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Christmas Poetry Competition - 2005, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Christmas Poetry Competition


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

1. Entry removed for not following the theme

2. Dance, Little Elf!

Your bright eyes light up as I say;
“Lookie here, at what I got you!”
An evil plan, staining my grin
Laughing at the shame I brought you

Bringing your feet up
In each little beat
Counting the rhythm
With pulls of loaded heat

Your face creases in fear,
and I laugh hard
Singing "Dance, little Elf!
Dance for the merry Orken lard!"

You whimper sadly
As I sing "Jingle"
I shout for you to go all the way
Finishing the line with Kringle

My friend's all join in
As your legs start to tire
But I pull again!
And we laugh even harder!

You collapse on the floor
Heaving for breath
And I shout "Merry Christmas!
You pathetic wench!"

I kick you in the bottom
Singing "Rudolph" and "Jack"
Send you flying away
I know you'll never come back!

Yet still I sing
At the top of my lungs;
"Dance little Elf!"
"Dance along with the beat of my gun!"

Written by [Vameyre]

3. Entry removed for not following the theme

4. Entry removed for not following the theme

5. Gift for Another

What would I give a reindeer from an elf?
A blanket, socks or carrots from myself,
This is hard, this is tough,
But I promise, I won’t go off in a huff!

How about a nice new harness?
Well a reindeer can’t wear a dress.
But what if it’s slightly the wrong size?
Well I guess I’ll just have to idolize!

I’m running out of ideas fast,
My other friends are sorted!
I’m close to second to last!
I’ve got a horrible feeling, which involves the word slaughtered.

Its only a present I suppose,
No ideas or thoughts, coming to my head,
And I still haven’t chose!
Then I had a brilliant idea,

I grab the stuffed ted and wrap it in red paper,
Tying a pink bow across the top,
Adding just one more layer,
It looks like it was wrapped inside a shop!
Lets just hope he likes it,
That one handsome reindeer,
And hope that Christmas starts,
With a huge POP!

Written by [Atayemi]

6.One and the same

It appears that Halflings and trolls,
In common, at least one thing they share,
For in Christmas to the love of their souls,
The exact same gift they'll compare.

As a Halfling most definitely would,
Be obliged by his love no resent,
The undying love that he could,
Sure, it's his heart he'd present.

As I'm sure you already know,
The troll has no such affection,
But of course to the one he will show,
The same Halfling heart in perfection.

As the former in words would define,
His love, as his heart will thud,
The latter on a platter will shine,
That heart in a puddle of blood.

Though the gifts are the same,
The emotions well told,
Words are the name of the game,
A heart may be served warm or cold.

A Halfling's compassion,
A troll's main course,
After all, that's the Christmas we fashion,
Delight be the goal but of course.

I hope it is easily seen,
For I have tried to portray,
Different races just may yet convene,
On this one merry day.

written by [cobi]

7.The Dragon's Gift

The Dragon's gift at Christmas
came as a big surprise
for he was feared by many
for the fire in his eyes

'Twas the eve of Christmas
when the wind came roaring 'round
and the people stopped and listened
as the bells began to sound

One by one the church bells rang
it grew into a song
of angel's wings and magic rings
and righting every wrong

Joy filled their hearts
and tears fell, and became lights
that flew up past the Dragon
and lit up the starry night

"Merry Christmas to all!!!"
came a melodious roar
and from a bag he'd carried
his entire hoard he poured

The Dragon flew away
and passed through Heaven's Gate
for a very special party
for which he'd not be late

The people stood rejoicing
at the magic he'd displayed
'twas a Christmas to remember
by the many friends he'd made...

Written by [Orluni]

8. Entry removed for not following the theme

9. Entry removed for not following the theme

10. Entry removed for not following the theme

11. “An Elf’s Christmas.”

Oh, when Christmas comes, with joy and cheer,
All I can see is pain and fear.

Every time, my gifts are bad,
As family goes, just one from Dad.

The ones I get, Are odds and ends,
Last year was a brick, I just got from friends.

Christmas became, such a waste of cash
Stupid junk, going in the trash.

Until one day, I came to see,
Yule-time is not, simply hokey.

