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Christmas Poetry Competition - 2005, Page 2

Please see the rules on the main page:

Christmas Poetry Competition


Reminder: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

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51. Funked up Christmas

Snow is falling from the sky,
Elves are using string to tie,
Santa’s checking off his list,
Mistletoe is used to kiss.

Unicorns would like some hay,
To indulge on Christmas day,
Dragons enjoy new cookware,
They like their knights well done not rare.

Fairies need protective gear,
For when their landings are severe,
Gnomes would like a lovely wife,
A few of them would be so nice.

Santa would like Mrs Claus,
To buy a lacy pair of drawers,
Rudolf reindeer heaven knows,
Needs Rhinoplasty for his nose.

Frosty snowman needs some freezing,
So he’s here for every season,
Vampires Christmas wish is blood,
Red cordial is such a dud.

Look out this year for Santa’s sleigh,
He had a few drinks on the way,
If Santa Claus happens to crash,
Don’t wake him up just take his stash.

Written by [farawaygone]

52. "Merry Christmas?"

"Christmas?" the young humans whimper.
As those family who are special die,
Around where they kneel amongst the breathless soil.
The same place where the snow should lie...

A simplistic gift could be given by any race,
A snowflake for which they concentrate wishes.
Without the rain there cannot be snow,
will they have the chance to say: "Merry Christmas"?

Written by [Tamel]

53. Entry removed for not following the theme

54. Entry removed for not following the theme

55. Entry removed for not following the theme

56. Entry removed for not following the theme

57. Presents?
The calendar is at the end
Christmas is drawing near
It’s time for a joyful holiday
And all round festive cheer

It may snow at Christmas
It may rain or shine
But no matter what the weather is
It will be divine

The Christmas tree is all adourned
With tinsel and with light
Thinking of the presents to give
Which one will be right?

What do I give a reindeer?
What do I give an elf?
Do I buy them simple things
That you hang up on a shelf?

Does it matter who you are
What you look like, where you live?
Be it elf, Human, Orc or Troll
Does it matter what present you give?

Everyone is different
And each all play their part
What the present is, doesn’t matter
As long as it comes from the heart.

Written by [lisie]

58. Entry removed for not following the theme

59. Just Belive

A girl stands in the freezing snow,
her numb hand clutches a letter she must hold.
Tears are are falling in a silver wake,
slideing down across her face.
Her heart is broken and her soul is cold.

An elfan boy from the shadow steps, seeing a girl he has never met.
He steps forward askes her name,
In a moment he feels her pain.
The worst that can exsist.
He takes her hand and leads her away, says don't you worry you will be ok.

She fallows him into the trees,
wondering what he wants her to see.
A timless walk and a light ahead.

He smiles and says close your eyes,
don't worry it's a surprise.
He leads her forward hand in hand,
into a nonexistant land.

Open your eyes she hears him say, welcome to a new day.
A grand sparkled glittered tree set with light and jewals, many people laugh and sing Merry Christmas to you.
She steps back this is not real, for my own eyes decive.
He takes her face in his hands and wispers just belive.
She can feel the cold fade away when she hears him say, don't let your life be thrown away and rejoice on Christmas day.

Written by [Tinkerbell's Temper]

60. Winter's Faeries

Can you see them?
They're everywhere,
Floating about
In the shimmering air.

Presents for the elves,
Who needs a reason?
Gifts for the dwarve's,
It's an ode to the season!

They're winter's faeries
And this Christmas day,
They're bringing marvelous
Snowflakes your way.

They'll stick to your lashes
And melt in your mouth.
This happiness even reaches
Those in the south.

They give without discrimination,
Bringing us together.
To these caring faeries,
We're all birds of a feather.

Written by [Blaithin]

61. There once was a very special gift

Once upon a time
a fairy was in big doubt
When she heard the bells chime
she knew what she thougth about

She had to buy a gift
for her elvish best friend
The tradition had to shift
her laziness had to end

She put on her boots
and went out to shop
She stumbled on some roots
and fell over a top

And then what did she see?
as she got to her feet
A decorated tree
it was very sweet

And suddenly she knew
what to give her best elvish friend
It would be fun for her too
and every thing would have a happy end

And Christmas eve came
and what did the elf see??
A gift with her name
and the gift talked to her and said: put me in the tree

It was the gift from the fairy
her Christmas decoration couldn't be bought at any shop
And was it nice? Very!!
Who wouldn't want a fairy in their Christmas-tree-top?!

