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2011-09-02 17:35:10
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Christmas FrontPage Competition

Winner: Christmas FrontPage Competition 2003

<news:X-mas Frontpage!>

By [liiga]

All submissions: This page.


Thank you to all that contributed!

Elftown is getting ready for this years Christmas. There are many competitions going on and among them we have decided to host a Front Page image competition too.

During the last two weeks of December and first of January the image seen on the Front Page when logging in will be changed to a more Christmas related image for each and every Elftowner to enjoy.

Since this is an official contest, images must be added here in order to participate in it.

The images have to be made by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the artists permission.

We are looking for images that portray the way you see Christmas in our friendly little town. Be imaginative! After all, nobody sees Christmas the same way. ^_^

Try to make the images as wide (800px) as the current page or scalable to that size and write where to put the login-form and generally what the FrontPage should look like. (Like: Put the login-form below the image)

How to add it here?:
Add the link to your image after the last one that has been already posted here. Don't forget to write the authors Elftown username after it too (Drawn by...).

In order to bee able to upload those images to Elftown ask any member of the council for priviledges to do so.

Closing date:
On December the 21st we will consider that there has been enough time given and will accept no more entries.

The Christmas FrontPage image will be picked out by the Elftown crew among all those presented and a surprise awaits for the winner.

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1. [Adnama]

2. [shudson]

3. [Sepharin]- Since there are way too many fine lines pertaining to copywrite rules, especially in this case, I have taken the liberty of removing this image from both this and the image contests. Let it henceforth be known that any art I do HAS BEEN DRAWN by another artist, and merely COLORED by me. I was under the impression that that was ok for this contest, but apparently I was wrong. So I just will remove them, accept my "absolution" and do as Anonymous has requested of me. Which, by the way, starts now, as the members I have reported of late were just out of boredom, and not pertaining to this incident.

4. [liiga] - This is the downscaled image.
Here's the full image: (warning: 790Kb) (click on the thumbnail)
Here's how it could look on a webpage (without the Angelfire adverts, of course ^^;):

5. [May-lea] Ok, there you go people. Several day's work worth that is...*sigh*

6. [Lavender girl]
Mistletoe Mahem Ha! the other one said "Elfwood" not "elftown"

7. [Bratt]
ok Finally got mine done. Wasn't what I originally wanted to do but my time is limited with the holidays coming up and I really WANTED to participate!

8. [connor's left elftown]
I am soooooo gonna lose...
OH WELL!!! heck it's just 4 fun!!!


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2003-12-21 [lady nytmare]: oooh, I could never be as good as this! I'm not even gonna bother entering lol!

2003-12-21 [liiga]: Thanks, [iippo]! ^.^

2003-12-21 [Sexy_Punk_Rocker]: hey BraTalis your drawing is the best one here and I think you should get it! Way to go! your pic is sweet!

2003-12-21 [Sepharin]: CONGRATULATIONS!!! *hands champagne all around*

2003-12-21 [Bratt]: Congrats and thank you much SPR!

2003-12-21 [Thorgin]: Congratulations liiga! *hugs*

2003-12-21 [liiga]: Thanks! *hugs back w/ a Merry Christmas hug* ^^

2003-12-22 [i_luv_Nick]: wow all these pictures look great

2003-12-22 [.oOeternyzOo.]: woa cool! keep it on all of you.

2003-12-22 [x_-]: Hi! kh;

2003-12-22 [As Hell]: nice :)

2003-12-23 [Mizz Morpheus]: I like [Adnama]'s pic! It's awesome! ^^

2003-12-31 [Enchantress*~]: More "Happy Holidays" pics needed...not everyone celebrates Christmas, or only Christmas

2003-12-31 [Quill]: hey just did the poll

2004-01-01 [Raven Shortie]: I think Adnamas is the best. but the one that they picked is ok too.

2004-01-01 [Calico Tiger]: So many of the images and poems in the competitions in general were so beautiful! Not all the ones we liked got to be picked, unfortunately >_< We need to have 40 winners instead of just 1 or 6 ;)

2004-11-26 [Black_Dragon_123]: Adnama's is by far the best...

2005-10-14 [Melocrie]: I do like [Bratt]'s one a lot..

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: <img:>

That's [liiga]'s winning submission, if someone who can do so wants to edit the page and add it. ^^

2011-09-02 [SilverFire]: Fixed.

2011-09-02 [Stephen]: Thanks. =)

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