On Christmas Eve, I met this Orc,
He wasn’t too bright; He was kind of a dork,

But when he saw me, He ran right up,
Said hello, and gave me a cup.

The mug he gave, was filled with Ale,
On the side, said “Holy Grail”

It made me laugh, till I roared
This ugly guy, I now adored.

Written by [Jewl]

12. 'Twas The Knight

'Twas the Knight who loved Christmas
and all through his castle
the excitement was spreading
to child, servant, vassal

The elf-lings were shining
the ornaments with care
for all knew their guest
would soon arrive there

The chimney flew sparks
as if from some wind
and like stars they flew 'round
as Saint Nicholas stepped in

"Welcome, my friend,"
spoke the Knight to his guest
who after his labors
had come for his rest

"We've prepared the west-wing,
it awaits at your pleasure,
and for your reindeer and elves
our hospitality hath no measure"

"My thanks, my good friend,"
spoke the Saint to the Knight
"After all of our giving,
we thank thee for this night"

And they sat down to table
and the feast did begin
as the dragons and unicorns
and others joined in

And later that night
as the stars turned to day
"Merry Christmas to All"
did the two best friends say...

Written by [Orluni]

13. Entry removed for not following the theme

14. Entry removed for not following the theme

15. Entry removed for being too short

16. Entry removed for not following the theme

17. Entry removed for not following the theme

18. at christmas eve

in the dark cold night
a halfling walks
little footsteps on the white snow.

in the dark cold night
an elfenlady walks
the bright moon lightens her path.

the forest is getting closer
the halfling walks his way
listens to the silence, about a special boy's birthday

the trees are wispering soft
the elfen maid goes her path
listen to the voice, of a special man in her heart

and in the forest, at a open space.
the halfling and the elfen maiden meet.
a star upon the sky makes them sing sweet

with joy in their hearts,
reunited at this special evening.
falling in each other arms, and laugh into the night so deep

he gives her a wooden star, to put into her hair.
couse for this special night.
he wants to surprise her with,his home made gift.

she gives him a silver watch.
to see the time everywere.
she wants to give her friend some of her love to share.

and for a while they stare to the heaven.
to the big star above their heads.
listening to the rush of the wind trough the trees.

then, like someone wisperd it in their ears.
they turn around, and walk their own paths,back home
to the lands they belong. to celebrate christmas with their own.

Written by [Ishje]

19. Presents and Joy

Come all ye elfs, halflings and ducks
Dwarfs, Humans, Orcs, All Good Luck
Draw a name, out of the hat
And see who you drew, and that will be that
Buy them a gift, whatever you please
Not to expensive, plus not to cheap
Try to pick something, that they might fancy
Some stilts for a Dwarf, they might find them handy
Halfling and Humans, would like anything
For the ducks and the orcs, buy them a ring

Christmas day comes, under the tree
More and more presents, some small as a pea
Big ones, Small ones, skinny ones, fat ones
So many presents, their were tons
All of the races, opened their gifts
Some of them though, were too big to lift
Bicycles, stilts, hats and rings,
Necklaces, Bracelets, all that bling blings
All races were happy, all filled with joy
Listening to music, and playing with each toy

Christmas is joyful thats what I say
Eltown makes Christmas an even better day

Written by [Tawnee.]

20. Entry removed for not following the theme

21. Entry removed for not following the theme

22. Entry removed for not following the theme

23. A Rather Odd Gathering

Upon Christmas Eve did gather around
A merry party, wrought with sight and sound
Of Orc and Elf, of child and old,
Gathered they this night for a story told.
Was in tradition of these oddly guests
To share a tale and make his own best.

From five Orcish brutes bathed full in rabble
Opened a story of vicious battle
Told deep from the gut and up from the bowel
And down to the guests whom replied with a cowl.

The Men with their valour did storm up a fable
Of fire and brimstone, of gods and with grand label
Whom ruled by iron and mastered by word
But the guests’ replies found it all quite absurd.

Then came turn for the Elvish of glamour and poise
That did sing their soft hymn with but little a noise
Weaving tale of their wisdom, of old melodies passed
And boring their guests two minutes too fast.