Written by [adw]

62. "Christmas Magic"

On this night of Christmas Magic,
 Here we are, Fairy Joy and I.
We've eaten all we can.
 We've shared a pumpkin pie.
As we bask in the moments at hand,
 Here in the middle of the wood,
On this Christmas Eve,
 It is clearly understood.
Our little hearts are filled with joy,
 While we embrace the evening's wonder,
As we await dear Santa's visit,
 No one can put asunder.
As we exchange our gifts,
 Between the fairy and myself,
I am so surprised
 At what she gives this elf!
As she waves her magic wand,
 The twinkle in her eye doth tell,
That upon this pixie dust,
 She has cast a lasting spell.
"You and I can now...",
 She speaks softly, but clear,
"Fly around together
  All through the coming year!"

Written by [Artsieladie] (Goes w/my art entry.)

63. Let It Be Christmas

I want this Christmas to be meaningful
 One that will last a life time
So come home you Elves, Dwarfs, and share my holiday tonight
 Let it be Christmas this year, and let it be rejoiceful
You see, outside the weather is cold
 Snow is falling all through the land
Perfect for a warm fire to anew your elfy hands,
 Or maybe roast some chestnuts over the coal
Along the journey, one heard carolers singing words of praise
 Noel, Noel bringing wonderful gifts to elves this way
Noel, it is Christmas and a time to pray
 The long trip came to an end with out being afraid
Welcome all, and let Christmas start with your presence
 Let’s garnish the tree with ornaments and lights
Wrap all the presents and place them safely for overnight
 What a beautiful tree it is now that it has all its essence
Come my friends let’s circle around the tree
 It’s time to give thanks for this gathering
God bless everyone for everything
 Let Christmas arrive with all its glee
The Christmas bells rang its greetings outside
 Christmas morn has finally arrived for all
Smiling faces glowed at all the gifts, small and tall
 Yes, everybody it is Christmas time
As the presents were opened by the elves one by one
 Faces of joy sparkled for all to see
The joy of happiness brought tears before me
 This was a special Christmas for everyone
Christmas always brings some kind of recurrence
 Weather it be this Christmas or last year
Coming home for the holidays and have family new friends near
 But most of all, being well is of greatest importance
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all this December
 And with many treasured thoughts to remember.

Written by [countrycat]

64. Entry removed for not following the theme

65. Fantasy Christmas

What to give a Fairy so tiny?
A basket of goods?
Maybe a garden of flowers to dance upon.
What do they need that they don’t have?
I know a Book of charms

What to give a human?
A race so picky,
Long Life?
Spells for their needs?
It’s all so complex.

An Orcs gift must be good.
Maybe some makeup to cover those scars.
A basket of products for the bathroom.
Maybe I’ll get them a gift card for a luxury treatment at the spa.

Elves, now that’s easy, since I’m one.
Just give handcrafted bows and arrows,
If some are picky just bare with and maybe add a sword or two.
Go with magic staffs and orbs.
Or maybe a treeling?

I might have crossed the line.
Oh so many what should I give?

Written By [Dezirae Darkone]

66. Entry removed for not following the theme

67. A loving kiss

My dearest friend, an elven sage,
who set me free to flee my cage,
has sent to me, a pixy mage,
a christmas gift from wonders age.

A star that fits within my hand,
a flask of ruby-coloured sand,
a diamond-studded silver band,
and of his hair a golden strand.

I sent to him my loving kiss,
a moments happyness and bliss.
For my thoughts all lead to this:
His company I sorely miss.

Written by [Codename B]

68. What Christmas is all about.

Christmas is a happy time.
A time when everybody is joyfull, warm and feels fine.
But not to forget about presents, snow and wine.
and that's why I write this in rhyme.

Everybody is not like another.
Maybe twins but that's a problem of mother.
There are things like different races.
Who live differently and in other places.

But Christmas is for everyone.
a holiday to celebrate together not one on one.
But what's exactly would an elf give to an orc son.
Would he give him a nice weapon, jewelery, robes or a delicious bun.

