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2006-01-02 06:28:44
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Cindy "Merk" Rocks

Hi all i am [AirForce16] AKA Tyler this is a wiki made for a relly special person Cindy plz join and msg thanx.







Cindy's Friends! <3


Robert, but I haven't talked to him in a while


My nephew, Devon!!

My Moe !! :)

Members:[AirForce16], [It isn't so bad here.], [~u hate me, i know u do~],[~Acidelf3~],[*amberley*],[Slaughterâ„¢]

A Poem from jimmy :-)
I know you don't like thinking of the future, and what tomorrow might bring,

But I have this kind of Philosophy thing

I really love you, you know this is true

But this is not about me, it's all about you

Now think about today, just this one.

Who helps the most to make this day fun?

Who makes you laugh when you really want to cry?

At the end of the day, who's that guy?

Close your eyes and don't think of tomorrow,
Because every second of this day is just a moment you borrow,

so the guy that can do all this in just one day,
Is the one guy that should truly stay.

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2006-11-03 [~Acidelf3~]: whatever ever dramatized jessica.. i dont say shit about you.. this is the only place i do talk about.. wait to you.. so you know.. jsut leave me and mike out of your life and we will leave you out of ours.... and come near me or him both of us can have you in jail. and i can for that comment made right there but ill let it go..

2006-11-04 [pixie dust420]: do it bitch i'm not scared!!!! if u feel frogie bitch u best just jump!!!! and stop running ur fucking mouth!!!!

2006-11-05 [~Acidelf3~]: Jessica.. Jessica.. I dont run my mouth about you... I am sorry you are mistaken in that since.

2006-11-06 [~Acidelf3~]: Jessica you tried to runn his ass over. Your the one that needs help.. Look I dont ever talk about you and I expect the same from you to me. Mike doenst say anything about you to me. Nor do I to him. I know that bad things happened and I am sorry that It didnt work out for you but I am telling you right now. If everyone keeps their mouth shut and all this goes away nothing ever will happen no words be spoken from either side. We both will drop it. Lets be a bigger person the both of us and drop this high school drama because both of us are way to old for this.

2006-11-06 [pixie dust420]: I dumped him and I am not worried about ya'll... you can have a great life with ur baby and all that jazz... i have my life to live gotta jet ~*~Jessica~*~

2006-11-06 [~Acidelf3~]: Then there is nothing to fight about or argue about. You go your way and I will go mine. Peace

2006-11-07 [pixie dust420]: kool

2007-05-08 [pixie dust420]: Hello... Gosh everyone is gone.... the wiki is so sad.... lol, ~*~JESSICA~*~

2007-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: Read ur page.. at least i would know who my baby's daddy is would you....? your just mad cause i have him, just like i knew i always would

2007-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: oh and you spelled weak wrong.. btw.. the army doesnt let in high school drop out the national guard does

2007-05-11 [pixie dust420]: Whatever u call my recruiter.... 922-1422 Sgt. Tidwell and for your FYI everyone but the marines lets in G.E.D applicants... and why are you still acting so immature??? grow up I don't want Mike I left him like what 7 months ago... why would I want his broke ass now... you are a mom grow up, stop being jealous and leave me alone.... oh but I will come see u when I get out of basic!!! If not before then.... maybe I'll run into u somewhere....

2007-05-14 [~Acidelf3~]: You did run into me. At the spider man movie. Yes the army lets in people With GED not ones applying and going to school for it. and the only one being immature is you. proves it right on your home page

2007-05-14 [~Acidelf3~]: Besides your not worth my time let alone your own.

2007-05-18 [pixie dust420]: I have not been too the movies in like 6 months... i don't have time... but i do have my g.e.d... I'll e-mail u a copy of my diploma lol.... brit... i don't have a problem with u... i just wish u would leave me alone.... plz grow up.... and get a life u stupid bitch...

2008-05-09 [pixie dust420]: What is up Alabama??? What have you guyz been doing for the past year???

2008-05-09 [~Acidelf3~]: I am the only one that gets on et anymore so you wont hear from cindy or jimmy or any of the others.

2008-05-11 [pixie dust420]: Oh okay.. Thanx what's up with you?? I hear your going to go reserves! I was on HRAP when you came to the office.

2008-05-11 [~Acidelf3~]: HRAP??? and what day? just like yesterday??? UMM not alot going threw court bs with Mike and just living it one day at a time. I might I am not quite sure yet... I havent really decided. I just am not sure you know what i mean. I wanna go active but i cant do that because of kylie..

2008-05-16 [pixie dust420]: That sux and HRAP is like what i had to do before i left for Germany.. I joined the army in july training was forever long but it's just where you come home and try to get your friends in the army! Reserves is okay until you get married then you can go active and make hella money!

2008-05-16 [~Acidelf3~]: Yeah but idk what i wanna do right now

2013-05-27 [pixie dust420]: Wow, looking back at this and realizing how far I've come... I made it out of New Market!! Woo Hoo!! lol

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