When time came round for a Halfling’s tale,
All was quiet and solemn; all did look to fail,
But did the story of a Halfling child
Return to the party a raved sense of wild.
He spoke of great kings, of grand gods and of war,
Told of virtues eternal and to this even more.
He gave to all a good gift, and all gave back an ear.
It was a Halfling who told the best story this year!

Written by [Meridotahma]

24. Christmas in Elftown!

It is Christmastime and the Yule log is burning
and home from the mines the Dwarves are returning
laden with chests full of gemstones and gold
that they are giving away to the young and the old.

In the meantime the Orcs have come down from the mountains
for at this time of year they head for Elftown's fountains
‘cause their gift to the other inhabitants hereabouts
is fresh cleaned bodies in just laundered breechclouts.

And the Elves that have tirelessly looked after the town
receive plenty of gifts from their neighbours all around
including so many baskets from overlaying Ducks
full to the brim with eggs not sent off in trucks.

Lucky for all, the Humans brought Christmas Day fare
of sweetmeats and candy and apples to share
and the Haflings were fast to get in on the trick
bringing each miner Dwarf a brand new shiny pick!

Written by [wiccanmaiden]

25. Entry removed for not following the theme

26.Entry removed for not adding Elftownname

27. Entry removed for not following the theme

28. Through A Child's Eyes

Twas a cool winter’s eve
But the fireplace was lit
With friends all gathered
For just a little bit.

The men and dwarves,
By the fire’s glow
sharing their tales
Of silent nights long ago.

The elves and ducks
Ate the haflings’ feast
Prepared with love
And kindness at least.

Then there sat
A hafling young
On his elder’s knee
Which from he sprung.

Seeing in the corner
A large figure there
Head in his hands
His rump in the chair.

Scuttling to the tree
The halfling snatched a gift
And came close to the orc
Making him shift.

The Orc glanced at the box
Covered in ribbon red
Lifted his hand to the child
And patted his head.

Written by [Lullaby]

29. Sleepless

How many years have passed?
How many years have gone?
Have I waited long enough, or
Have I waited far too long?

My dreams have fled so long ago,
Leaving me with nights in terror.
I feel cold, I feel alone.
And I feel that I must tell her.

Who I am is not important,
Just another dark skinned elf.
But you, my lovely human girl,
Are the one who haunts my bed.

Did you come to me that night,
Or was it all a cursed dream?
For when I saw you kissing him,
That, I know, was not a dream.

On Christmas eve I’ll come to you
And leave a present at your door.
Not a necklace or a diamond,
But a poem in the snow.

All my nights till now were torment,
You’ve been in my dreams since then.
Leave me be, you blonde-haired siren!
Bring peace to my dreams again.

Written by [PredatorX]

30. Figuring Out Presents

What to give an Orc?
Well, there’s plenty need for make-up,
Some deodorant and a spa treatment?
I’ll give a lotion of some such.

Now what to give a human,
Maybe a life expanding potion,
Cures or a spell for beauty,
I don’t know, there just so picky!

Dwarves and Halflings are easy,
In fact, I can but the same for all,
Tall soled shoes for boys,
and pink platforms for the gals.

Ducks are an entire different thing,
I mean they swim around all day
And haven’t found out how to talk.
If I taught them to speak, what would they say?

Elves are easy, I know, I am one,
Just give some beautiful bows and arrows,
Magical orbs and enchanted trinkets,
Or maybe some incense?

Hmmm... now that I think about it,
I just don’t know what to give.

Written by [Valient Tragedies]

31. The one who is left alone

Inside the warm cabin
All is well and jolly
Orcs, Elves, Ducks and Humans,
Swapping presents and hanging up holly

All inside is happy
As all races celebrate together
Their warm hearts could not be dulled
Even in the wint'ry weather

Yet outside, cold, in the snow
Is one poor soul
One poor soul excluded
Just like a runt of a foal

Left outside, to himself,
No company or joy
And he stares through the iced window pane
As they all play with new toys

He has no money, he has no shelter
He has not got a golden throne
So here he stands, by himself
The one who is left alone

Written by [omgOMEGA]

32. Thoughts of an elf

The elf is so giving, loving and sweet.
she wants to do the impossible.
she wants to make him smile,
hes a differnt race
his face so kind
deep down his human form never
feels any joy.
she ever so longs to bring him some
this upcomming holliday will hopefuly make him not feel so lonesome
the thoughts of an elf mean so little to him
he says do leve him be he has no time
he breaks her heart
she goes to weap
all she wanted for christmas was a little bit of love\

Written by [Sonya Blue]

33. Gift

Looking at her reflection
in the Christmas light,
the smallest of pixies
has a heart knotted tight.

