced.. yeay lol

2006-01-11 [~Acidelf3~]: O_o she is going to cry

2006-01-14 [AirForce16]: lol she didn't cry lol i thought she would :) sk8ing was fun :) im getting better i think :)

2006-01-14 [It isn't so bad here.]: sk8ing??!!?? lol i hate that.. but ohwell... yeah it was fun. :-)

2006-01-14 [~Acidelf3~]: i love skating.. lolz.. and i watched it it was awesome!!!]

2006-01-16 [AirForce16]: im sry cindy lol but i had to use the "8" i dont know y i just like that number :) !!!!

2006-01-16 [~Acidelf3~]: lol..

2006-01-18 [*amberley*]: wierdos.

2006-01-18 [~Acidelf3~]: soooo does it matter

2006-02-26 [pixie dust420]: hey guyz!!!! i miss school sooo... bad :-(

2006-02-26 [pixie dust420]: anything kewl happening???

2006-02-26 [~Acidelf3~]: yah why r u not at school? .. dang no one has written....

2006-02-27 [pixie dust420]: I Quit!!! like 3 week's ago u guyz suck u didn't even notice i was gone :'(

2006-02-27 [~Acidelf3~]: i did too.. i kept asking why you wernt there and sgm and col didnt tell me u quit duh..

2006-02-28 [pixie dust420]: yay!!! Air Force here i come!!!

2006-02-28 [~Acidelf3~]: you cant go into the navy with out graduating...

2006-03-03 [*amberley*]: :)

2006-03-06 [pixie dust420]: yes u can!

2006-03-06 [~Acidelf3~]: can not..

2006-03-16 [pixie dust420]: ugh.. yeah u can but it is more difficult but yes u can... :}

2006-03-16 [~Acidelf3~]: whatever

2006-04-01 [~Acidelf3~]: OMG.. Jessica and drama.. AGAIN.. *figures*

2006-04-08 [pixie dust420]: lol u know i love u!!!!! ;-}

2006-10-11 [pixie dust420]: no one is here *tearz* just wanted to say what's up? and haha!!! i am going into the Air Force reserve they r paying 4 my G.E.D and everything !yay! what now????? lol

2006-10-15 [~Acidelf3~]: well.. you dont want me to say soo..

2006-10-22 [pixie dust420]: what???

2006-10-22 [~Acidelf3~]: Well first of all.. i dont like that you called me a bitch and threathened me. It wasnt nessarry secondly.. you told mike i though he was psycho and wanted nothing to do with him however thats a lie too... because i wanted nothing more then to talk to him the whole time he was dating you... and for a little FYI i never talked to him because of you. I knew that you were going to drive him psycho... i told him you were.. so theres nothing more for me to say to you.

2006-10-31 [~u hate me, i know u do~]: what up?? i havent been on in months... i don't know my other password... lol

2006-10-31 [~Acidelf3~]: lol isnt it cynthia or something with jimmy or nate.....

2006-11-02 [pixie dust420]: mike is crazy!!!! and u are really good at dealing with crazy people so your good together but, he freak's me out 4-real ask steph... ugh... never mind i want u to see 4 your self... lol this should be great... oh... and as 4 me wanting to kick your ass if i wanted u i would have already came to ur house b/c i am in no way scared of u and no i did not tell mike u disliked him... he told me u were nasty but i am not going to talk about that on the internet.. but you need to stop running ur mouth b/c when u have that baby i will kick ur ass!!! got me bitch????

2006-11-03 [~Acidelf3~]: whatever ever dramatized jessica.. i dont say shit about you.. this is the only place i do talk about.. wait to you.. so you know.. jsut leave me and mike out of your life and we will leave you out of ours.... and come near me or him both of us can have you in jail. and i can for that comment made right there but ill let it go..

2006-11-04 [pixie dust420]: do it bitch i'm not scared!!!! if u feel frogie bitch u best just jump!!!! and stop running ur fucking mouth!!!!

2006-11-05 [~Acidelf3~]: Jessica.. Jessica.. I dont run my mouth about you... I am sorry you are mistaken in that since.

2006-11-06 [~Acidelf3~]: Jessica you tried to runn his ass over. Your the one that needs help.. Look I dont ever talk about you and I expect the same from you to me. Mike doenst say anything about you to me. Nor do I to him. I know that bad things happened and I am sorry that It didnt work out for you but I am telling you right now. If everyone keeps their mouth shut and all this goes away nothing ever will happen no words be spoken from either side. We both will drop it. Lets be a bigger person the both of us and drop this high school drama because both of us are way to old for this.

2006-11-06 [pixie dust420]: I dumped him and I am not worried about ya'll... you can have a great life with ur baby and all that jazz... i have my life to live gotta jet ~*~Jessica~*~

2006-11-06 [~Acidelf3~]: Then there is nothing to fight about or argue about. You go your way and I will go mine. Peace

2006-11-07 [pixie dust420]: kool

2007-05-08 [pixie dust420]: Hello... Gosh everyone is gone.... the wiki is so sad.... lol, ~*~JESSICA~*~

2007-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: Read ur page.. at least i would know who my baby's daddy is would you....? your just mad cause i have him, just like i knew i always would

2007-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: oh and you spelled weak wrong.. btw.. the army doesnt let in high school drop out the national guard does

2007-05-11 [pixie dust420]: Whatever u call my recruiter.... 922-1422 Sgt. Tidwell and for your FYI everyone but the marines lets in G.E.D applicants... and why are you still acting so immature??? grow up I don't want Mike I left him like what 7 months ago... why would I want his broke ass now... you are a mom grow up, stop being jealous and leave me alone.... oh but I will come see u when I get out of basic!!! If not before then.... maybe I'll run into u somewhere....

2007-05-14 [~Acidelf3~]: You did run into me. At the spider man movie. Yes the army lets in people With GED not ones applying and going to school for it. and the only one being immature is you. proves it right on your home page

2007-05-14 [~Acidelf3~]: Besides your not worth my time let alone your own.

2007-05-18 [pixie dust420]: I have not been too the movies in like 6 months... i don't have time... but i do have my g.e.d... I'll e-mail u a copy of my diploma lol.... brit... i don't have a problem with u... i just wish u would leave me alone.... plz grow up.... and get a life u stupid bitch...

2008-05-09 [pixie dust420]: What is up Alabama??? What have you guyz been doing for the past year???

2008-05-09 [~Acidelf3~]: I am the only one that gets on et anymore so you wont hear from cindy or jimmy or any of the others.

2008-05-11 [pixie dust420]: Oh okay.. Thanx what's up with you?? I hear your going to go reserves! I was on HRAP when you came to the office.

2008-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: HRAP??? and what day? just like yesterday??? UMM not alot going threw court bs with Mike and just living it one day at a time. I might I am not quite sure yet... I havent really decided. I just am not sure you know what i mean. I wanna go active but i cant do that because of kylie..

2008-05-16 [pixie dust420]: That sux and HRAP is like what i had to do before i left for Germany.. I joined the army in july training was forever long but it's just where you come home and try to get your friends in the army! Reserves is okay until you get married then you can go active and make hella money!

2008-05-16 [~Acidelf3~]: Yeah but idk what i wanna do right now

2013-05-27 [pixie dust420]: Wow, looking back at this and realizing how far I've come... I made it out of New Market!! Woo Hoo!! lol

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