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Christmas Photograph 12, Page 1



Please see the rules on the main page: Christmas Photography Competition

This contest is CLOSED!


How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget to write your username and the title of the entry:

0. [insert user name] - "Title"

There is a theme: Christmas


1. [Anvikit] Rudolph Impersonator.


2. [kians mummy] My son in his Elf costume.


3. [Alexi Ice] - The snow King


4. [Alexi Ice] - Ice and Fire


5. [Nioniel] - Say "Merry Christmas", Myah!


6. [Csitri] - Partridge in a... Christmas Tree?


7. [Csitri] - The Polar Express


8. [Leb] - "Shame"


9. [stefani_m] - "Christmas Cookies"


10. [iippo] - "Get in touch for Christmas"


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2012-12-17 [Thistlewood]: Awww!

2012-12-20 [Alexi Ice]: Hmmm. I should submit something to this.

2013-01-01 [kians mummy]: There so good, all of them x

2013-01-04 [Csitri]: Thanks ^_^

2013-01-25 [Alexi Ice]: Idk why but I read that as the bi-polar express. Hahaha.

2013-01-28 [Csitri]: Lol!

2013-01-29 [kians mummy]: ROFL!

2013-01-29 [kians mummy]: Can't wait for the results. :)

2013-03-20 [Alexi Ice]: These are all very good!! Good luck everyone ^^

2013-07-11 [Csitri]: Was a winner never declared for this? =/

2013-07-11 [wicked fae mage]: No, because only 11 people have voted and I try to let polls make it to 30 or until there is a clear winner. I guess it's been up long enough, though.

2013-07-12 [Nocturnaliss]: Pretty hard to vote on something X-massy when it's hot as hell outside and inside...

Is there even still a point, after seven months ? o.O

2013-07-12 [Teufelsweib]: just because it's a trouble getting voters for these entries, doesn't mean they don't deserve a badge and a winner chosen :)

2013-07-12 [Nocturnaliss]: True. Consider my previous statement as brainfart.

2013-07-12 [Nocturnaliss]: And, y'know... brainmelt. Heat. e.e

2013-07-12 [Teufelsweib]: nah, I understand your point though. it's a bit sad that there are so little votes these days that it's hard to determine a winner. :/ which is why it takes months before we finally close the poll...

2013-07-12 [Nocturnaliss]: I think most people have abandoned the sunken ship, really. We've become mermen/maids, and we're a dying breed.

2013-07-12 [Teufelsweib]: pah, rats are the first to leave the ship!

2013-07-13 [Nocturnaliss]: And we drowned with it. :)

2013-07-13 [SilverFire]: But it *would* probably be safe to assume there's not going to be any more votes and just go with the winner indicated by the poll right now. <.< Like you said, the people who entered deserve to be badged and to know who won.

2013-07-14 [Teufelsweib]: I agree

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