Indeed, year after year,
she celebrated alone,
in her small murky mushroom,
with love unknown.

She sniffed and weeped,
and shuffled into bed,
the Eve of Christmas,
her loneliness spread.

Meanwhile, her mushroom house
could stand it no more,
watching the little pixie
cry...uncared for.

It summoned its strength,
and sprouted glorious wings,
soaring gently
to where the land sings.

The small pixie awoke,
hearing Christmas delight.
From outside her mushroom,
the voices invite.

To her surprise and tear,
she was actually adored.
To be where the land sings...
she was no longer ignored.

And so ends the story,
of the blooming shroom,
that spared a small pixie,
from her lonely gloom.

(So what's the moral, you ask?)

Do not give up hope,
for you never know,
something unexpectable,
could sprout through the snow.

Written by [spiritee]

34. Bright Lights

Look to the houses so full of lights
for children are singing and full of great thoughts
the laughter and joy for all the girls and boys
for when santa comes he will see the bright lights
he will bring toys and gifts and bring lots of jeer
for everyone has been good, throughout this whole year
now sing your favorite charols and drink your cider
for the lights on the christmas tree are getting brighter
everyone loves this time of year
its a time to be close and bring in the cheer
families are together and lovers too
children throw snowballs as they usually do
what is it about this time of year
when people can just love
and not shead a tear
when the first snow comes and blankets the ground
the morning air is fill with laughter
from a little child
but when the night falls on this day of sights
you will look to the houses with all the bright lights.

Written by [Draconius]

35. Entry removed for not following the theme

36. Entry removed for not following the theme

37. Entry removed for not following the theme

38. Entry removed for not following the theme

39.) The golden wand

Christmas glee brings christhmas gifts
Yes of course it's christmas again
A time to be happy and a time to love
Jack the sagged looking orc
Thought of wooing fli the fairy princess
He wondered what a present will be good
For such a beauty as fli
He went to town to buy a gift
But couldn't find one so nice
Candy canes, Xmas trees and Santa suits
Were not suitable enough for fli
He then remembered his old treasure chest
Lying pale and dusty in his dark cave
He thougt of searching it for once
For he might find something worthy for fli
Going through the chest in the cave
He found the most amazing gift ever
An old Golden wand glittering in the dark
He took it to fli in the woods
She was so happy that she confessed that
This was the best Gift she has ever had
With the wand she made a wish
To stay with old Jack as his lady
And happily together the lived ever after

Written by [Lakayana]

40. From you to him to me!

Twinkle of star; silence of laughter
The present passes around; through the sacred hands.
Sprite with slivering hair and enchanting eyes passes the present to-
Orc with bulging skin and filthy rags passes the present to-
Elf with the slender ears and snow white skin passes the present to-
Imp with shrieking giggles and razor talons passes the present to-

Written by [Seany.]

41. Entry removed for not following the theme

42. The Twelve days of Christmas

On The Twelfth day of Christmas a Halfling gave to me
12 relation requests
11 Christmas poems
10 Guestbook entries
9 Wiki-Links
8 Competitions
7 Really Cool Badges
6 “Really Cool” Guards
5 Moody Teens
4 Short Messages
3 Distant Friends
2 Helpful Donors
And a reward for this really bad song

Written by [cap'n sharkbait - the sword test dummy]