And what would statisfy a halflings his need.
cause we don't know if he likes a steed.
or a pair of good boots to let him leed.
or just a token of apriciation cause they don't feel greed.

But after all that is not what christmas is all about.
it's about being together having fun and dwarven stout.
So let's all shout out loud.
Merry christmas and let's cut the trout.

Written by [-tsukasa-]

69. Ogre X-mas

once on a christmas eve,
an ogre came to believe,
the pixies stole his club,
those nasty little thieves,

he ran around screaming,
shouting foul words,
he wanted to catch them,
he wanted them hurt,

there he saw it,
the club was back,
a pixie attached to it,
with a tie around her neck,
the ogre liked the suprise,

but what does it tell us?
it tells us.. that pixies aren't nice!

Written by [Aidan Ryuko]

70. Entry removed for not following the theme

71. Entry removed for not following the theme

72. Christmas Time In Elftown

It's Christmas time again this year,
Elftown creatures run in fear.
What dose a Halfling get an elf,
What dose one get it's self?

The Orc's are chopping trees,
The Dwarfs are wrapping presents(for under those trees).
The Ducks and Halflings are talking,
They are wondering where to hang the stocking.

The trees are all lit up,
But there is still one little pup.
The Elf wonders who to give it too,
"Which one, Tell me who"

All the Elftown creatures,
Getting gifts for the others.
All of Elftown loving,
This peaceful time of giving.

Elftown creatures are no longer in fear,
During this specail tim of year.
"It's Christmas time. It's here!"
They all cheer.

Written by [fairie princess]

73. What do i give?

When the snow is falling and the christmas bells begin to ring,
Cries and shouts bellow over us, as the exitment begins to rise,
You've made it through the year that's gone and now a new one's on its way.

Its such a festive time of year, recieving, giving, and loving,
Share this special day with pride.
I wonder what would be the perfect present,
I wonder if everyone likes the same,
What do you pick for a elf, a human, a troll or orc?
I dream and wonder as the thoughts glisten to find the perfect present.

As christmas is just around the corner,
The pressure is becoming rather tence,
The present i could give to all of these,
A one that everyone could share,
The perfect chritmas present would have to be,
The love which rises from my heart.

Written by [*Lifes a Bitch*]

74. [BEATBOX ROMANCE.] - entry removed and participant disqualified for stealing.

75. A Perfect Gift From Orc to Elf.

Once they were enemies,
Now their friends.
The fighting they knew had to end.
Friends forever, friends for life.
Christmas time!
Bells ring, lights blink and snow falls.
Shopping begins!
Elf buys Orc a brush for his wild haired friend.
Orc has trouble. he don't know what to get Elf. He becomes upset, and worried. He don't know what to do.

Elf smiles, "It's alright I havbe the perfect gift, and it's a friend like you."
Orc smiles and says, "Thank you, your the perfect gift too."

Written By [Reonowyn]

76. What Santa would give to different fantasy race children

I would spend hours and days
Planning the perfect Christmas, the kind Santa's make
I would wrap every corner and every inch
And make sure every good little Orc and Halfling
Get just what they want for Christmas

You see some guy in the malls all dressed up
But I was worried one day when and Orc walked on up
Sat on Santa's lap and he seem frightened
Santa asked, 'What would you like for Christmas?'
And his face seemed to lighten
The little Orc boy replied
"I want a new sword and shield to make my father full of pride!"

Santa smiled and a small Elf came up next
She sat upon Santa's lap in her cute little dress
She looked up into his twinkling eyes
She said, 'I want a new dress for Christmas!'
Santa knew she loved to shop! Most girls just can't stop!

She left his lap and twin Halflings came up next
A boy and a girl, they were the cutest yet!
They sat on his lap, one on each knee
They looked up into his face full of happiness and glee
The boy said, "I want a toy train!" and Santa smiled
But the girl seemed a little shy now
She climbed up next to Santa's ear
"Can I have a new dress for my dollie over there?"
She pointed at her mother holding a raggy doll
Santa smiled and the shyness in her melted in awe
They both climbed down and walked away

But the girl turned around and said to Santa
"Merry Christmas! And Happy holidays!"

Written By [~*Lonely Wanderer*~]


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