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Christmas Poem/Image Competition Winners

~ 2003 ~



As you all know, Elftown is a community where many different artists meet and post their creations. Therefore a special Christmas-poetry/Christmas-image competition was created.

During the last two weeks of December and first of January Christmas poems and images were featured on MainStreet daily.


Here are the winners of the:
- Christmas poem competition
- Christmas image competition

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- Christmas Painters
- Christmas Poets


~ First Day ~


I wake up early anxious to see,
What Santa left for me,

I run into my living room,
To see my brightly covered Christmas tree,
With no room because the gifts cover the whole floor,

I run up the stairs to find my brother and sister asleep,
Wake both of them up so they can tell my sleeping parents that we are awake,

Then we all open our presents,
To see that Santa was very good to my family,
This incredible Christmas day!

Written by [cheersweetie4]!
                              Drawn by [Bratt]!


~ Second Day ~

                        Drawn by [TheRogue]!

One Day

One day for laughter, one day for light
Not a day for anger, not a day for spite
Not a day to shed your tears
One day to last all the years

Etheral figures move with grace
Decadent in fleece and lace
Dancing along with snowflakes
As children wait till morning wakes

Lights of many, trees galore
Show to the world what lay in store
Gifts exchanged with a smile
And love shall rule for a while

The light rebirthed in the eyes
A thing hatred cannot demise
A day there will be shed no tears
One day to last all the years.

Written by [unlikelynominee]!


~ Third Day ~

Waiting For Christmas.

Another year has gone by.
And im waiting for the snow.
the christmas spirits running high
im so high i've got vertigo.

But i know a watched pot never boil,
thats how the saying goes
and I, just want to sit infront of the fire
and have a mince pie.
I wanna be with my family and friends
at least until the queen speech ends
I wanna see snow in the sky
At christmas time.

the mistletoe is over my head
and im standing there waiting
the children are sound asleep in their beds
ready for a day of celebrating

But i know a watched pot never boils
thats how the saying goes
and I, just wanna sit infront of the fire
and have a mince pie
I wanna be with my family and friends
at least until the queen speech ends
I wanna see snow in the sky
at christmas time

Written by [squink]!

                        Drawn by [Calico Tiger]!


~ Fourth Day ~

                      Painted by [silverflagon]!

Christmas Cheer

When ice crystals are falling in soft, white flakes
And layers of water are frozen in place
Clouds touch the ground in appearance of smoke
The street lights turn on, christmas has spoke.

Inside the homes where the aromas escape
Feast are prepared and turkeys are baked
Pies are filled and pastries are iced
Eggnogs are poored and breads are sliced.

Smiles are warming as family arrives
Ignoring the coldness
And the long distant drives
All sit down to a cup of great cheer
Giving their thanks that Christmas is here.

Making a memory of this time of year
By dancing and laughing and having a beer
Children reunite and play in the snow
New couples first kiss under fresh mistletoe.

Exchanging of gifts to sum up the day
All sit down to their family buffet
A prayer is then said for another great year
Then feast to the sound of soft Christmas cheer.

Written by [KrystalRum]!


~ Fifth Day ~

Santa In Hawaï

I was on holidays
Faraway from the snow
Even Santa these days
Is allowed to do so

And what a better land
For having a nice rest
Than Hawai and its sand
Where the sun is the best

I am on holidays
But the work is not gone
'Cause work there is always
And it has to be done

So quill in hand I look
People who have a vice
And I tick in the book
Who's been naughty or nice!

Written by [May-lea]!
                           Done by [Skydancer]!


~ Sixth Day ~

                          Drawn by [LazyJenny]!
Christmas Sucks

I Hate Christmas! It's really getting old,
All the snow and the wetness and the bitter, bitter cold,
Bright and cheery gift wrappings and cards with center folds,
I hate Christmas!! Listen to what I've told!

I hate Christmas! It's a sad state of affairs,
The way skull caps cling to your head and give you mussy hair,
I don't dislike a lot of things, my anger is quite rare,
but I hate Christmas! I'd rather be mauled by bears!

I hate Christmas! The children love to sing,
But I don't see what happiness this corporate cash cow brings,
Its superficial gift exchanges make all my bells ring,
and I hate Christmas, it's a terrible, horrid thing!

I HATE CHRISTMAS! It's nothing to scream about,
You may think I'm bitter, but at least you can hear me out...
... What? A Game Boy Advance?
... For Me?
... Gee... Thanks...
I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by [wildCARD]!


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2004-01-04 [Athene Noctua]: Ohhh, first comment!!!  Congrats everyone-they are beautiful!

2004-01-23 [og_ghost]: Hmm. Congratulations, all.

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