43. Entry removed for not following the theme

44. Entry removed for not following the theme

45. Entry removed for not following the theme

46. Entry removed for not following the theme

47. Entry removed for not following the theme

48. The Elves's Gift

Mortals in a world tormented
By a lack of love fermented

Wish for a peacebringer of sorts
Or maybe something just for sports

Elivish masters of their skill
Work out chrome metal until

there appears a blade sharp and bold
More valuable than a pile of gold

On the eve of a god-like birth
The messengers travel to human mirth

And silently deliver their gift
So next day a man finds it, miffed

The runes engraved on the blade
Made him smile at the elvish aide

Oh what a Christmas this had been
To have given a deliverence from sin

The man turn to the moutain banks
And to the elves he gave silent thanks

Written by [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]

49. What would a Duck give a dwarf?

What would a duck give a dwarf?
The holiday season is near
Time to spread the cheer.
The duck wanders through the store.
Everyone seems to stare.
But the duck don’t give a care.
What could the duck give the dwarf?
He sees many things it should like.
But despite, nothing will do.
Until he came across the evening dew.
Right there before his eyes
Was the perfect gift.
A bottle of rum shall do
So what would a duck get a dwarf?
A bottle of rum of course!

Written by [Elf masters_daughter]

50. A Christmas Fright
Said the orc to the elf,
“'Tis Christmas today, now what would you like?”
Said the elf to the orc,
“for us not to fight.”

Said the orc to the elf,
“I could give you a mace!”
Said the elf to the orc,
“I just want world peace!”

Said the orc to the elf,
“I could give you an axe,”
Said the elf to the orc,
“what I want is a pax.”

Said the orc to the elf,
“I could give you some slaves!”
Said the elf to the orc,
“That's just so depraved.”

Said the orc to the elf,
“I could give you a blight!”
Said the elf to the orc,
“that'd give me a fright.”

Said the orc to the elf,
“now that's an idea!”
Said the elf to the orc,
“please don't make me fear.”

Then the orc shouted “BOO!!”
and that elf is still running,
though Christmas is over and done,
and what I would say,
though it may not be kind,
well I'd say that that elf had it coming!

Written by [RiddleRose]

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2005-12-04 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: Mine has 18...whee! Couplets are so easy to count.^^ I've been stuck in couplet mode ever since a recent English project.X.X course that poem was 66 lines long...err at least the turned in version was...

2005-12-04 [Zab]: [fizzle]: I think everything you want to know is on the mainpage, Christmas Poetry Competition, as [Piggly_wiggly] said :) If you have more questions after reading that, you are of course welcome to ask. :)

2005-12-05 [RiddleRose]: Yayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! i finally got mine up! *is happy*

2005-12-05 [RiddleRose]: not to be picky-choosy... but isn't #15 too short? i thought the length was supposed to be 8 to 35 lines... >.<

2005-12-05 [T_Pop]: its almost typed... just need spellchecking, and profe reading and i can put it up... *looks at date* AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! i have to do that soon AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

2005-12-05 [RiddleRose]: DON'T PANIC    if anyone's read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy they will understand that... don't worry [T_Pop], you've got plenty of time! ^^

2005-12-05 [T_Pop]: ... o... k...

2005-12-05 [Vameyre]: Um, it was [Wolf By Nature] who did #40.

2005-12-05 [Zab]: I know, and I've asked him/her to add the name to it. And to take the italic away.

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: i tried to take a different aspect... i hope it is appreciated and thought about

2005-12-05 [Zab]: I like it :) But how does it fit the theme?

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: its the fantasy race bit that i cant seem to pull out from it  @_@ any ideas?

2005-12-05 [Zab]: no, sorry ;P

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: hmmm do you think it would still be ok tho? O_o or should i change a couple of lines/words to make sure?

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: there i think that would do - i mean "human" is one of the races.. 

2005-12-05 [Zab]: well.. the theme is what kind of gift a race would give another... I'm not sure. I'd changed it a bit more, if you can :P

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: a snowflake... it says "A simplistic gift could be given by any race, A snowflake for which they concentrate wishes." - the origional version was meaning the gift of a christmas message - a snowflake or just a "merry christmas"

2005-12-05 [Tamel]: happy? yes, no? ^_^

2005-12-05 [Zab]: hehe.. then t's ok for me :P

2005-12-05 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: I think it's adorable in a morbid way.^^

2005-12-06 [RiddleRose]: [farawaygone], i love it! wow, so amazingly much better than mine!!! lol, it made me laugh...! ^^

2005-12-06 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: I know! It makes me laugh too.^^

2005-12-06 [broken_angel_cry]: Yay! I finally put one up!! w0ot! ^_^

2005-12-06 [Lakayana]: remember the theme! it's very important

2005-12-07 [broken_angel_cry]: I did...

