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Christmas Photograph 07, Page 1

Elftown Christmas Competitions


Please see the rules on the main page:
Christmas Photography Competition
 - Christmas Art Competition
 - Christmas Poetry Competition

See also:

Winners: Christmas Photography Competition 2007

<news:Christmas Photography Winners!>

By [Skydancer]
By [Leara]

Crew Favourite: By [Leara]</center>
<center>All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!


How to post your entry:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag. Don't forget have your proof photo, to write your username, and the title of the entry:

1. [insert user name] - "Title"

There is a theme: Festive Foods
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


This contest is closed!


1. [Artemis Management] - "Chocolate Never Looked So Good"
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

2. [Jitter] - "Damn, only one left..."
<img300*0:stuff/Damn%2c_Only_One_Left....jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/prooflalal.jpg>
Traditional greek melomakarona. (Recipe in the link wiki)

3. [Leara] - "Sugar Cookies!!"
<img300*0:stuff/Sugar_Cookies%21.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/learascookies2.jpg>

4. [Sir. Robert] - "Christmas Dinner"
<img300*0:stuff/Christmas_Dinner.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/ChristmasDinnerSirRobertproof.jpg>

5. [Rice] - "Christmas by Candle Light".
<img300*0://> Proof: <img100*0://>

Secound Entry >:D
[Rice] - "Greetings and Salutations".
<img300*0://> Proof: <img100*0://>

6. [Kahri] - "Christmas Cookies"
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

7. [A.M.C] - "Yum Yum, Christmas cake and Mince pies"
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

8. [BlackTearsCry] - "Santa Cookies!"
<img300*0:> Proof: <img100*0:>

9. [Leara] - "Homemade Gingerbread Men"
<img300*0:stuff/Homemade_Gingerbread_Men.jpg> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/learagingerbreadproof.jpg>

10. [Skydancer] - "Santa Cooking with Assistant [irulan]"
<img300*0:stuff/Santa_Cooking_With_Assistant.png> Original: <img100*0:stuff/santacooking-original,.png> Proof: <img100*0:stuff/M-12-26-2007_003.png>

Username (or number or email):


2007-12-18 [Artemis Management]: Thank you to whomever fixed the sizing for me. I was having such a difficult time and I have no earthly idea as to why.

2007-12-18 [Jitter]: You're welcome ;)

Very nice [Leara] :o /cheer

2007-12-18 [Artemis Management]: My spoon has a tea spot on it. >.< Lovely stains.

2007-12-18 [Leara]: Thankies XD Up till 2am decorating those damn cookies, still not finished, in the end...I'm gonna have a hard time letting anyone eat them. I have dibs on Santa though. >.>

2007-12-18 [Jitter]: Dibs! :D :D

They look yummy ^___^

2007-12-19 [Artemis Management]: Is anyone else just addicted to cookies? I know I am. XD

2007-12-25 [Sir. Robert]: lol, I almost like my proof photo more :P ...unfortunately the picture is all that is left of the meal, so no second chances at taking a picture :S

2007-12-25 [Rice]: I hope my pictures are alright XD, i had a little trouble with the proof being that i forgot on the first picture so i had to rush to take it before people moved everything out the way!

2007-12-26 [A.M.C]: Where do i upload my images too? I don't remember, =/

2007-12-26 [Rice]: Upload it onto elftown i think and then put the pictures on to here.

2008-01-12 [Mortified Penguin]: I believe I will enter this competition...

2008-01-15 [Lady of Lore]: Adam, upload the image to elftown. If you have wiki privs you can upload it at the bottom of the page, if not you can upload it to your house and get the img: address there.

2008-01-29 [BlackTearsCry]: When will the voting be anyway oO?

2008-02-11 [Jitter]: Congratulations winnerS! ^_^

2008-02-11 [A.M.C]: Congrats to everyone who won ^^ xxx
(does everyone who took part get a badge?)

2008-02-11 [Jitter]: Yes, check the main page-->Christmas Photography Competition

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