2005-12-07 [Tawnee.]: Your guyses poems are so awesome   good luck all!

2005-12-08 [RiddleRose]: thankies!

2005-12-08 [Flisky]: so many good poems...

2005-12-08 [Tamel]: uh huh this will be a hard one...

2005-12-08 [Deleted]: Theres alot of talent here....

2005-12-08 [Tawnee.]: ya............. so if u win... u know ur extra special! lol jk

2005-12-09 [Lullaby]: Wow, they all went up quick! I wonder how many total there will be when the deadline hits...

2005-12-09 [T_Pop]: its almost done... but now my thoughts are working in ryims NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *faints*

2005-12-09 [Deleted]: Hehehe dont think ill win but i can always hope! I'd hate to be the one to pick the winners!

2005-12-09 [Tawnee.]: were all winners!

2005-12-09 [Zab]: Nobody should enter just to get a badge.. O_o

2005-12-09 [sequeena_rae]: I want to enter *innocent grin* but my muse died

2005-12-09 [Atayemi]: Thats what I thought Zab...:/

2005-12-09 [sequeena_rae]: *cries and clings to [Zab] and Ata* help me find my muuuuuseeee!!!

2005-12-09 [Flisky]: ooo...I'm a muse!! but not yours, queenie...

2005-12-09 [Zab]: uhm.. We three have enough other pages to chat on, so let's not spam this one, ok? ;P (and Atay, don't advertize wikis here.. especially not mine XD)

2005-12-09 [sequeena_rae]: Naaaaw alright then *groans and wanders away* Byeeee!!!

2005-12-09 [Flisky]: Five days and counting till deadline...

2005-12-09 [Atayemi]: Sorry! Gah, breaking too many rules! Boo! ¬_¬

2005-12-10 [Nuriko-kun]: urgh!!! i give up!!!!!!!!!!

2005-12-10 [RiddleRose]: don't give up... it'll come!

2005-12-11 [Flisky]: We all have faith in'll come up with something...

2005-12-11 [Tawnee.]: ya, i don't think we should enter just to win a badge either

2005-12-11 [Flisky]: I enter to get some of my poetry out there...And to let people know I can write...

2005-12-11 [Lullaby]: Its best to just do it for the sake of writing and challenging yourself to try to write in different styles and on different subject matter. However I wont deny that a bagde is pretty cool whether its green or colored because it lets your other friends know that you can and try to do other things and it opens another side of you to them... :)

2005-12-11 [Atayemi]: Well said Roasalie! :)

2005-12-11 [RiddleRose]: encore, encore!

2005-12-12 [Flisky]: Good point...

2005-12-12 [Wolf By Nature]: does anyone know when the competion is over?

2005-12-12 [Zab]: dec. 15. It's written on the mainpage :)

2005-12-12 [Flisky]: three days and counting!!

2005-12-13 [Lullaby]: Is it just me or did the competition go REALLY quick?! Wow... but there were many entries none the less :)

2005-12-13 [RiddleRose]: it did seem fast... still, there are a lot of entries! @_@ i pity whoever has to chose fromall of these!

2005-12-13 [Lullaby]: heh, no kiddin! I am the VP of the poetry contest commitee at my school and we get about 20 and that gets monotonos after a while cause there is a single theme, however if done over a decent period of time its not so bad...

2005-12-13 [Flisky]: I think that most of the poetry we get on ET are really well written because they are by people who try harder...

2005-12-13 [Ishje]: i dont think one person could dicide or a poem is good or bad...that is all personal for evry other person...

2005-12-13 [Tranquil Insanity]: Hmm A person can always choose a poew that is written better, grammer wise, and the melody of it. There are ways. It just makes it harder probably because all of the entries usually tend to be very good, and well thouht out, if not deeply felt.

2005-12-13 [Wolf By Nature]: thank you

2005-12-14 [Lakayana]: it's one more day to go!!!!!!

2005-12-14 [Atayemi]: Wow! Already? >P

2005-12-14 [Tamel]: they are all amazing! all the best of luck to everybody ^_^ x

2005-12-14 [Tawnee.]: mines the best! LOL JK! lol mine sux but its just for fun so.. ya... gl all!!

2005-12-14 [Atayemi]: Same goes for me! :P

2005-12-14 [Flisky]: Good luck everyone...I know winning isnt everything, but its still nice...

2005-12-14 [Tawnee.]: heck yes....

2005-12-15 [Tawnee.]: LAST DAY!!!!!!

2005-12-15 [Tamel]: when will it get drawn? O-o

2005-12-15 [Tawnee.]: i have no clue

2005-12-16 [sequeena_rae]: Good luck all ^_^

2005-12-17 [Wolf By Nature]: <(^o^)^ *thumbs up to all* "good luck!"

2005-12-18 [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]: i hope someone who deserves it wins!!!!!! good luck!!!! ^_^

2005-12-19 [Elf masters_daughter]: when are they going to pick the winner?

2005-12-19 [Lakayana]: I hope soonest

2005-12-19 [Wolf By Nature]: well, they do have a lot of poems to read

2005-12-19 [RiddleRose]: true... lots and lots! i can't wait to know!!!

2005-12-19 [Tamel]: its not only reading the poems - its finding the meaning behind some of them too... i put alot of work into finding a meaning before i write - it has to have a balence of both meaning and effect though!  =b

2005-12-19 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: You know what realy cracks me up. In seventh grade I wrote a poem for a contest, all it was was a bunch of pretty words strung together, it won 500 dollars, I wrote a poem that same year with meaning put behind it and it got a terrible grade. ^^

2005-12-20 [broken_angel_cry]: That's kinda fucked!

2005-12-20 [Elf masters_daughter]: What do you win? A badge?

2005-12-20 [Tawnee.]: yep yep

2005-12-20 [Charybdis]: Everyone will get a badge of some kind. Winners get a coloured version of it (see the main Christmas Poetry Competition page ;) ) It may take a while, however.

2005-12-20 [Elf masters_daughter]: Thankies!

2005-12-20 [broken_angel_cry]: wow! WHAT A PRIZE!! is it really worth it?

2005-12-21 [Elf masters_daughter]: I would say so! I MEAN think about it! you get a badge to put on your house, and everyone can see that they loved your poem!

2005-12-21 [Charybdis]: You participated, after all, and the effort you made deserves something, wouldn't you say? ^^

2005-12-21 [Lullaby]: I love the badges, it makes your home more unique... You could say to your friend, hey look!I can write poetry! And when they say BS, you show them your bagde and force them to read a poem or two and say HA! Told yah so... It is a way to prove that you are mre well rounded than many others on elftown...

2005-12-21 [Elf masters_daughter]: yah that too!

2005-12-22 [broken_angel_cry]: Yeah..i guess so....meh...i don't really care about that, my friends know that i write and shit like that. but i guess it's just something for me to do. and plus my friends always tell me to do these poerty things anyways. I just do it for fun.

2005-12-25 [Elf masters_daughter]: When will the winner be annouced?! It is christmas day in america

2005-12-25 [Piggly_wiggly]: i think if it's christmas day in america it is christmas everywhere else. it's just later in the day

2005-12-25 [Sunrose]: Soon :)

2005-12-25 [RiddleRose]: oh la la! what a wonderful christmas! (Chanukkah too today...) i can't wait for the winners to be announced!

2005-12-25 [Sunrose]: Doesn't Chanukkah start tomorrow?

2005-12-25 [RiddleRose]: nope! today at sunset... i think every jewish holiday starts at sunset... ya, tonight when the sun goes down we shall be lighting the first candle on the menorah! YAY!!!!!

2005-12-25 [Sunrose]: [Ittai] told me before it would start tomorrow but he now indeed also said it was today.. =)

2005-12-25 [RiddleRose]: it's always a little confusing because of the sundown thing... technically it's today, but it doesn't really stary until the sun goes down. but the sun goes down at different times all over the world, so it might be Chanukkah in England, but not in California... it's confusing.

2005-12-25 [Sunrose]: Well Israel and Holland are only an hour apart, so it would still be the same day sunset-wise :P

2005-12-25 [RiddleRose]: XD haha... i don't even want to think about how far apart Israel and New England are! Many many hours... @_@

2005-12-25 [Sunrose]: *hugs*

2005-12-25 [RiddleRose]: *hugs back* that'd be some serious jetlag right there!

2005-12-26 [Tawnee.]: wow.. alot were removed

2005-12-26 [Sunrose]: About 36...all people who did not read the theme :(

2005-12-26 [Tawnee.]: it was suspensful getting down to mine to see if mine was deleted or not lol

2005-12-26 [Sunrose]: Generally those who take the effort to watch a page also took the effort to read the theme...

2005-12-26 [Tawnee.]: ya... i read the theme... i just wasn't sure how strict the judging would be. can't wait till the next poetry contest ^.^

2005-12-26 [Atayemi]: I just want to say thank you for my badge so soon! I know how long it it takes for badges to be added to houses so thank you! :P

2005-12-26 [Sunrose]: Heh, thank [LadyMoon] for that ;)

2005-12-26 [Atayemi]: Hehe alright, thank you [LadyMoon]! :)

2005-12-26 [Dark Mousy the Kaitou]: Thanks [LadyMoon]! And congratulations to all the winners!(Good job of staying on topic. LOL!)

2005-12-26 [Atayemi]: XD

2005-12-26 [farawaygone]: Thankyou to [LadyMoon] and all involved in creating such a wonderful contest! It was great to see such a great turn out and I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

2005-12-27 [NightTheOwl]: hey mine were both deletd

2005-12-27 [Lullaby]: sorry to hear... Im sure there was a good explanation for it however...

2005-12-27 [Atayemi]: Yes, because they didn't follow the theme...

2005-12-27 [RiddleRose]: yay! i love my spiffy badge! congrats to all! i can't wait for valentine's now! >.<

2005-12-27 [Lullaby]: Oooo! Valentines Day! I cant wait to hear all the love sonnets :)

2005-12-28 [Elf masters_daughter]: I hate Valentines day!

2005-12-28 [Sunrose]: Then don't enter the contest :p

2005-12-29 [Lullaby]: If you hate it so much, then write about the 30% of couples who break up on that day! :P

2005-12-29 [Atayemi]: Hehe, thats quite a good idea actually. Plus its true! ;P

2005-12-29 [Elf masters_daughter]: I don't hate it for that reason, I hate it because, I have always had bad things happen to me on valentines day, i have never gotten a rose or anything like that on valentines day.

2005-12-29 [Atayemi]: You'll get one! Maybe next year...or the next Valentines Day coming up I mean XD

2005-12-29 [Elf masters_daughter]: I hope so! The boyfriend I have now is a mega sweetheart, and he says he has something planned! I am away at school and he says no matter what he has to do he will be with me for valentines day.

2005-12-29 [Atayemi]: Hehe how sweet, well there you go then! Look forward to a whole bunch of roses! XD

2005-12-29 [Elf masters_daughter]: lol yah I guess, I hope so. I am really hoping so, my ex boyfriend says he got something planned as well, him and are really good friends now, but we will see, gotta go talk to you later!

2005-12-29 [Atayemi]: Bye!

2005-12-30 [RiddleRose]: singles awareness day! woOt!

2006-02-13 [~Acidelf3~]: I never got my badge... why is that?? and why does it say that it didnt follow theam?? I made sure it did and besides that i never got anything saying that it didnt follow i am pissed

2006-02-13 [Sunrose]: Your poem (nr. 35, pageversion 140) was not about one fantasy race giving some sort of gift to another fantasy race: THAT was the theme. Your poem is how you wish for someone's laughter as a gift, it doesn't describe any races. We are not obligated to message you about your entry. You are obligated to follow the theme and watch the page yourself. We can't hold everyone's hand, you have responsibilities when entering a contest.

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